Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Really, Martha...Really?

I don't have to work today!  I am so relieved and so thankful.  I have to work tomorrow, but let's just focus on the present!;)

As I was getting ready this morning I was watching the "Today" show.  I love everyone on it and it just makes me happy to watch in the mornings.  I especially love when Martha Stewart comes on to cook because she is just so nuts.  Today she shared that she has never, in her whole life, had delivery pizza!!!  Meredith Vieira just looked at Martha like "Are you kidding me?"  Then Martha asked Meredith if she ever had.  Meredith said, "Uh, yeah",  clearly annoyed.  I found this to be a hilarious exchange.  Martha is on another planet:)

In other news, last night Mark ran upstairs to get something and Monroe and I were hanging out in the basement.  She all of a sudden became very quiet and I didn't see her anymore.  I went over to the stairs and there she was, almost to the top!  She has never been interested in the stairs before and all of a sudden she's climbed to the top.  Now with her increased mobility I am going to have to be a lot more careful!

I don't think I've mentioned on my blog my fascination with Polygamy.  That sounds bad.  I am not interested in it for myself, I am just so fascinated by the people and the lifestyle.   It all started after watching a 48 hours Investigates episode a few years ago.  I've been intrigued ever sense.  I picked up a book the other day about the beginnings of Mormonism and Warren Jeff's, the former Prophet of the Fundamentalist Ladder Day Saints Church.  It was really eye opening for me.  I really had no idea everything that was going on in Utah for so long.  So anyway, when I saw the commercials for the new show, Sister Wives on TLC, I was very excited.  It premiered on Sunday night and the Meharry's just happened to be here.  It worked out great, because Nicole has the same fascination as I do.  It was the craziest show I have ever seen.  There are three wives and at the end of the episode the husband told the family (13 kids) that he would be taking another wife, who he has been courting for the last few months.  Isn't that bizarre?!!!  Anyway, I kept wondering how they were not being prosecuted since polygamy is illegal.  Well, Mark sent me a CNN article yesterday that said they are now being investigated by the authorities.   I really wonder how things will turn out.  Pretty interesting stuff.  I don't know why I'm telling you all this, but these are the goings-on in my mind:)

Monroe and I just got back from a lovely day at the Cosley Zoo in Wheaton.  What an amazing place!  We went with Nicole and Ezra and Melissa and the boys.  We all had a blast.  It was so relaxing and serene and it only costs $3.00 for adults.  Kids get in free.  Monroe seemed the most intrigued by the chickens and the goats. Here are a few pics of the day...
Monroe enjoying a goat
Three of the four in the sandbox
She did NOT like this turtle
My girl and I 
The Adorable Meharry's 
I love this little person!
Group photo..It took a few tries, but it turned out great!

When I pulled up to the house, I noticed a package on the front steps.  I don't know about you, but seeing a package on the porch is probably the best feeling in the whole world.  I get so excited.  It doesn't matter if I already know what's in the box.  It's still great.  It could be drain cleaner and I would still get that feeling!  So imagine my surprise when I wasn't expecting anything and there was a package AND it had my name on it!!!!  It was from my mom and inside I found the best things ever...

Thanks, Mom!  I love them.  You are the best!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Are your ears ringing?

As far as days go, this was a good one.  We had a lot on the agenda and were able to get most on the list crossed off.  

Monroe and I decided it would be fun to visit Petco.  I wanted to see what she would think of all of the animals.  As suspected, she LOVED them.  She was especially intrigued by the birds.  She just laughed and laughed at them.  

She also really enjoyed the fish.  I guess you could call Petco the poor man's Shedd Aquarium.  At this point, Monroe doesn't seem to know the difference, so I will save the $30 and continue going to Petco as long as I can get away with it.  

After leaving Petco, we went next door to Bed, Bath & Beyond.  I have been looking everywhere for one of these:

Lucky for me, they had them there.  I don't know why I am so excited about this cup, but I definitely am.  I really need a special cup to drink water in, or I won't drink it.  A straw also makes drinking water more exciting for me.  It's the little things that get me going:) 

After running a few more errands, we came home, and I did some crafting.  I saw a tutorial for making the cutest earrings using vintage buttons.  Now, I don't have my ears pierced, but a lot of my friends do, and I thought it would be fun to make a few for them.  I ended up going a little nuts!!!  I can't wait to give them away.  I just love them.

These are some I am sending to a special friend.  

This is a close-up of my favorites 

In other news, I kind of splurged on a purse earlier this week.  I saw it a few days ago and I couldn't get it out of my mind.  I loved the size and the ruffles.  It was perfect.  I had to go back and get it.  Now I said splurge, but really it wasn't a splurge for most people.  It was actually a very good deal and I am so pleased with it.  

