Saturday, April 30, 2011

Potato Head

I hate missing church.  I think maybe I've mentioned it before, but it always leaves me with an empty feeling. With that being said, I didn't go to church today.  I really had a rough night.  I woke up around 3am and I just didn't feel good.  I was super dehydrated and I just felt weird.  I have to confess, sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night, I start to have strange panic attacks about different pregnancy things.  Last night, I convinced myself that I had gestational diabetes.  All of the sweet foods I had eaten the last few days kept swirling in my head until I knew, without a doubt, that I had it and I could not go back to sleep.  I envisioned a twelve pound baby and a 100 pound weight gain for myself.  Finally, after I was finally able to talk myself down from this craziness, I fell back asleep, but it was much later and when I attempted to wake up, it was just too much for me to handle this morning.

I did end up waking up, but it didn't leave me with enough time to get Monroe and myself ready to make it to Sabbath School, so Monroe won and I got her fancied up.  Mark, being the wonderful man that he is, took Rosie to Church.

It actually was kind of nice being home today.  I was able to read and study and it was really what I was needing.  I have been meaning to ask if any of you use the Sabbath School Quarterly app on your phone.  It's amazing.  I love it.  It makes studying so much easier.  With one click, I'm able to read all of the verses and it also allows you to take notes, and such.  If you haven't gotten it, and are wanting an easy and convenient Bible Study, that's the way to go.

I also made lunch for us.  I decided to stick to my meal plan (for once) and made cottage cheese patties, baked potatoes, a big salad and broccoli.  It was super yummy and really hit the spot.   Monroe ate like a champ, once again.  She polished off a big bowl of broccoli, two patties, a few bites of my baked potato and some string cheese.  I'm telling you, that really makes me happy:)

This afternoon, we went to Ty-Warner Park and we laid on a blanket while Monroe ran around and played.  It was amazing we didn't blow away!  It was so windy, but I'm not complaining because the sun was out for a good portion.  When the clouds started rolling in, we headed over to a forest preserve to see the other Murrill's and the Wightman's.  We only stayed a bit before heading home for a much needed nap for all of us.

So that brings us to know, I am lying here in bed, next to my sweet man, and I have to say, I feel much better.  I don't think I have gestational diabetes anymore, well at least I hope, but I have decided to REALLY cut back on my sweet intake.  No more sweet drinks!  Well, let's not get overzealous!  Maybe like one a week.  I am also going to really increase my water intake.  I'm so thankful for the start of nice weather, so that I can start getting outdoors again.  I really think that will help my outlook.

Here are some photo highlights from today:

Monroe all prettied up for Sabbath School.  I think this outfit is so cute.  My mom got it for her when she was here last.
Ready and eager for Sabbath School!  Since I didn't go, I can't be certain, but I would guess that headband lasted about two minutes into the car ride.  Oh, well.  It was cute for the picture!
 Costume change!  
 I asked her to get some shoes, and this is what she returned with. 
 This picture just kind of made me laugh.  
 I looked over and she was doing this weird thing with her foot.  I couldn't, for the life of me, figure out what she was doing, until...
 ...she succeeded and I saw this!  But if you think that's gross, check this out...
 Yep, daddy joined in the fun.  Crazies, I tell you...a house of crazies! 
 Daddy love!  This just warms my heart.  They really love each other.
 Another example of her daddy love!
Mommy's pretty high on the list, too!
This I just need to show you all.  This is a potato that I got in a bag of potatoes from the store.  It's kind of hard to tell, but it's ginormous.  I put it next to a large mango to try and give it some context and scale.  The crazy thing is, there was a bag I almost bought that had a potato at least double the size of this one. I mean it was almost the size of a human head!  I so wish I had my camera with me at the grocery store, because I know no one will ever believe me, but I am not kidding.  I even thought about taking Mark back to the grocery store to show him.  

So anyway, no big plans for tonight.  Monroe is still sleeping and I am starting to wonder if she'll wake back up.  It's pushing 7pm and I'm beginning to doubt she will.  Have a great Saturday night!  Love you all! 

Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm real tired...

