Monday, March 21, 2011

Gender Results Party...smaller scale

As you can probably tell, I couldn't hold out from opening the envelope for a gender reveal party.  It was just so tempting.  I did make it home, however, which was nice.  Mark wasn't able to make it to the appointment, so it was fun for us to open the results together.

I was very nervous about the results.  I saw pros to having a girl and pros to having a boy.  But in my heart, I saw more girl pros.  When I opened the envelope and found this...

...I was shocked, to say the least.  I'm not going to lie, I didn't know what to think.  I definitely didn't feel excited right away.  I felt blindsided for some reason.  Yes, I knew that having a boy was a possibility, but I guess I really thought I was having a girl.  I loved the idea of Monroe having a sister, since I didn't get that chance.  

We video chatted with Kaylee and since she had been through the same situation, had the same feelings and came through victorious, her bits of advice were perfect.  If her help wasn't enough, hearing how excited my parents were, definitely made it more exciting.  Then seeing the joy in Mark's face, how could I not be sold on the idea?  

Now, I am absolutely elated over having a little man!  I think I would be pretty upset if for some reason the results were wrong.  The doctor wants me to come back in three weeks to confirm, but he seemed to feel fairly confident, as identifying boys is much easier than girls.  I must say that the area looks much different than Monroe's ultrasound looked, so I'm pretty convinced.  

My sweet family and friends have already started celebrating "Possible P" (that's the nickname I have given him for now).  Here is a pic of some of the clothes I have already received!  I'm missing the cutest little onesie that Nicole got him, but I think it's in Mark's car.  I'll get a pic of it soon.  

I love all of the little boy one piece outfits.  They are adorable.  I know people complain about there never being any cute boy clothes, but so far, I haven't had any issues.  Everything I see, is adorable.  It makes me all the more excited about my little man coming in September.  

I absolutely love the relationships I have had with my brothers.  I was especially close to my little brother and that makes me so happy for what Monroe and Possible P will have.  

So, once again I feel mega blessed by God's plan for us.  He always knows what's best.  His plan is so much better than ours.  

If I look like I've been crying, I have...

I just got home from dropping my Mom at the airport.  My dad left yesterday.  It was definitely too short of a visit, but it was so wonderful.  Monroe stuck to Nana and Papa like glue and it really warmed my heart.  There were points during the visit that I felt like Monroe wanted Mark and I to scram, so she could have more alone time with them!  I miss them already and can't wait for them to come back.

I realize more and more how precious family is.  I mean, I have always known that, but as kiddos come along, it's so nice to have your parents to be apart of their little lives.  No one else is as in awe of everything your baby does as your parents.  They are right there with you; laughing, oohing and awing over it all!  I love it!  What a blessing that Mark and I both have such amazing, loving, wise, generous and Christ-like parents--not to mention grandparents.

I was horrible at taking pictures again, but remember the sign of a good visit is very few pictures:)  

Here is a cute one of Mom and Dad 

Rosie with her Papa! 

Monroe is definitely feeling better.  She was still a little under the weather when Mark's parents were here, but she really does seem to be on the up and up.  She laughed more than I think I have ever heard her laugh.  She would just break into laughter for no reason at all.  I'm so blessed to have such a sweet, happy baby.  She really is a wonderful little person.

I am so excited that we are heading to Florida on Sunday!  I just have to get through this week of work and we will be on our way.  I am so looking forward to seeing all of our friends.  We are staying with the Heinrich's and I am beyond elated over that.  I know we are going to have a blast.  I love having such sweet friends that are in the same life season as we are.  I can't wait to lounge around with pregnant Tasha, watching our two little people play together--so fun.

On a totally different note, I have been having a real problem.  Monroe all of a sudden grew out of every shoe she owned--every shoe!!!  Somehow before she had always had some shoes that fit.  Tami, my sister-in-law had given us some of Kamryn's old clothes and shoes at the beginning of our pregnancy, so there always seemed to be something in the next size, but all of those things ran out.

Now, if you have done any kid's shoe shopping lately, you know how crazy expensive good quality kid's shoes are.  I was freaking out, because I knew we didn't have the money to get all of the shoes she would need.  Now, I know this sounds totally ridiculous.  Some of you probably have two pairs of shoes and that's all you need to get by.  I, on the other hand, come from a long line of shoe hoarders.  I have tons of shoes.  There are some I haven't worn in forever, but they are waiting for that perfect outfit. Although Monroe isn't nearly as bad, she needs quite a few different pairs to work with her outfits.  Example:  black church shoes, brown church shoes, white church shoes (as we approach Easter), sporty shoes, pink shoes, brown shoes, black shoes, red shoes, white sandals, brown sandals, etc.  Do you see how overwhelming this would be on a "on a budget" mommy?!

