Friday, July 30, 2010

Vacation is my middle name...

So, we got back on Monday from another family vacation!  This time with Mark's family.  It was so fun.    Mark's parent rented the cutest lake house in New Buffalo, Michigan.  It's only a little over an hour drive from Chicago, so it was super convenient.  We had the best time relaxing, playing with the kids, going to the beach, shopping, playing tennis, and the theme of the weekend...eating:)

I had never had the opportunity to go in the water at Lake Michigan until this weekend.  We drove to the dunes and I have to admit, I wasn't so excited when I learned I was going to have to make a two mile hike to the beach.  A two mile hike carrying a baby and a heavy bag of stuff.   In fact, there were a few times on the hot, sandy, hilly trek that I almost told everyone to just leave me behind to die.  But when we arrived at our destination we were greeted by a practically empty amazingly beautiful beach...I was almost won over.  Then when I got in the water and the waves were crashing down on me, I was sold.  Why had no one ever told me that a place like that existed?  No salt water to get in your eyes and make your skin itchy and gross!  It was amazing and I wanted to go back every day...until I had to make the trek back:)

We really had a blast and I can assure you, it was horrible having to go back to work on Tuesday.

I almost forgot to mention the huge treat we got last week...The Ellis's came to visit!   It was so wonderful seeing Mellie and Dave and getting to meet their adorable little munchkin, Mei Li!  Boy is she cute!!!!  We were able to have a little BBQ over at our house so all of their Chicago friends could see them.  The Browns, the  other Murrill's, Brandon Nudd (his fam was out of town), and Danielle came over.  It was a blast and the food was yummy.  We were sad to leave them to go on our vacation, but we were so glad that they had a comfy home to hang out in while they were here.  They are the sweetest friends.  The house was not only spotless when we got home, but the sheets and towels had all been washed and they had done some grocery shopping!  I could kick myself, because I didn't take any pictures while they were here!  NOT ONE!  Next time:)

It hit me this week that in less than a month, I will have a one year old!  I am not ready for this.  I almost started hyperventilating.  Where does the time go?!!!!

In other news, our good friends the Putt's, welcomed their adorable little man, Mateo!  I love him already and can't wait to meet him.  Congrats friends!!! We wish we were there.

Here are a few pics from our trip.  Love to you!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Family Vacation

We got home yesterday from Mexico.  It was so much fun.  It was so hard to say goodbye to Mom, Dad, Stephen and Michelle.  It truly was a perfect trip and Monroe really bonded with the family.  Here are a few pics from the trip.

Monroe loves the pool...

But...she loves her daddy even more:) 

Enjoying a cup of coffee...decaf

Getting to know her Auntie and Uncle 

Nana and Papa!!

My wonderful husband

Helping mom decide

This is definitely my favorite pic of Rosie.  

The family 

This girl sure knows how to make a mommy feel loved:)

Monroe did awesome on the plane.  As sad as it was to leave, it was great to arrive in Chicago and head home.  When we walked in the house we were greeted by a strange odor that we couldn't quite place.  We looked around, but couldn't figure it out.  I went to get something out of the refrigerator and found the problem.  It had gone out sometime during the trip and boy was it disgusting!  I mean horrible!!!!  What a bummer to come home to.  The temperature setting stated that it was 89 degrees in there.  You should have seen the milk...or maybe you shouldn't have.  So now I need to go out today to replace ALL of the food.  I had just stocked up on frozen veggie food before I left:( Oh, well.  

So anyway, love you all!