So this blog post is going to be really, really short.  But I knew I couldn't stop my posting streak!  I've been going every night for so long.  It's definitely my new record.

Work was good.  I was off campus helping at a Women's Symposium, so it made my day go pretty quickly.  It's hard to turn down getting paid to eat chocolate covered strawberries and help with a raffle.

Nicole called me on my cell to let me know that she would take Monroe to their house, if we wanted to come for dinner.  It was so sweet of her and the idea of having an hour just Mark and I was hard to turn down.  It was such a nice day today, so after we both got home, we put a blanket on the back porch and got some sun for awhile.  We haven't seen the sun in a LONG time, so it really was incredible.  You really wouldn't believe my legs.  They have NEVER been this white.  Hopefully, the little bit of sun today helped them to be more on the normal side of white.

Dinner at the Meharry's was lovely, as always.  Nicole really has a knack of making people feel welcome.  She also is an amazing cook and can make something as simple as a haystack, seem amazing.

Now I'm in bed trying to keep my eyes open enough to type this.  I am so thankful for the Sabbath and the rest from the regular pace of things.

I wish everyone a wonderful Sabbath.  The littlest missy is kicking away as we speak.  I can't wait to meet her.  She already seems super different than Monroe.  Rosie was definitely not this active.  I wonder what kind of spitfire we're going to have on our hands?!  It will be fun finding out:)

Congrats to my sister-in-law, Michelle, who's blog was featured today on Tasty Kitchen!  Way to go, girl!  So proud of you!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Baby Boom

I almost forgot to mention that ANOTHER one of our friends had their baby yesterday!  Brandon and Donna had their little boy, Julien (sp?).  So happy for them!  Mark went by to see them at the hospital today and said the little guy is adorable.  I guess he has tons of hair.  I love babies with lots of hair!

Isn't it insane that three of our friends had their babies on the same day?!  Someone told me that it had something to do with the barometric pressure change yesterday.  I don't know if they were just blowing smoke, or what. It does sound pretty legitimate to me, but I'm easy to convince.

Congrats to all of the families!  I love baby season!!!

Potties and Taco Bell

You're not going to believe this, but I got everything done on my list for today!  I know!

I got groceries (I usually do this on Sunday, but long story short...I'm a little late),  I sorted through my summer/winter clothes,  I visited the crib/bed store, I worked on the mobile, and I ran to TJ Maxx to see if I could find any cute things for Impossible P's room.  I guess I didn't do that much, but I feel accomplished.

I have finished 4 birds for the mobile and I think I may have found a branch.  I'm not completely sure, but it's definitely got some potential.  I'll see what it looks like after I paint it white.  Here are the birds I have done.  They are lying on top of the bedding.  I haven't quite decided how many birds I am going to make.  Four kind of seems like too few.  I also am toying with the idea of adding some cute little wings and some detail.  I don't want to go overboard, though.  Any thoughts?

I really intended to take some pictures of Monroe and her potty today, but for some reason, it didn't happen. I was able to capture a picture of just the potty, though.  The potty is so much easier to deal
with. It didn't wiggle, run or yell "NO!".  I could take pictures of this thing all day!

Here is a little something I picked up at my grocery store today for $5.99!  I am so excited.  I've been intending on getting a hanging plant for quite awhile, but just hadn't and then I found this beauty for such a great price.  It was super chilly today, so I'll probably keep it inside until I'm sure it won't freeze.

So earlier I mentioned I went to the crib/bed place down the street.  It really surprised me!  It ended up being much nicer than I would have thought and had a very large selection inside. Sadly, it didn't carry any toddler beds.  I guess that means that the Ikea bed is a done deal.

The place did have a large array of gliders.  Mark told me, even before we were pregnant with I.P., that when we had another baby, the only thing he really wanted was a nice glider.  You may recall that with Monroe, we bought a wooden one on craigslist for $50.  I recovered the pads and it works well, except for the fact that it isn't very comfy.  I mean, I would never fall asleep rocking Rosie in it.  Many of our friends have really amazing ones and trying them out really sold me on the idea, as well.  You may already know, but nice gliders are expensive, but Mark said it was well worth the investment.