I have done some bargain shopping and have come home with a couple of pairs, then Mom Murrill bought her three pairs while she was here, and my mom came and bought three pairs.  But wait, there's more...Mom Murrill called and said an amazing thing had occurred.  She just happened to stop at an Estate Sale by her house and they had tons of size 5 toddler girl shoes very reasonably priced.  She bought them up!  Now Monroe has more shoes than she has ever had.  She is rolling in size 5 shoes.  I am praying that her little feet grow VERY, VERY slowly and we don't see size 6 for a long time!  I'm nervous though, becaue my friend Jen said her little girl, Ella, flew right through sizes 5, 6, and 7.  Ugh!  Here is a picture of SOME of the shoes she has right now (the estate sale shoes haven't arrived yet).   God really does take care of the little things, even my little girl's feet.

(I can't find that other boot at the back...if found please email me) 

I just took a break from working on the blog to go with my two cuties on a little walk around the block. This used to consist of us pushing Monroe in the jogging stroller, but she won't have it anymore.  She wants to be walking with us and we love it.  She is a great walker and runner, but she is deathly afraid of cracks in the sidewalk.  We have to talk her over each and every one.  A normal 15 minute walk doubles when you are doing pep talks for every crack.  By the end of the walk she was feeling more confident, but we will probably need to start going on these more often.  

Poor thing really is afraid of a lot of things.  Where on earth could she have gotten that from?  This is a joke, because if you know our childhoods at all, you know she came by it from Mark!  Oh, the stories his mom tells.   

He is such an amazing daddy.  He has been working with her to try and help her get over those little fears.  Last week he set with her for 30 minutes as she wailed because she was terrified of grass.  He wouldn't leave the park until she learned that grass was not the enemy and that it wouldn't hurt her to walk through it.  I see a lot of little battles like this in our future, but I would take this little fraidy cat over a dare devil kid any day--our insurance isn't good enough.  

Here are a few pictures from our walk:

 Just getting back from our walk.
 A dad and his girl...they both require tennis balls for their walks.  
Mentally preparing herself for the next crack in the sidewalk. 

Have a great day.  Remember to love on your loved ones!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

And the Envelope please...

So here they are...the results of the gender.  I don't know how long I can hold out.  That gender reveal party is sounding more and more ridiculous.  

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bed Head and Bed Time

I apologize for not updating after Monroe's doctor's appointment. Mark took her and while they were there, the doctor didn't think her breathing sounded too good.  She suspected it might be a slight case of bronchitis.  She decided to give her a nebulizer treatment while they were there to see if things improved.  Luckily they did, but the whole visit ended up being almost 3 hours long!  I felt so bad for Mark and Monroe!  The doctor prescribed liquid albuterol and an antibiotic. She also wanted to see her back the next day,  so we headed over on Friday for a quick check.  She was very happy with Monroe's progress and just said to keep her on the nebulizer for a few days.

Monroe now seems to be feeling great!  She does have a nasty sounding cough, but that will probably stick around for awhile.   When it comes to her stats, she weighs 22 lbs (she lost some weight because of the illness) and is 34 inches tall.  Mark didn't catch what her percentages were, maybe next time:)

Here is a pic of our little lady when she was almost 4 months old and again last week during nebulizer treatments.   It always makes me sad for some reason, but she does pretty good during them and they always seem to make her feel much better.  Looking at these pictures remind me how quickly time flies!  Also, did you get a look at that hair?!!  Do you see what I'm up against here?  A friend recommended Bed Head Tamer for kids and I am going out to buy some ASAP!

We had a wonderful weekend.  On Saturday, we went to Mike and Melissa's because one of Mark's friends from college and Florida was visiting.  The Browns came over too, and we all had a lovely time eating and chatting.  

Then later that night, Mark's parents arrived from Kansas.  It was an awesome visit.  From eating amazing food, to shopping, to visiting the Chicago Children's Museum Downtown--it was a blast.  I know I've mentioned this before, but the older I get, the more sentimental I get.  I was so sad to see them leave.  Monroe had such a great time with them and it was so neat to see those special relationships growing stronger.  Luckily, I don't have to be sad for too long, because my parents are coming on Friday!  Of course as soon as they leave, I will go right back to being sad:(.