Mark and I went on a little dinner date tonight.  It was so nice.  Yes, our chaperone was there, too.  She quietly ate bread and salad and really didn't make a peep.  

Tonight were the season premieres of many of our favorite shows.  So we kind of just vegged out and watched TV.  I did some more crafting, but other than that, our evening has been super low key. 

So, that was our day in a nutshell.  Hope things are going well in your neck of the woods.  Miss you all and love you!  

Monday, September 20, 2010

What I've been working on...

I worked on a few projects this weekend and I thought I would share...

This is a little wallet/tiny purse.  I made two for some friend's birthdays.   They are very nautical as I am very inspired by nautical themes lately.  

This is a shirt embellishment I did.  I made two, one for a friends birthday and one for myself.  I think I may end up making one more for another friend's birthday. 
A close up shot

This was an accidental shot taken when I was working on the shirt pics.  I thought you might all enjoy pictures of my very 70's basement.  You gotta love the amazing wood paneling and fake rock bar.  It's pretty snazzy:)  In all seriousness, I have learned to love this little basement as it has become my crafting workshop.  

Here is a pretty great shot of my child who discovered her love for corn on the cob yesterday.  She hasn't quite caught onto how to eat it steps.  

Friday, September 17, 2010

Adventures in Apple Picking

Last weekend was so much fun.  We loaded up on Sabbath morning, along with our "manny"(Kenneth) and joined the caravan (the other Murrill's, the Nudd's and the Brown's) headed to Wisconsin for apple picking.

I have never been anything picking so this was an exciting day for me.  The little farm was incredible.  They had fresh homemade donuts, cheese curds, fresh apple cider and so much more.  They even had a little petting zoo with sheep, goats and turkeys.  We picked honeycrisp apples, which are absolutely amazing.  It was so fun.  Here are a few pics from the adventure.  They are 100% stolen from Melissa.  We totally forgot our camera.

Our "manny" and friend Kenneth
The Kiddos 
Monroe enjoying an apple
  My main Squeeze...he stole Mason's hat for the day
The Girl's 
The other Murrill's 

On Saturday night we went putt-putting with the Meharry's.  It's always fun to get two 1 year olds together way passed their bedtime.:)  Then we went home and I crashed on the couch.  I was so tired.  Mark ended up going and playing tennis with Mike...where does his energy come from?

On Sunday we went with Mike, Melissa and fam to the Corn Fest in Hinsdale at Graue Mill.  It was so fun.  We had a long walk on the trail and stopped at the nature center for quite a while.  Later that night everyone came over to our house to grill.  It was yummy, but an unfortunate incident happened.  Monroe fell off of my chair and hit her head really hard on the ground.  I felt horrible.  It was on the rug, but it still had the loudest crash.  I don't think there is anything worse then seeing your baby hurt.  Ugh! 

Here are some pics from the Corn Fest:

Mason and Mommy
The little people weren't super chipper
Mason the Fireman
Max and Mark enjoying each other at the nature center
Blocks with Auntie

Here are some of the pics that we had taken when we were in Tulsa.  We were sad that Scott and the kids couldn't be there. 

Friday, September 10, 2010

A tribute to David

While we were in Tulsa, we thought it would be fun to swing by our old house and say hello to our favorite neighbor, David.  We hadn't seen him since we left, and although we emailed for awhile, we hadn't kept in touch very well.  I emailed to tell him we were pregnant, but I never heard back from him.  I was excited for him to meet Monroe.  

When we pulled up, we noticed a different car in the driveway, but the big metal "M" still hung on the chimney and the house was still meticulously and beautifully manicured.  When we went to the door a woman answered.  We asked if David Mudd still lived there and she sadly told us that she was David's sister and that he passed away in May.  

I have to say that I was completely speechless.   Our sweet friend is gone and I am so sad.  He was a very private man who rarely opened up to many people.  He lived alone.  No, actually he wasn't alone, he lived with is beautiful dog, Ruby.  She was an airedale terrier.  He got her when she was a puppy, and before we knew it she was a full grown beast that pulled him around the neighborhood.  She was so stubborn, but David loved her and was so loyal to her.  It didn't seem to matter how bad she was, he was so proud and diligently walked her every night.   

Somehow we connected and would spend hours sitting outside talking about the most random stuff...mostly home improvement stuff.  He loved to talk and it was hard to get away when you got started. He quickly became like a fatherly figure to us.  He was always there to help us with advice on home stuff and always knew the newest neighborhood gossip.    