So anyway, they really have nice gliders there at a good price.  When Mark got home, I convinced him to go back to the store with me, and he too, was impressed.  I think we are definitely going to order one. We haven't quite nailed down the fabric (kind and color) we want, but we found a few we really liked.  I am so excited!

When Monroe and I were out on the town, we decided to stop into Taco Bell for a quick lunch. (Yes, pregnancy has brought out my inner urge for gourmet cuisine.)  As we were sitting there, two little old ladies (one black, one white) came shuffling in.  They were both very small and dressed in their Sunday best.  One even had a huge hat on.  I thought they were so cute and it made me chuckle that they chose TB for their luncheon. Then one of the ladies went to get their order.  They had ordered the huge meal deal between them!  There were like 12 tacos and 8 burritos.  I seriously thought about sticking around to see if they finished it all, but I didn't have all day.  What a treat to see!  I hope that I do funny things like that when I'm old.

As I was eating and chatting with my little girl, I was struck that I really do have a little girl now.  She was talking back to me and eating like a regular grown-up (only miniature).  I couldn't help but just stare at her.  She's growing up before my eyes.  I realized how important that every second is; every ordinary trip to TB.  I'm really getting sentimental in my old age.

Speaking of old age (just kidding), it's my brother Shane's 36th birthday tomorrow.  I miss him and love him very much.  Here is a pic of him and my niece, Kamryn.

Happy Birthday, Brother!  I love you!  

Well, I've got work tomorrow, so I better head to bed.  It will be very strange working on a Friday.  Hopefully the day flies by and I can get home to my sweeties.  Love you all! 

One last thing...

One of my friends posted this on facebook today, and I couldn't help but laugh.  Thought you all might like it:

A real woman always keeps her house clean and organized, the laundry basket is always empty.  She's always well dressed, hair done.  She behaves gracefully in all situations and all circumstances.  She has more than enough patience to take care of her family, always has a smile on her lips, and a kind word for everyone.  Post this as your status if you, too, suspect that you might be a man... 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Plans, What Plans?

I had a long list of things to accomplish today, but true to form, I didn't get even halfway through the list.  I did make it to Target for a potty chair (and all the other things I buy there that are never on any list), I cleaned my closet, I spent over an hour this afternoon on a baby names website creating a "short list" and I ordered the fabrics I have been drooling over for Impossible P's quilt.

I know that infants don't use quilts, but I have been researching and preparing for this quilt since I found out I was pregnant.  I want to finish this one before she's born (instead of a year after she is born like I did with Monroe).  I love the fabrics I chose!  They each really go with the shabby chic look I'm going for.  I'll be sure to post pics when they arrive.

For Monroe's room, we have decided to get her a toddler bed.  The thought of my little tiny girlie in a twin bed makes me cringe.  The bed I really want to get her has been in my head even before I knew I was pregnant with Monroe.  I saw it at Ikea years ago and thought it was so adorable.

Isn't it cute?!  I just love it.  The bed can extend as her little legs grow. You have to buy an expanding mattress, which makes little to no sense to me. I guess I will have to see it to understand.  I am going to get some cute little sheets and use the Brooke Bedding Toddler Quilt that I already have.  Just to be thorough, I thought I would check out this crib/bed store down the street tomorrow, but I'm pretty much set on this one. 

I picked up the first little something for I.P.'s room tonight at HomeGoods (see below). I've decided to start looking for little things slowly and hopefully, by the time she comes, the room will be all ready to go.  Also, as soon as I'm done writing this, I'm headed right downstairs to work on the mobile. I have a pattern for the little birds and I can't wait to start sewing.  I just need to find the perfect branch.  If you live around here, and find a good looking branch, let me know!  

So to put everyone's mind at ease, I have decided to put potty training on hold.  I did buy a potty chair because I thought it would be wise to have it around.  Her Elmo doll has a potty that is about the size of a grapefruit and she is constantly trying to sit on it.  As you may have guessed, this usually ends up with her falling over.  I figured it was time for one her own size.  She was super excited about it and carried it all over creation.  She also spent long amounts of time just sitting on it.  Then she would get toilet paper to wipe her diapered and clothed bottom.  