Tomorrow is my next doctor's appointment.  I am excited to see how it all goes, but  I am really nervous about him maybe finding out what this little person is.  I know it's not set in stone, but it kind of has me in a tizzy.  For some reason, this pregnancy hasn't seemed 100% real to me yet, and I know that as soon as we know what we are having--It's on!  Yikes!  I don't know if I'm ready for that yet.  I've kind of enjoyed living in denial.  Not that I'm not excited about the baby!  I am beyond excited.  It's just been kind of nice not worrying about it too much.  With Monroe, our lives became the pregnancy.  We were so excited.  Everything was baby this and baby that.  Now, I rarely think about the fact that I'm pregnant.  Mark has even admitted that he sometimes forgets!  I know that sounds horrible, but it's really not meant bad at all.  We love this little person, we just have so much on our plates that we don't dwell on the process like the last time.  It's really making the whole thing fly by.  I can't believe that I'm already 15 weeks!  I remember it seeming like forever to get to 15 weeks with Monroe.  So you can see that there are advantages to forgetting!  This baby will be here before we know it!  

If we are able to find out what we are having tomorrow, I can't decide if I want to know right away.  I have always loved the idea of a gender reveal party and even convinced some friends to do one.  I think it would be so fun.  I saw one example on a blog I read where the parents had the doctor write what the baby was on a piece of paper.  They gave it to a trusted friend who opened it and was then assigned to bake a white cake putting either blue or pink food coloring into the batter depending on the gender.  Then, she iced it up, so no one could see.  Everyone got together later that night and when they sliced the cake--what a surprise all around!  Doesn't that sound so fun?!  Will I be able to hold out?  Mark doubts I would make it out of the doctor's office before ripping into that little piece of paper.  I don't have much faith in myself either.  I'm the girl that gives gifts to people like two weeks before their birthday and I beg everyone to let me open my gifts early.  I know I'm a buzz kill, but surprises unnerve me!  So, we will see if I make it.  

Today was pretty uneventful.  After seeing Mom and Dad Murrill off, Rosie took at 4 hour nap (she was completely exhausted from the weekend) and I did laundry, cleaned and worked on dinner.  I also gave the little one a much needed bath.  I love a clean smelling baby.  So like I said, pretty uneventful.  Tonight was wonderful, though.  My favorite thing that Mark and I have done since getting married, is go on drives.  We love driving through neighborhoods and checking out houses...especially ones that are super expensive.  (Two kids can dream, right?)  Tonight, we did just that.  We always have the best conversations and I always am reminded what made me fall in love with that man in the first place.  Tonight was no exception.  

In other news, Monroe's little personality is getting more and more hilarious.  I love hearing her talk and her singing is the absolute best.  Tonight, we were watching Glee and she became totally entranced when Lea Michelle started singing a solo.  Then she started singing along.  It was adorable.  I just tried to post a video of her singing, but blogger told me there was some sort of issue, so I will try that again some other night.  I am running on fumes and my bed is looking very nice right now. 

I will leave you with a few pics from the Children's Museum.  (Thank you Nicole for recommending it.)  Oh yes, and before I go, I thought it very important to tell you that I totally saw Nicole Richie and Joel Madden (plus kiddos)  at the children's museum!  They were entering the elevator as we were exiting.  It would have been easy to miss them, but I just happened to look Nicole right in the face.  I smiled at her because I thought she looked super familiar, then it hit me.  Always calm and collected under pressure, I turned to Melissa and said yelled, "Did you see who that was?"  I totally embarrass myself sometimes. Oh, well. We ended up spending the day with them and we all became fast friends.  Well, that's not entirely true.  All but the part about spending the day with them and the friend stuff.  Enjoy the pics!

Mark, Max and Monroe on the fire truck.
Future fireman Mason, in his element!  
Melissa and Max
Me and Rosie (Do you like how my baby bump is conveniently hidden behind this large display?)
It's hard to tell, but that's Mike and Mason in there!  
The gang in the building area
Sensei and his grasshopper...(total Karate Kid reference)
Sadly, this was Monroe's attitude for a majority of the day.  In her defense, the bench was disturbing.
Entering the water exhibit with Grandma watching on!
Making her quick getaway from the water exhibit
Where she really enjoyed herself...the play kitchen.  What a girlie girl I have on my hands! 

