Sunday, December 7, 2014

Halfway to Crystal Gayle

This last week was kind of a blur, one of those crazy busy kind.  Our weekend turned out to be the same way.  Usually our weekends are really low key, but boy, we had all kinds of things to do.

The group I sing with was performing at a neighboring church on Saturday, so we headed over there.  Some of our friends joined us and we ended up spending the afternoon together.  After dinner, an area church put on a program called "A Night In Bethlehem" and a lot of us went.  It was so cool!  They had transformed their whole church into Bethlehem.   You walked through the village visiting each of the shops.  There was a sandal maker, a baker, a jeweler, a spice shop, a basket weaving shop, a scroll maker, and so many more.  Each shop had a craft, food/drink or a trinket for you to have and it was all free.  The girls thought it was incredible.  What an outreach!  I wish our church did something like that! 

Today, Rosie's Adventurer group performed again (they also performed on Friday night) for the Foster Family Christmas Party they do at our church.  I'm a sucker for kids in angel costumes.  The whole thing was so sweet.  Then tonight, I helped with a Christmas party for the girl's dorm at Fletcher Academy.  Mark also had a meeting, so we ended up getting a babysitter.  

Now, I'm home, the girls are asleep and the Christmas lights are twinkling.  It's a perfect and relaxing end to a nice weekend!  Here are a few pictures from my phone...

My friend Judy has an amazing backyard with even more amazing evergreens.  She mentioned that she would be pruning and I asked her if she could mind me taking some of what she cut to decorate with.  This is the bundle I took on Friday.  I've used the stuff all over my house!  It's just so beautiful! 

I got some really cheap garland and then added in the real stuff around my door.  I'm still making a red bow for the top.  I also want to add lights to the garland and around our columns.  

Rosie & Layla in Bethlehem.  Baby Jesus was definitely their favorite part!  

Here they are making sandals. 

Choosing a necklace at the Jewelers shop.  

The sheep were also a big hit! 

The little angel choir

Rosie, my little angel baby!  

After the performance, the Fletcher Academy gymnastic's team did a performance.  Miss Carly, our friend and babysitter, got the Keekster in on the fun. 

She's a natural! 

So is daddy! 


I've been meaning to post pictures of our Christmas decor this year, but I keep forgetting to take pictures of it!  Here are a few...  

Our poor little tree.  It's on it's last leg.  Only half the lights work:)  

I made these this week.  

I know I say this a lot, but I'm really in love with this piece of furniture.  I have the best time putting stuff on/in it!

A few Christmas touches.

Another favorite part of Christmas.  Can you tell what it is? :)

And lastly, I wanted to show you how freaking long my hair is getting and how uncomfortable/angry I look taking a pictures of myself.  I hadn't straightened it in forever and when I did I couldn't believe it and took this pic to send to Kaylee.  She's taken to calling me Nona, a lady we grew up with, with hair to the floor.  I now have a goal.    


Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Neither Here Nor There

So, I forgot to post these pictures yesterday.  In exchange for Mark helping Logan move into his new house, he lent Mark his dirt bike for a few days.  When Uncle Mike was here, the guys had a great time taking the kids for spins around the neighborhood.  They thought it was AMAZING!

Mark and I have been talking about getting some stumps for seating down by the fire pit.  It seemed like an affordable answer to the seating situation down there. Mark "knew a guy" at work that said he could help.  Boy did he help!!  Tonight he showed up with these guys...

Aren't these ginormous?!!  

The girls thought they were so cool.  They climbed all over them.  I think he just gave them hours of entertainment. 

Another source of entertainment lately has been this...

I bought a huge roll of contractors paper at Lowes and the girls have loved drawing.  I find myself spending a lot of time doodling with them.  We have the best conversations during our doodling and I love the adorable pictures they draw.  

Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope your Thanksgiving was amazing!  Mine was just wonderful.  Mike, Melissa, and the boys came and we had the best time.  Not only did the adults enjoy themselves (shopping, laughing, talking, & eating) but the kids got along splendidly.  Better than splendidly!  Really, there wasn't a fight the whole time.  They played, and played and played.  It sure warmed our hearts.

Worship with Daddy/Uncle Mark

Some Auntie Time


Love these kiddos

All ready for church


We were very sad to have our company leave yesterday!  We spent the day decorating the house for Christmas!  I just love doing that.  We did even more decorating today.  It's super Christmassy in here now.  Yay:)

Here are a few pictures I found on my phone...

Mark took these of the kids when Greyson was here.  Hammock time!

Cute cousins!  Grey and Keeks

Has someone ever gotten you something that you had no idea you needed so much?!  Well, for my birthday, I got this thing.  It's a wireless/bluetooth speaker.  It's AMAZING!!!  It's changed my world.  It connects to my phone and fills my kitchen with festive Christmas music.  