Again, I'm not pushing it, I'm just going to have it available to her for when the time is right.  I wish I had taken pics of her on the potty.  I'll have to do that tomorrow.  I appreciate the advice I got from Hanne and Kaylee, both moms of two with years of experience under their belts.

Today, when I was cleaning my closet, I kept hearing Monroe making kissing noises.  I looked over and she was standing at our full length mirror kissing it.  It was so funny to see.  She got really embarrassed when she realized I was watching her.  I'm glad I was able to catch her in the act! 

So much for my meal plan for this week.  Tonight the Meharry's invited us to go to Sweet Tomatoes and who are we to turn such an invitation down?!  I'm so glad we went.  The kiddos and the adults had a blast and the food really hit the spot.  Good times! 

Two of my friends had babies today!  Isn't that great?!  I thought I would update the list of expecting friends.  It truly is an epidemic.  I know there are more that I can't think of...

1) Tasha (friend from college+) (Girl)
2) Daniela (friend from college +) (Boy)
3) Kristina (friend from Tulsa) (Girl)
4) Paige (friend/roommate from college) (Boy)
5) Nikki (friend from work) (Had girl 4/27/11, "Teegan Michaela") 
6) Lisa (friend from work) 
7) Donna (friend from Chicago) (Boy)
8) Jenny (friend from highschool/college) (Girl)
9) Jesenia (friend from Tulsa) (Boy)
10) Mildred (friend from Tulsa) 
11) Becky (friend from Chicago) (Not finding out)
12) Jessica (friend from college) (Had girl 4/27/11 "Rachel Mae")
13) Courtney (friend from college +) 
14) Heidi (friend from college) 
15) Jessica (friend from Florida) 
16) Jillian (friend from work) Boy
17) Lisa (friend from Florida)

Is anyone else pretty excited about the Royal Wedding?!  I have to admit, I'm excited, but I do think that we're all going a little bit overboard here in the US.  I mean, last night, during the NBA Playoffs they were doing a "Countdown to the Royal Wedding" and one of the commentators was talking about it.  That's getting out of hand.  I can totally understand why some people think we need to tone it down a little! 

On facebook today, someone posted this thing to help you figure out your Royal Wedding guest name.  You start with either Lord or Lady.  Your first name is one of your grandparent's names.  Your surname is hyphenated: the name of your first pet with the name of the street you grew up on.   Some people's were perfect.  Examples:  Lady Aubrey Fluffernut-Pinecrest or Lord Howard Whapeton-Lori.  Mine, however, not so much...Lady Vivian Bubba-15th.  Mine stinks!  What a bummer.  I definitely am not getting an invite:(

Well, I better go.  I've got some sewing to do and I have so many things I have on my list for tomorrow.  I have to rest up if I'm going to be able to NOT accomplish them all! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Too Much, Too Soon?

Wow, today was one long day!  I didn't leave work until almost 7pm because I had to do my monthly Volunteer Orientation.  Orientation is truly the bane of my existence.  It is always lurking in the back of my mind, and I dread it.  Oh, how I dread it.  It completely drains me.  Having to talk for 3 hours straight is hard on anyone, but especially an introvert like myself.  I'm just so glad to be home with my family now.  I don't have to work again until Friday!  Whew!

When I got home I was greeted by this:

There are a couple of things that I must explain about this photo.  First of all...the pants.  So around November, I found these gray leggings for super cheap, but they had this lame design on them that I knew would need to be changed.  I cut flowers from some fabric and embroidered them on.  They really looked cute, but I realized that they were much too springy for her to wear right away.  Okay, so fast forward to this morning.  I found them lurking in the back of her drawer and figured this might be the only chance to wear them before she completely grows out of them.  I don't know if it was the early morning hours, the lack of good light, or what, but I can't believe I let her go out in these.  When I saw her this afternoon, I couldn't help but laugh.  They are SOOOO tight and short!  Poor Shelley must have really wondered about her today...well, she probably more wondered about me:)

Second...the hair.  I wish I had gotten a better picture, but she has pigtails in.  This is actually the best her hair has ever looked at the end of the day after daycare.  Her pigtails stayed in for the whole day!  I don't know what happens at Shelley's house and I'm not questioning it at all, but she always looks like some sort of refugee child when she gets home.  Not to say that she doesn't in this picture, but I'm just really impressed.

