Monday, November 29, 2010

What I've been up to...

The very adorable Colton Heinrich's first b-day is coming up and Tasha asked if I could make him a shirt and hat to wear at his party. I was already planning on making him a shirt, so it worked out great.  Here are the finished products...

I've also started working on some flower belts.  I saw something similar on Etsy and thought, "Hey, I could make those." I thought they would make great bows for Christmas gifts, then the recipient could use it for a belt after they unwrap it.  I made TONS of the flowers in brown, cream, grey and black.  I think I may make a few into hair accessories.

It's my parties...

Have I mentioned how amazing my hubby is lately?  This guy went all out for my big 3-0!  Not only did I have one surprise party with my Chicago friends, but after arriving in KC on my birthday he surprised me with another party with the Mott's and the Heinrich's!  It was so much fun!  Here are a few pics from my parties:)
 The Chicago Surprise...Monroe and I are looking pretty rough.  It was a lazy Sunday and I hadn't taken a shower yet!  That's the only complaint I have.  If you are going to have a surprise party for your wife, MAKE her take a shower beforehand!!!  
 Our Chicago friends!  Well, actually we were missing Kelsey and the Nudds!  

The KC Suprise...A fun group of friends at CPK in the Plaza.  After eating, we shopped around the Plaza and then were going to go ice skating, but because of super cold temps, we decided to watch a movie instead. 
Our Dear Bro & Sis
Carlos and "Adrianna" 
 More Besties
 Mustaches were the topic of the evening...can you tell? 
Me with Michael Tait at Urban Ourfitters...I'm a BIG fan:) 
There's a story behind this bandaid mustache, but I would rather not dig up old wounds...
The Murrill Mustaches

Friday, November 19, 2010

I got right on it...

Top Ten Moments Christmas Card
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Christmas Came Early

Sending out and receiving Christmas Cards was and is one of my favorite parts of Christmastime.  I love getting pictures and letters from my family and friends.  It's one of the few times people send "snail mail" anymore and that makes it even more special.

This year I couldn't decide what I wanted to do for Christmas Cards.  That is until I received the most amazing flyer in the mail from Shutterfly.  Inside they had the most unique photocards I have seen around.  They have so many that I love, I can hardly decide.  Here are a few of my favorites... (Imagine them with pics of our family, of course!)

Be sure to check out their website so you can find some special cards for yourself.  Not only are there hundreds to choose from, they are super affordable, too!  Does it get any better?  Well, to answer my own question, "Yes"!  They also have calendars and photo books!  They both make amazing Christmas gifts for parents and grandparents.

I was so excited because they offered a special deal for bloggers!  (Thanks Angie for sharing!!!)  I'll make sure to let you know how they turn out!  Merry Christmas...a little early:)



An Uninvited Guest

This past weekend we celebrated my sweet little nephew, Max Lincoln's, first birthday. 

It was a great day full of food, fun and friends...but also, the flu.  Somewhere in that party lurked the icky stomach flu that is picking off each of the guests one at a time. 

It hit Mark and I on Monday as we were leaving work.  We both looked at each other and said in harmony, "I don't feel so good."  

We arrived home and it got progressively worse.  I will spare you the details, but it was bad...real bad, for both of us.  We were so thankful that Monroe seemed to be cheerful and feeling great.  We put her to bed around 8:00 pm and we climbed into our own bed soon after.   Around 8:30, I heard Monroe start crying.  I went to see if she just needed her binky, but as I was feeling around in her bed for it, I felt something gross.  I flipped on the lights and found her covered in throw-up.  Now that I am a parent, I can think of nothing worse than having my little person sick!!!  It's horrible because you feel so helpless.   

The two of us set up camp on towels outside of the bathroom, while Mark was in bed or in the restroom (he was too weak to do much).  Monroe and I continued throwing up in unison for the next few hours until I ended up calling our moms and they both recommended that we take Monroe to the emergency room to make sure she didn't get dehydrated.  