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The things we're willing to do to look theory

Yesterday, my boss told me the craziest thing.  She mentioned that there was this new restaurant out by where she lives that people were standing in line to get into.  I guess the wait was like 2 hours just to get a table.   I couldn't help but be wide-eyed when she told me the name.  You are never going to guess.  I mean this is a restaurant that is so common in the places I have lived before, that I can't imagine waiting for more than two minutes.   I really don't think I've ever been inside one before because it's always equipped with a drive thru or is in a mall.  Okay, do you think you know?  I'll give you another hint...they have good milkshakes and I do enjoy their fries from time to time.  I've given too much guessed it, It's Chik Fil A!  I know!  Can you believe there is so much hype over Chik Fil A?!   Anyway, I got a little chuckle out of that one.

So last night, I totally experienced a deja vu moment. I was transported back to my childhood.  It all started when I decided to take a late shower last night.  I was too tired to blow dry my hair and oh my word, if I go to sleep with my hair wet, craziness comes to live on my head.  Craziness, that even the power of a million stallions can't tame.  You think I'm exaggerating...I can assure you, I'm not.  I got the brilliant idea that pink sponge rollerswould be perfect for the occasion.  I could throw them in my hair in two minutes, save myself the 20 that it takes to blow dry and wake up to a luxurious head of beautiful curls.   When I really think about it, I've made this mistake many times before.  It has never turned out good, but for some reason,  I keep trying.  

So anyway, I went to sleep.  Well, I tried to sleep, but those darn curlers were like tiny little knives digging further into my head at every toss and turn.   I can't tell you how many times I woke up.  This is when the deju vu moment happened.  As I lay there in the middle of the night, coming close to pulling the rollers and my hair out, I was taken back to every Friday night as a little girl.  My mom would roll my hair with those things the night before church and it was the most painful thing ever.  I do admit, as a little girl the curls looked pretty cute.  I'd love to say that mine looked as cute when I removed them this morning.  Not so much.  It was atrocious and nothing, not a million stallions could tame it.  I ended up with a frizzy ponytail/bun situation.  It's ridiculous the things a girl goes through to look good, or in my case, atrocious.  I hate to admit that I will probably start the cycle when Monroe's hair gets passed the mullet stage and becomes long enough to curl.  I know, I am a cruel woman.  

I was worried that yesterday Monroe had a setback of not feeling well again, but today she seems great.  In fact, she's running around the house right now screaming "No" at the top of her lungs, so yeah, I think she's on the mend.   Keep praying for her though.  Tomorrow is her 18 month doctors appointment, so hopefully that will go smoothly.  I'll let you know the stats tomorrow.  

Before I forget, I thought of another pregnant person this morning so to update the list:

1) Tasha (friend from college+)
2) Daniela (friend from college +)
3) Kristina (friend from Tulsa)
4) Paige (friend/roommate from college)
5) Nikki (friend from work)
6) Lisa (from work)
7) Donna (friend from Chicago)
8) Jenny (friend from highschool/college)
9) Jesenia (friend from Tulsa)
10) Mildred (friend from Tulsa)
11) Becky (friend from Chicago)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My big break?

I don't want to get too ahead of myself, but I am probably going to be a big time actress.  Today, I had to be in a few scenes for a commercial for the hospital.  I was girl drinking coffee and girl with carpal tunnel.  I really put my heart and soul into every scene and I'm pretty sure one will be brought to tears by my very believable wince as I tried to type using my carpal tunneled wrists and hands--Oscar worthy.  Okay, so I am totally kidding.  I think I was pretty horrible and I had a very hard time not smiling, but it was a nice change of pace from my daily schedule.  It also helped me keep my mind off of poor little Rosie.

Shelley said she did very well all day today, but definitely started feeling yucky right before Mark came to pick her up.  She was pretty sleepy and grumpy by the time she got home.  I put on some cute puppy and kitty videos on the computer and that seemed to pep her up, but she went to bed pretty early.  She didn't have a fever, but she felt a little warm.  Hopefully with another good night's sleep, she will be feeling better.  By the way, she slept great last night and didn't wake up once.  She also woke up very chipper, so that was good.

Tonight, I finally made the soup my sister-in-law had on her blog, Spicy Corn Chowder.   I've been intending to make it for weeks and realized there's no time like the present.  I am so glad I did, because it was so good.  I omitted the jalepenos because I didn't have any on hand, and I don't need a lot of spice.  It was so easy and really was so tasty.  I was hoping to have a bit left over to take for lunch tomorrow, but Mark ate three bowls, so that was a no go.  Oh, well.