Third...the smile.  This is what I get now when I ask her to smile for the camera...yup.   

So, the last thing I want to do is rush Monroe into potty training.  I have had too many parents warn me and read too many articles describing horror stories involving starting too early.  With that being said, I'm really torn.  I feel like Monroe is interested.  She has started telling me when she's going peepee or poopoo.  She's also very interest in "helping out" when I'm going.  I know this sounds strange, but she just wants to help give me toilet paper, flush the toilet and wash her hand (yes, she only wants to wash one hand...go figure).  A few minutes ago, she brought Mark a diaper and a wipe and said, "poo poo", then proceeded to lie down in front of him so he could change her.  To me these are good signs, but I don't know!  Everyone says that this is way too early to start.  I guess I could try and if it doesn't work, it doesn't work.  We could always just put it on hold.  I'm not in a hurry. Any words of advice?  I would appreciate any.

Pregnancy-wise, things are going well.  This little kiddo is quite active.  I love feeling the little kicks and seeing my belly moving around.  It's easy to forget I'm pregnant, so these little reminders are nice.  Impossible P received her first gift this weekend from Auntie Nicole...

Isn't it soooo cute?!  I'm going to look and see if I can find a matching one in Monroe's size.  

Our menu this week is a little late, but better late than never, right?! 

Monday:  Red Robin
Tuesday:  Spaghetti and Three Cheese Marinara Sauce with Bread and Salad
Wednesday: Quesadillas (You can probably tell I've been craving these a lot lately)
Thursday: Taco Soup 
Friday: Sub Sandwiches and leftover soup
Saturday: Cottage Cheese Patties, Mashed Potatoes, Salad & Bread (I didn't end up making these a few weeks back, so I figured I should)
Sunday:  Biscuits and Gravy, Fruit 

Well, I better sign off.  Thanks for reading!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Bedtime, Take 2

I have had the WORST migraine this evening.  I ended up lying down and didn't wake up until around 9:15 pm.  The headache is definitely still lurking, but at least I'm not nauseous anymore.  I still feel pretty groggy, so who knows what will be written below.  Please bear* with me!

*I cannot, for the life of me, remember if it should be bare or bear in this instance.  I'm really tired.  Mark said bear, but he also said he had no idea.

Not too much to report today. I spent the morning cleaning out Monroe's drawers and closet.  I have to be so careful to shut her closet door when I leave her room or every shoe, sock, etc. will be strewn throughout the room when I return.  Her poor closet looked like a tornado had gone through.  I was able to take out some of the clothes that are getting too small, so that made some more room.  I had really been holding onto some of her clothes, hoping she hadn't grown out of them, even though it was obvious she had.  I really think I was scared that it would be the last time I could use them.  Now, knowing that I will be able to use them again, I don't mind at all putting them away until sister arrives!  Yay, for reusing clothes!  What a blessing.

Today was a BIG day for one of my besties, Tasha.  They found out today what kind of baby she is growing.  I was on pins and needles all morning.  It was almost harder than before I found out about ours!!!

Finally, she emailed me the sonogram picture so I could make my guess.  Having just seen the almost identical picture a week before, I knew it was a lady.  I showed the email to Mark as soon as he got home and within seconds, he said, "Oh, that's a girl!"  He's pretty good, especially since most people on FB thought it was a boy.

We are so excited for the Heinrich's.  As hard as it is to get used to the unknown, I know they are going to LOVE having a sweet little girl.  I just can't wait to meet her:)

Mark was able to come home early today and we decided to go have a special dinner out.  A vegeburger sounded yummy, so we went to Red Robin.  We ordered Monroe steamed broccoli and I'm telling you, that kid went nuts.  She almost finished the whole big bowl of it.  I LOVE it when she eats good.  It really is a feeling you can't understand until you are a mom.  It really made my night!

Here is a picture from the Easter Brunch that also got me pretty happy...