As sweet and kind as David was, I knew that he was a sad person.  I remember many times contemplating inviting him to Church, but I feared I would push him away, so I didn't...if only I had.  

David Mudd, you were a wonderful person and a loyal friend.  You will be greatly missed.  My whole family knew you and appreciated your kindness.  You will never be forgotten.  

David Mudd 

Bread winner!!!!

So, I was totally inspired by Michelle the other night, when Stephen posted pics of her on Facebook with fresh baked bread and homemade minestrone soup that she had whipped up after school.  I thought to myself, "Stephanie, why don't you make stuff like that?"  I didn't have a good answer for myself, so I decided that I would wipe the dust off of my bread maker and get cooking!  Michelle generously shared her recipes and today I made a hearty meal of Pseudo Sourdough Bread and Minestrone soup.  They both turned out good!  It was definitely the best bread I have ever made.  With that being said, I have only made bread one other time when we were first married.  It didn't rise and ended up being about 2 inches tall.  It was the densest, hardest, grossest stuff I have ever seen.  I even made Mark try it!  So tonight I really wowed him when the bread actually looked like bread.

I'm not sure if that's what the bread is supposed to look like, but it was still yummy! 

My fam, enjoying the meal.

Tonight, after eating our filling meal, we headed on a long walk around the neighborhood.  The weather has been very brisk and cool.  It's truly been amazing.  I had to wear a sweatshirt and Monroe donned a hat!  We stopped and played tennis for a while.  It felt great to play again.  I hadn't played since we moved to Chicago.  I make it sound like I am really good.  Just for clarification's sake,  when I say playing, I mean that I run around trying to get the ball back to Mark, minus any rules, skill, or grace.  It sure is fun, though.

We then headed to Starbucks for a warm drink and then to Walmart, because I needed to return something. All in all, a very good night with my little family.

Now to our trip!  We truly had a great time.  The drive was a bit overwhelming.  Twelve hours with an infant is really pushing the limits.  The drive was even more complicated by the crazy storms we had to go through.  It was nuts!  There were points that I could only go 20mph.  We ended up arriving at Mom and Dad's around 2am.  I have never been so glad to get somewhere.  The next day we went on a frantic search for Monroe a dedication dress.  I hadn't been able to find a thing here in Chicago and was really hoping I would find something perfect in Tulsa.  After going through every children's store at the mall, we finally found the sweetest little dress in Macy's.  I never go in there, and was surprised to find exactly what I was looking for.  I wanted it to be sweet and little girl-like, if that makes sense.  It's kind of hard to tell from the pictures, but it is pink with little gray polka dots.  We also found her a little headband and pink shoes.

Besides doing some shopping, we made time to visit our favorite restaurant in Tulsa, DesiWok.  It was so amazing, as usual.  Later that evening, we went to a place that Mom has been talking about for months, a Self Serve Frozen Yogurt Bar!  Wow!!!!!  Why don't we have these in Chicago?  You start out by choosing between two sizes of cups (big and bigger).  Then you can choose from tons of yogurt flavors.  You can put as much, or as little as you want.  I ended up going with Tahitian Vanilla, Dark Chocolate and Cookies and Cream.  Then you can add whatever toppings you like.  They had everything you could think of.  I added almonds, coconut, strawberries, and raspberries. Amazing!!!
It wasn't super expensive either.

Sabbath was great!  After a wonderful Church service, we went home to have lunch.  All of my family, Mark's family and the Mattson's came.  That afternoon, we got family portraits made.  We hadn't done that for 17 years, so it was about time!  I am a little worried that they didn't turn out.  I just wasn't feeling it.  Monroe was super fussy and very hard to control and the whole situation kind of stressed me out.  That night we went to visit Mumsie!  It was great to see her.

After lunch, loving on Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Murrill

Sunday we celebrated Monroe's birthday (again) with our Tulsa friends and family.  It was wonderful.  I miss those Tulsa peeps so much.  They are so wonderful and will always represent home to me.  Monroe had a great time, but was completely exhausted after.

Later that evening, we went with Stephen, Michelle, Mom and Dad to Hunter Park.  The guys played Frisbee Golf and the girls walked and played at the playground(specifically Monroe).

Before we left on Monday morning, we went for breakfast at The Broken Egg and then we were off for another 12 hour stint.  (I swear, it gets harder and harder to leave our parents.  More and more tears seem to be shed.  You'd think it would get easier, but I guess the older you get, the more important family becomes.)  There were no storms, which made the trip a lot easier.  So that was our trip in a nutshell.  I probably over-shared...oh well:)