So we packed up our sick little group and headed to the hospital.  We must have looked pretty pitiful...actually, I know we did, because I saw the ER doc that treated us on Wednesday at work and he said just that, "You guys looked pretty pitiful." 

After what seemed like an eternity, we finally arrived back home around 2:30 am.  We each fell into bed and although I was up a few times during the night, we were doing much better by morning.  Definitely not 100% better, but better.  By the evening we were able to eat a light dinner, although we regretted it after.  

We went back to work on Wednesday and now it all just seems like a bad dream.  I know that it wasn't just a bad dream, because I had to clean the house yesterday and it took me ALL DAY!  The place looked like a very horrible battle had been fought there.  Apparently, when WE get sick, we go absolutely insane and use every blanket, towel, piece of clothing we have ever worn, plate, dish & bowl and leave it on the ground. Ugh!!!

So anyway, today I am thankful for our health.  We just had to suffer through that madness for 24 hours, I can't imagine what it must be like to be terminally ill.  We are very blessed.  I am also thankful for a clean house.  

On Monday, Melissa and I are taking Monroe and Max and heading to Kansas City for Thanksgiving.  Mark, Mike and Mason will follow on Tuesday.  I am so excited to see all of our family.  It's going to be an extra special Thanksgiving because the Mott's (Andrea & Carlos) and the Heinrich's (Tasha, Bill & Colton) will be in KC, as well.  It will be amazing to see some of our closest friends.  I couldn't be happier!!!

I hope everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving!  I will keep each of you in my prayers for safe travels and a blessed holiday!  

Thursday, November 18, 2010

In Honor of Thanksgiving

With Thanksgiving upon us, I think it's only right to repost this video.  As many of you know, I have a love (bordering on obsession) with As Seen On TV products.  My friends indulge me and sometimes surprise me with such gifts.  In fact, at the Harvest Party, our friends, The Brown's, brought me Leaf Mitts...the perfect fall gift.  So anyway, here is one of my favorite products, Tater Mitts.  They were given to me on my 29th birthday by Tasha.  This video was taken last  November when we were still living in Florida.  I hope you enjoy the video and run right out and get yourself a pair of these pretties. 

Monday, November 8, 2010

It's been a long time...

So things have been super busy the last few weeks.  I've felt like I haven't had any time to update the ole' blog, but I finally realized that I need to make time.  It's on my list!!!  I need to make it a priority.  I am still very excited about my list.  I am finding that it's always in the back of my mind and it is truly helping me to get things done.  The two things on the list that I have been focusing on lately, are 

# 6 Tell at least one person a day I will pray for them, and do it
#11 Call one of my friends every week

I am really horrible at staying in touch with people.  Facebook has made it a lot easier, but nothing is better for catching up then a nice phone call.  I have been really taking the initiative to call a friend (more than one) every week.  It feels so good.  

This next week I am going to focus on the calendar goal.  I really want to get my life a lot more organized.  My mom is so great at always having a little calendar with her for all of her upcoming events.  I'll let you know how that goes.

So, to catch you up...
        *   We had both sets of our parents come visit in the last few weeks.  It was so nice.         
             Monroe had a blast being spoiled by them:)  
        *   Mark celebrated his 29th birthday
        *   Monroe was a cute little 50's girl for the Fall Fest at Church
        *   We had a wonderful Harvest party at our house.  It included yummy food, a cornhole 
             tournament, and 27 friends and tons of fun.  

Here are a few pics from the last few weeks...

 Monroe in the worst mood ever at the pumpkin patch
 Our little sweetie
 Nana and Monroe
 Monroe and her Papa
 Our little 50's girl 
 Her new "mad" face...
 Kelsey and Maria 
 Jen and Ella 
 The Hargrett's
 Will and his daddy 
 My Love 
 Kenneth and his love 
Jimmy and Bryan