Thursday, July 31, 2014

Mulch For Sale...Cheap

I hope you are all having a really lovely week.  Ours has been pretty great and relaxed.  Last week was  full, so a less hectic few days was very much welcomed.  Mark got home late Thursday night and we were ever so glad to have him home.  Saturday, I left early in the morning with the group I sing with and we traveled to Tennessee for a concert.  We didn't get home until 11:30 that night!  It was a LONG day.  I hated being away from Mark and the girls for so long.  Our weekends are precious, but we had a nice family day on Sunday to make up for it.

On Monday, we had a fun visit from my friend Heather and her three girls.  She was sharing some of the bounty from her garden.  Last week, another friend gave us cucumbers, zucchini and squash.  I'm loving all of this fresh produce.  I don't really have a green thumb, so when I can have garden fresh veggies, it's a real treat.   That afternoon, my friend Jessica and her three girls came over to play, so it was a fun day.  That night though, I had some major problems getting to sleep.  It was so terrible, that I didn't end up going to bed until five the next morning!  I've never had insomnia like that before.  No fun!  

On Tuesday, my other friend Jessica, texted to see if we could come over for a few hours.  I knew it would be a rough morning if I stayed home and let myself be exhausted, so getting out was a welcome relief.  Rosie and Kiki adore Aeva and Emma.  They had a blast, and Jess and I had fun catching up.  That afternoon, I was exhausted, so naps were in the cards for all of us!  Mark had a HUGE amount of mulch and pine needles delivered for the yard and we spent the evening working on that, while the girls played.  When I say huge, I'm not exaggerating.  The guy who delivered it seemed to think we were nuts.  When I asked Mark about it, he said he just guesstimated and I think we now have enough mulch for the whole neighborhood!  It's been rewarding work, though.  We are getting closer to feeling more finished on the yard.

Yesterday, was full of laundry and cleaning.  We also did some grocery shopping.  Then, my friend Heather (the one I sing with) came over for us to go over some songs and she dropped off a piece of furniture she didn't want anymore.  I think you know by now, that I'm never one to turn down a free piece of furniture.  

Today, I took the girls to Mother's Morning Out.  Nikki took Lathan as well, and joined me for coffee and errands around town with our few hours away from kids.  It was nice.  I got a little nuts and ended up coming home with a jumpsuit--not like the prison kind.  I'll have to take a picture to show you accurately.  I've always thought I'd never get into the jumpsuit look, but it was so comfortable and Nikki gave it the thumbs up, so I felt like it needed to come home with me.  We'll see what Mark thinks.  It might just become my new uniform.  After lunch and naps, we went over to Jessica's house.  Her girls are leaving tomorrow to spend two weeks with their grandparents.  They all wanted to get one last hurrah in before they left.

Well, that was probably very boring for you to read.  If you hung in there, you're probably related to me, and thank you!   Here are a few pictures from the last few days...

While Mark was gone, I started working on new wreaths for the front doors.  Not finished yet, but getting closer.  

When I was taking my old burlap wreaths off of the front doors, I was greeted with the most terrifying creatures.  I've never seen bugs like them. This guy was like two inches long!!! I ended up throwing my wreaths into the yard, where they stayed for many days, until the bugs vacated them.

The alien cricket that lived on my wreath.  

This is where the wreaths lived for a few days.

On the subject of creatures, I ran into this guy coming out of our neighborhood.  Mark wasn't impressed.  I have to admit, that I wasn't super excited either.  

So, Rosie will not stop wearing the outfit she put together last week.  She came in every morning last week with it on.  I had to pry it off her most days.  Sometimes I gave up, and just let it happen.  She's found her uniform.  

Another example...

And another.  

On Thursday evening of last week, we did something that a couple different people had recommended to me many times.  We went to EarthFare for family night.  It was really great.  Kids eat free, if the adult eats at least $5.00 worth of food.  It was great and the girls seemed to really like it.  

The girls wanted to send daddy a picture of themselves when he was gone.  They seem delightful, huh?  

Another picture for daddy:) 

My sweet girls

On Monday morning, the girls went out to ride bikes while I cleaned up after breakfast.  After a bit, the doorbell rang and they sang and danced for me.  It was like Christmas caroling in July.  

Rosie girl! 

Kiki during worship last night while Daddy prayed.  


Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Imaginary Friends and Tree Climbing

Today, I overhead something scary.  I heard Kiki say to her friend, "Hey, I've got a really good idea."   I've come to know that any two-year-old that thinks they have a really good idea is probably wrong.  It turns out that "good idea" was eating playdough on the front porch.  Not a good idea.  Funny, but not a good idea. 

We said goodbye to daddy again today.  This time he headed off to Florida for some meetings.  The whole "daddy leaving a lot" thing is not my favorite thing.  It's actually up there with one of my least favorite things.  I actually cried when he left.  I really love that man and we all miss him like crazy when he's gone.  He comes back Thursday evening, so I can't complain too much, I guess:)

We had a nice weekend.  On Friday, we went to dinner with a prospective doctor and her family for Mark's work.  We ate at the Corner Kitchen, a favorite restaurant of the Obama's when they come into town.  In fact, we set at a table they had eaten at.  I know this because there were little plaques on them.  Kiki was in rare form and I wouldn't be surprised if the doctor chooses not to come, based solely on Kiki brushing her hair with her fork.  I feel like eating out comfortably is still not quite in our cards.  I'll give it a few more months.  

