Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Which Wich?

So, right when we are leaving all of the good stuff comes!  We were driving the other day and found that our favorite sandwich shop of all time was coming to our town, Which Wich?!  We just LOVE them.  They have 5 vegetarian options and their chocolate banana shakes are to die for, as well!  If you haven't tried it, you really should! We've already been twice and they've been in business a week.  Monroe loves them, too!  She ate a whole grilled cheese and that's pretty rare!

Donuts, Chocolate and Chips, Oh My!

So, that's what Monroe asked for yesterday for her lunch...donuts, chocolate and chips.  Is this a normal meal in our home?  No!  I didn't even know she knew what donuts were, but apparently she does.  Then, this morning she asked for cupcakes and cookies for breakfast!  This kid is killing me!  Her birthday has her thinking that sweets are a norm!  It's pretty funny to hear, though.  Although I'm scared that Mark, the anti-sweets spokesman, thinks that's what I feed her while he's at work.

Things have been great!  On Saturday we had a wonderful picnic for all of the families that attend the Nursery Sabbath School.  We had a big group and the food was amazing.  It was so fun to get to know the families better.  I feel horrible, but I didn't know most of the parent's names!  I only knew their kids' names, so it was good to break the ice!  Too bad it happened right before we move!  Isn't that always the way?!

On Saturday night, Mom and Dad Murrill kept the girls while we went out on another hot date:)  We went to the yummiest restaurant, Labriola Cafe.  It was so good and I loved the atmosphere.  I would definitely recommend it.  We weren't hungry enough, but I really want to go back for one of their amazing desserts.  The gelato looked so good!

All dolled up and ready to go out!  Man, I really need a haircut.  

We then went to see "The Help".  I've been dying to see it after reading the book.  The movie was great, but I have to say the book was better.  If you are looking for an enjoyable read, go out and get it right away.  So good!!

We were so thankful for the chance to have another date night!  It was so wonderful.  Mom and Dad Murrill headed out on Sunday morning and we had to go back to being just us again!  We definitely will really miss them!  They were so helpful and made the two weeks so much easier.  

On Sunday afternoon, Sherlyn from Perfect Petal Photography came over to take some pictures of McKinley.  I think they are going to turn out great.  She also took some of Rosie, so I can't wait to see what those look like.  Monroe fell in love with Sherlyn!  She definitely has a way with kids.  She is the daughter of one of our really good friends from work.  I will definitely post pics as soon as I get some.  

Later, we headed to the Morton Arboretum with the other Murrills.  It was so beautiful there and the kids had a great time.  We then went to Sweet Tomatoes for dinner.  

Monday was very uneventful.  Monroe slept until 8am!  I was super excited until I realized that she was sick.  She has the worst cold.  She is super dooper cuddly when she is sick, so Mark and I both love that part, but hopefully she starts to feel better soon.  She seems to be getting better by the day, but she is still VERY snotty.  

Monday evening Mark and I went to Panera for dinner (thank you, Melissa!) and then went to Babies R Us for a few things.  We came home with a child gate, a new nursing cover and our double stroller!!!  The stroller is monstrous, but I'm so thankful for it.  Going to the mall is now a possibility.  I couldn't figure out how it would work before.  I'm very excited to give it a try.  

Yesterday was Tuesday and I would love to say that I got so much done, but the only thing I accomplished was go to Target.  I know, quite amazing huh?!  It felt like quite a feat. I, in fact, was very tired by the time I got back.  We needed a few groceries and I'm working on updating Monroe's quiet bag for Church.  If you have any amazing ideas for things that keep toddlers attention for longer than a few seconds, please pass them on!  

Last night, I met Melissa for coffee (or in my case, hot chocolate).  We had the best time and it was 10:30 by the time I got home!   I felt so bad for getting back so late, but Mark did amazingly with the girls.  He's such a good daddy! 

Today, I'm going to try another outing.  This time I'm meeting Kelsey at Oakbrook Mall.  Hopefully, it goes well!  I'm still figuring out the two kid stuff out.  Luckily, Kelsey is great back up!  

Well, I better get ready!  Have a wonderful day!  Love you all! 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A belated letter to my girl - Year 2

My Dear Rosie,

So I think it was better that I waited a few days to write this because, believe it or not, you were really, really awful there for awhile.  I think, for a variety of reasons, you have been figuring life out and your coping mechanism has been tantrums--loud, crazy tantrums.  I could have written you then and it would have been fine, but I decided I would rather write you when I wasn't about to pull my hair out.  I needed a few days to figure things out, as well.  I know we will have a lot of times in our future where one or both of us will need to take a step back and think things over before we speak and I think this was one of those times.