This is a picture of Monroe loving on baby Will.  

This gave me hope that Monroe will love being a big sister.  She is absolutely smitten with this little guy. I really hope she loves having a sister:) 

Well, I better head [back] to bed.  Have a great night!  

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Egg Hunter

When Monroe woke up this morning and came into bed with us, we surprised her with her Easter basket.  She thought it was the greatest thing ever!  I love that at this age, the dollar bin at Target pretty much wows the pants off of her.  A great start to a great day:)

Later, when reading the resurrection story to Rosie, (To be honest, she lost all interest after a few verses in.  We'll give her a few more months to develop better concentration) I couldn't help but get sad.  Thinking of our Savior on the cross, dying for MY sins is almost unbearable.  But then we listened to another one of our favorite songs, "Don't Cry" by Kirk Franklin.  I was reminded that there is no need to be sad; no need to cry because Christ has risen!  "Why do you look for the living among the dead?" the angels said to the women at the tomb.  It's a joyous day!  The grave had no hold on Him!  It's really so exciting.  What a wonderful day to celebrate!

And celebrate we did.  We had an amazing time at the Murrill's for the Annual Easter Brunch and Egg Hunt.  The food was so yummy and the company was perfect.

I'm including quite a few pictures, because, well, I just took so many.  I really hope that blogger doesn't crash because of all these pics.

 Rosie and Auntie Nicole dying eggs. 
 Uncle Mark and Mason...Doesn't Mason's hair look so brilliant!  
 The Brown Boys
Emily and Mike
 The Cafferky's and glowing Danielle
 The adorable egg that Monroe and Auntie made together.  
 My little Easter Bunny...these bunny ears make the rounds, as evidenced by the following pictures. 
 The always perfect, always adorable, William! 
 The Easter Spread...I'm telling you, the food was INCREDIBLE!  
 Our Pro Easter Egg Hunter
 She left no area unsearched.
 Mason's Loot
 Monroe' Loot
 Basking in her hard work 
 My favorite picture of the day.  The cute little cousins.
 Some of the kiddos...
 Watch out Ezra, Monroe knows exactly how many eggs she collected.
 Melissa and the boys
 The little gardener...Ella
 Easter Bunny #2, the lovely Nicole.
 Easter Bunny #3, Little E
I think this might be one of our first pics together since college!  Unheard of.  I love this lady:) Oh, and Easter Bunny #4.
 The Girls
The Girls #2
Easter Bunny #5- Maxy Max 

I feel pretty bad, because I totally underestimated my girl today.  I was really getting worried, because I just knew she wouldn't be able to collect any eggs.  I figured she wouldn't understand or wouldn't be interested in it at all.  Well, boy, was I wrong!  She was the most intense and competitive Easter Egg Hunter out there.  She knew exactly what to do and found even the trickiest of hidden spots.  I don't know if it was her love for candy or what, but we can put egg hunting on her list of skills.  Good Job, Rosie! 

I have been meaning to mention how sweet my friends are lately!  I have been really bummed and unexcited about my wardrobe.  What a surprise when Melissa, Nicole and Jen all offered some of their maternity clothes to the cause!  It's been a blast having my maternity options totally explode!  Thanks ladies, your thoughtfulness really means a lot!  

Normally, I would post my menu, but I haven't even started to think of it, and my grocery store is closed for Easter.  I'm going to work on it this evening and Monroe and I will hit the shopping tomorrow.  I work Tuesday and Friday of this week.  Kind of a different schedule than I'm used to, but it should be nice.  I'm really lucky to have the job that I do.  I don't thank God enough for such a wonderful job and a great boss.  She's super flexible and I never feel bad changing my schedule for spur of the moment things.  It really is a blessing.  I need to remember this on the days that I tell Mark, that I never want to step foot in the hospital again:)

I have some great news!  Stephen and Michelle are coming to visit in May!  They haven't been to see us in Chicago and I am super excited for them to come and check it out.  I can't wait!!! Please pray for my parents as they left today for Puerto Vallarta.  I'm a little sad that we aren't going with this year, but I know they will have a blast.  They deserve a relaxing vacation!