We had a very full day on Saturday and then, that night, had a few friends over to play games.  I hadn't laughed like that in forever!  Then, on Sunday, we decided on a whim, to head to Greenville for the day.  We ate at a Mexican Restaurant we hadn't tried (huge let down), visited our favorite park for a walk and finished it off with ice cream.  On the drive home, we got some South Carolina peaches, which are sooooo good this year.  Then we came home and worked on the yard for awhile.  

My nervous kiddo.  She chews her nails just like here mama :( 

My salsa loving kiddo.  She ate more than all of us combined. 

My loves 

Kiki, Mommy, and Daddy's hand.

Sweet as sugar, this one. 

Our very favorite ice cream joint.  I changed up my order a little, and I think I've stumbled upon my new favorite.  

Yesterday, the girls spent most of the day in our tree.  They have learned to climb trees.  Well, small bush-like trees.  Actually, just bushes, but they LOVE it!

The view from their bush.

Today, Mark stayed home in the morning to spend some time with the girls before he left.  I ran to the gym for a quick work-out.  Then, we met Mark for lunch before he headed to the airport.

Rosie dressed herself today and put this outfit together.  That skirt she's wearing is actually a dress.  How did she do this?  I'm so confused.  I blinked and she grew up and became a hippie.  

Funny things (at least to me) said recently: 

Rosie:  Mom, I'm playing with my imaginary friend.
Me: Oh, what's your friend's name?  
Rosie: Her name is Imaginary.  I already told you that.  

(Rosie found a book about breastfeeding in my bookcase) 
Rosie:  (Comes walking in with the book pointing to a drawing of a mom nursing a baby) Mom, this lady's boobies are so much bigger than yours.
Me:  Umm...Thank you? 

Me: (frustrated) Girls!  How many times do I have to tell you to not leave the door open?!
Kiki: Three

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Come Back Soon

A few weeks ago, Mom and Dad Murrill came for a visit!  It was too short, but very sweet!  We were so glad to have them come and see our new location.  They are always so helpful when they visit, but they really outdid themselves this time.  Mom M was the master garage sale runner.  I couldn't have done one without her!  Dad M fixed my central vac in the kitchen, which has been broken for months!  They also let Mark and I go on a date.  Don't worry, though, it wasn't all work.  We also had some fun visiting friends, antiquing, going to the botanical gardens, and checking out puppies at the shelter.  We can't wait for them to come back! 

We visited Mom and Dad's close friend Dave, near Pisgah

Catching butterflies at the Botanical Garden

Cute Puppy at Brother Wolf Animal Shelter

My Circus, My Monkeys

Well, we made it through!  Today was the last day of VBS.   It was fun and wonderful, but  I feel like people without young children should be in charge of things like that.  It's just really tough to accomplish anything with little people running all around.  Between all of us that helped out, we had 14 kids!  It was a small circus. 

The snack for today.  So cute:)

These girls are crack-ups.  


Enjoying themselves

This is my favorite look she gives.  It's her "Im very excited and proud of myself" look. 

There it is again. 

And again

Walking on water

Sifting through the sand 

This kid LOVES to color! 

Just playing

Shock and Awe 

Sponge Painting 

Snack time 

After VBS, we all headed to Strawberry Hill for a celebratory lunch.  That's always a treat.  The girls played and played until they were completely exhausted.  They both slept most of the afternoon.  I even got a nap in there, which was a treat.

Kiki woke up from her nap, and came and got in bed with me.  She fell back asleep and was so cute.  I tried to get a picture of her and her sweet little freckles without waking her up, but it didn't work.  Here she is a second after waking up, still a little stunned...

Then, after she realized what was going on...

Last night we had book club.  No one read the book, which made discussion about it a bit more difficult.  It was at Renae's house, though, and she really has the best backyard ever.  Her dad just built her this cool swing/fire pit thing.  It was lovely.   

Here are the girls tonight wearing their brand new jammies that Nana sent in the mail before bed.  Love these ladies:) 

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

He's HOME!!!

VBS went so much better today.  Just tweaking a few little things made it less chaotic and much more manageable.  In fact, we all really enjoyed ourselves today.  Yesterday, we were all in such a tizzy we didn't really get a chance to enjoy our time with each other or the kiddos.  Today, on the other hand, it was really fun.  We got to actually meet some of the visiting families and get to know them a bit better.  Hopefully, tomorrow is even better.

Here are a few pictures from the last two days of VBS. 

Mark's Mini-Me and my little love bug

Doing her sand art

Kiki, being a marine biologist 


Fun games outside

Kiki loves her some art! 

Relay race

This is her new smile:)  I love those little strawberry-stained cheeks!

Parachute fun! 

The thing we are most excited about around here is that Mark is HOME!  Yay!  He got in around midnight last night, so we haven't seen him too much yet, but it's just wonderful knowing he's here.  He had a great trip.  

He went to a Royals game 

Watched the World Cup Final 

He sent us pictures, too.  We REALLY MISSED HIM!

This afternoon, we just took it easy.  We decided to go outside and play in our little pool, but the girls ended up trying on about six bathing suits each and then decided they didn't want to swim.  Instead, they put on some tutus, so they could dance the afternoon away.  Kids!

Kiki, after one of her costume changes.  

She loves this suit.  She likes to say she has "boobies" when she wears it, which is very embarrassing when we are at a public pool.    

Tonight, I went to the grocery store, which we were in dire need of.  It's good to have food again!  Mealtimes are a lot less stressful, when there are options.  

So, just in case I needed another reason to be glad Mark is home...

The guy makes a mean and healthy smoothie.