Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday...Fun Day

Sunday's are usually pretty full around our house.  Cleaning, laundry & mowing the lawn are usually on the short list.  This Sunday was no different.  We got up early and Mark mowed the lawn while I started work on the hot pink dresser that we are redoing.  It has turned out to be a doozy!  Under the pink paint, we found a lovely robin's egg blue.  We realized that instead of just sanding, we were going to have to strip the whole thing.  We could have worked on it all day,  but Mason and Max were coming over for the afternoon, so we put our project on hold.  Mike and Melissa were having a little date day/night.  They went downtown to experience Michigan Avenue at it's best.

The rest of our day consisted of feeding, changing diapers, park visits and naps.  The boys were great and we had a wonderful time with them.  We were able to work in some time to take pics for our dads for Father's Day.  We did some themed shots.  Basketball for Dad Murrill and Coca Cola for my dad (he is a collector of all things Coke).  I have a sneaking suspicion that Rosie has an ear infection.  Usually I can't get the kid to stop smiling, but during our "photo shoot", I could hardly get her to look at me, let alone, give me smile.  Here are the two best.  Hope you enjoy:)

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Mellie said...

The pictures are great! Monroe is getting so big and continues to be adorable. I love that her hair is coming in and you can put cute bows in it. I can't wait for Mei Li to have enough hair for bows too.

I hope Monroe feels better and doesn't have an ear infection.