I was working on a craft today and this happened. I worked for about 45 minutes to get this stuff off!

Keeks up at the "crack" of dawn to play with the nativity:) 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Christmas yet?

Well, I'm glad we got all that out of the way.  Thanks for bearing with my five posts last night!  I feel much better to be somewhat caught up on here!  

Our last week was a full one.  We had a dinner for Mark's work on Monday.  I had music practice on Tuesday, bible study and Adventurers on Wednesday and I hosted book club at my house on Wednesday evening.  Book club was really fun.  Hardly anyone had read the book, so it turned into just a time of laughing and talking.  Oh, and eating.  Plenty of eating.  On Thursday, I went with a few friends on a shopping trip and on Friday, my brother and his wife arrived for the weekend.  It was so nice having them here for a low key visit.  They left yesterday afternoon, and Rosie fell apart again.  Just sobbed.  It really broke my heart!  At least we will get to see them again at Christmas!

So, I have a few things I feel I need to share.  If you ever shop at Walmart, you really need to download their app.  If you scan your receipts, it will compare prices of area competitor stores. If any have advertised the items you bought for less, you get the difference!  Isn't that awesome?!  I don't do a ton of shopping there, but I'm a lot more likely now.  

Also, I have found a new favorite store.  It's called Southern Chicks Market and it is so cute.  It's got all sorts of vintage, shabby chic, and handmade goods and I'm in decorating heaven every time I walk through their door.  If you live in the Hendersonville area, I highly recommend it.  The owner is just the most precious girl.  You'll love it!   

We stayed in today.  We did some art projects and the girls loved every second.  I'm so glad they love that type of thing.  In fact, Rosie said she wants a sewing machine for Christmas!  I don't know if she's quite ready for one, but I'm excited she's interested!  

I have a question for you before I go...have you decorated for Christmas?  I'm really torn.  A lot of people I know have and I'm not sure if I should or not.  I love Christmas decor and want to enjoy every second, but I definitely don't want to rush it.  What a dumb problem to have, huh?!  Oh, well!  Have a great night!

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Month of Creativity

We've had a great November so far... 

These girls are just the sweetest things!  They keep me laughing:)

I finally took the girls to their yearly well check visit.  I'm actually earlier than last year, so although I'm late, I'm doing better.  The visit went great!  The girls are no longer low in iron, which was a huge relief.  Kiki had grown 4 inches and Rosie 2.5 inches.  This year Kiki surprised us when the doctor asked her favorite food.  Without hesitating, she said, "strawberry shortcake!"  I'm not certain she's ever had that, but okay.  The biggest relief was Rosie's eye test.  I was almost positive she was going to need glasses.  She is always rubbing her eyes when I am teaching her and I just knew what was coming.  Well, I was very wrong.  She had 20/15 vision!  What a relief, although, I'd be lying if I said the thought of how cute she'd be with some black rimmed glasses didn't cross my mind.  I don't know if I've mentioned it before, but Rosie is definitely my drama queen.  She had to get shots and that didn't please her AT ALL.  Everyone in the building knew it didn't please her.  

My sweet ladies!

This month has also seemed to be a creative month!  I've been doing all kinds of projects around the house.  I need to take pictures of them.  Here are a few though...

This made this pillow for our couch.  

I was in dire need of some new fall wreaths.
I'm thinking I'll change the bow color for Christmas. 

I found these old shutters and they were in bad shape.  With a little paint, they are good as new and hanging on my wall. 

My most exciting purchase this month, is this wireless tool kit!  I can't wait to get started on some new projects! 


The last few weeks in October were pretty packed.  Mark had to go out of town again to Florida for a few days, the group I'm in had another concert, I helped with an Angel tree project for an area church, we had Adventurers and Bible studies, some of my teachers from Ozark came into town and we hung out with them, the Royals were in the World series!!!, we had a snow day, we celebrated Mark's 33rd birthday and had a Fall party at our house.  We also attended a Panthers/Saints game in Charlotte with our friends, the Fields.  Here are a few pictures from some of those things...

AMAZING seats at the game!   

What a handsome guy:) 

It was so cool being so close to the players!  This was my first NFL game and it was a blast.  Also, I heart Drew Brees.  I also heart our friends, the Stouts, who babysat the girls until 2am! Bless them! 

My poor flowers after the freak snow storm in October!

All bundled up and ready for church 

These girls love snow.  Well, for at least 5 minutes they love snow. 

We took the girls to eat.  I told Kiki that she couldn't have chocolate until she finished her broccoli.  It was a challenge she accepted.  

She literally stuffed it all in her mouth at one time.  

I love this kid

We watched the Stout girls so Jess and Jacob could have a date night and added a few more for the fun of it.  Let me just say, 8 kids is a lot of kids.  They all seem pretty happy, though!   

It was a great month!