The baby seems to be doing great and although it's very early, I really do feel like I am feeling flutters.  I never had those with Rosie, so it's pretty exciting.  I love that feeling.  I can't wait until I feel a full fledged kick.

By the way, everyone and their mother is pregnant.  It's crazy how it really does come in waves.  Here are a few that I can think of off of the top of my head:

1) Tasha (friend from college+)
2) Daniela (friend from college +)
3) Kristina (friend from Tulsa)
4) Paige (friend/roommate from college)
5) Nikki (friend from work)
6) Lisa (from work)
7) Donna (friend from Chicago)
8) Jenny (friend)
9) Jesenia (friend from Tulsa)
10) Mildred (friend from Tulsa)

I know there are quite a few more, but my mind has gone numb and feels like it might implode.   The only name that keeps popping in my head is Charlie Sheen and I'm almost positive he shouldn't be added to the list.  What's with that guy, by the way?!  Nutcase!  Anyway, I can't wait to see all these new babies.  Well, I am pretty tired, so I better sign off. Have a good night.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Sick As A Dog

I wish I was home from work today for something fun, but sadly I'm taking care of a sick little lady!  Yesterday, she had a fever, but it broke and she seemed to be feeling better by the afternoon.  She took a turn for the worse late last night when her fever spiked to 103.3 and I think even went higher.  Mark and I were pretty scared and I ended up calling her pediatrician who gave me some pointers on how to bring her fever down.  After a nice tepid bath and some liquids, she was exhausted enough to fall asleep.  She was like a little monkey though, which is pretty sweet. I couldn't pry her off of me if I tried.  She awakened quite a few times during the night and we were relieved when her fever finally broke.  It was a tough night for all of us, but I am so relieved to have her feeling a bit better today.  She's definitely not 100%, but she is on the mend and that helps put my mind at ease.

We had a lovely weekend otherwise.  We went to Andrews to hear the last in a really wonderful sermon series by DKN, enjoyed a movie at Mike and Mel's and celebrated Kelsey's birthday.  I'm not complaining a bit that I'm not working today.  I will have to make it up on Thursday, but it's nice being here with the little person.  She is so funny.

Monroe is going through a stage that I would love for her to fly right through--the "No" stage.  It's really starting to get on my nerves.  She answers "no" to everything...Do you love mama?...No...Do you like kitty cats?...No...What is the square root of 81?....No.  Clearly she is just messing with me, but I can't figure out the best response from me.  Any ideas?  I find myself wanting to say, "No saying no!," but I realize that probably won't get the results I'm desiring.  I'm open to any and all suggestions!

I'm getting very excited about this month!  Both of our parents are coming into town and we are going to Florida.  I can't wait.  Monroe is beyond excited to see both Grandma & Grandpa and Nana & Papa!  It's going to be amazing.

The cravings aren't yet subsiding and it's starting to show in my face, legs, bottom...the list goes on.  Luckily, the weather is starting to be a bit better and I will be able to be more active again.  We went on walks all the time when I was pregnant with Monroe and I've got to get back to that.  Lately, I've been craving, you guessed it...Sweet Drinks!  Same as it was with Monroe.  I love me some ginger ale, cherry seven up, cranberry spritzer, the list goes on.  As a vegetarian, I am ashamed that I have been craving a turkey sandwich.  I must be missing some protein in my diet, cause that one came out of nowhere.

I've been feeling much better. The nausea comes and goes, but for the most part it's gone.  I have had several migraines, which are pretty horrible and debilitating, but luckily I have an amazing husband who has allowed me to rest when they come on hard.

I am getting so excited to find out what we are having.  Everyone keeps telling me I'm having a boy, so that's kind of what I'm starting to think, too.  Mark talks to my doctor every once in awhile because they see each other in the hospital.  He mentioned to Mark that he might try to figure out what we are having at my next appointment, which is next week.  I'm not sure if he will, but we will see.  I can't believe I am 14 weeks along.  It really seems to fly by.

I don't think I've mentioned before, but my phone has been giving me fits for the last few months.  The Sprint people told me I needed to be more diligent at updating it, and I have tried, but it only seemed to get worse.  Finally, last week it totally conked out on me and I had to take it to the phone fixers.  They said they would have to totally re-something (I can't remember the word) it and do a software update.  It was a little frustrating because I lost all of my texts, apps, and I have to learn the new software   But my dream of owning a phone that properly made and received calls and texts had come true.  Well, today I was texting with my friend Tasha and she asked me if I was purposefully sending her the same text ten times.  I guess a girl can dream

Hope everyone has a great week!  Love you all!