Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Laundry Remodel

So, as you know, I get things in my head and I have to do them right away.  I have three projects that I'm torn between as we speak, because I so want to finish them!  A few weeks ago, I started thinking about my laundry room.  It is pitiful.   I saw a few pictures recently that really inspired me and got me thinking that, with just a little paint and a few little accessories, it would look a lot better.

These are my inspiration photos for an easy and simple redo...



This is my favorite.  I like the color a lot! 

I asked Mark for some help and he agreed to help with the project.  There were conditions to this agreement.  I have to be willing to get rid a lot of my stuff in the garage, which will be a tough thing, but I couldn't turn down the offer.  He decided that on Thursday night, when I'm at book club, he would paint the room for me!  I am so excited!

I went today to look for the baskets at Ross, because they are usually super cheap there, but to my chagrin, they didn't have what I was looking for at all.  Everything had been picked over.  I was also hoping for a wooden "LAUNDRY" sign that I had seen there before, but again, no luck:(  I think I'll try Marshall's or TJ Maxx next, but Kiki was ready for her nap and going in another store wasn't in the cards.  I was already pushing it, because we had spent some time already at the library this morning and it was way passed her nap time.

Is it weird, that she still needs a morning nap?  She doesn't get it every day, but she's a much nicer child to be around when she does.  I guess I'll keep it up for now.

Well, I have two hungry little girls and a piano to paint.  Goodbye for now...

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