Those tantrums don't change the fact that I think you are just the most fantastic first born girlie around.  I still can't believe that you have been in our lives for two years!  I remember everything about the day you were born and especially when they laid your little body on my chest.  At that moment, I became a mommy...your mommy.  I was forever changed in an instant.  From that moment, my goals changed, my thinking changed, my worries changed.  I have worries now that I never dreamed I would have.  I'm already dreading your teenage years and the thought of you dating makes me cringe.  I imagine you graduating from high school and college, and then getting married.  I can't wait to see what you are going to be like then--what our relationship will be like.  
I know, I'm getting a little ahead of myself.  I love embracing what and who you are now, as well.  You are clever and kind-hearted, full of life and as sweet as they come. You are very cautious of things, but after you try something once and realize you can do it, you go nuts!  That's very much a "me" thing, by the way.  You definitely have a mind of your own.  Sometimes that characteristic makes me so frustrated, but I do know that as we mold and shape that, it will definitely become one of your greatest strengths.  You are so much like your daddy, it's crazy.  From the way you scrunch up your nose to your strong will.  I love that you are his mini-me.  You may be his mini-me, but you are my little shadow.   I have to really watch what I do and say these days, because I am bound to see it mimicked by you.

I love how independent you are, although there are times when it makes me so sad that you no longer want my help with things.  A very common phrase that I hear these days is, "I do it!"  I'm so proud of how helpful you are.  I can ask you to get me anything from around the house and you will make it your mission to drop what you are doing and help.  What a blessing you are! 

You are HILARIOUS, but I think you might know it.  You are always doing silly things and then looking at me to see if I will laugh.  Your crazy faces and looks are what make me smile the most.   Your laugh is so contagious!  I love when you do your big hearty laugh.  It's the best.  

I definitely need to start writing down the funny things you say.  You have started talking constantly.  I don't have a minute in the day that you aren't giving me a running commentary of my/your day.  There are times when I wish there would be a moment of silence, but when you are sleeping, I miss your jabber and that little giggle.  

I don't want to go on and on, but I just want you to know how special I think you are.  You are beautiful inside and out.  You are lovely and I can't wait to see what this next year brings.  I'm sure it will be full of everything from pure joy to pure aggravation, but I couldn't think of a better group of four people to go through it with!  

Daddy and I promise to continue to cultivate a home dedicated to God.  We pray that the lure of what the world has to offer is totally out shined by your love for Jesus and your longing to be in Heaven.  We pray that you continue to be the sweet, tenderhearted girl that we love so very much.  Please know that we will love you no matter what you choose, no matter what you decide, but we want the very best for you and we hope you learn from our mistakes.  

I love you, Monroe!  Remember I will always be here for you to talk with, to cry on, to kiss or hug you, to pray with you or for you, to read to you--you name it, I'm here.   

Love always,


Friday, August 26, 2011

It's her party and I'll cry if I want to...

So fess up, who called Monroe and told her she was two yesterday?  Somehow she got the memo about the "Terrible Two's" and totally bought into it.  She was absolutely horrible from the time she woke up to the time she went to bed.  I called the Guinness people and it turns out that she was only one tantrum shy of being in their book.

She was so bad that I actually broke down and cried during her make-shift birthday party.  That was after she spilled my whole plate of food on the ground after I had just told her to leave all of the food alone.  That was also after her 101st tantrum of the day, a no nap afternoon and so many timeouts I lost count.  It was just too much for me to handle and the tears came.  After crying a little, I must admit, I felt much better.

So, other than that, it was a great day:)  Let me backtrack a little.  We ended up going to a little place called Kiddle Klub Lane in the midmorning with Mom Murrill, Melissa and the boys and Nicole and Ezra.  It just so happened that we were the only people there, so it was almost as if I had rented the place out for Rosie's birthday.  I like to think I did, although I did no such thing.  The kids had a great time.  It really was a cute little place and I would definitely take Rosie back if we were going to be here any longer.

Here are a few pics from our little outing...

 My Little Two Year Old!!!
 Ezra, very excited that he spotted a truck! 
 Doing a little light cooking
 She has learned from her daddy, The Grill Master!
 The Mrs. Murrill's...and Max! 
 Mason, the fireman! 
 I tried very hard to get a picture of her in this outfit and this is the best I could do.  She's not a fan of the camera lately.  
 This made me laugh.  A very intense stare down between Monroe and the dog. 
 My naughty girl:) 
 Mason, exploring his inner dancer! 
 McKinley hung out in there the whole time! 
Ezra, enjoying some yummies with Nicole! 

After a rousing tantrum and a time-out in the bathroom, we decided we needed to get home.  Like I mentioned in an earlier post, we decided to barbeque at our house for Monroe's b-day and we needed to do a little prep work.  I started feeling guilty for not doing much for her birthday and figured I needed to decorate a little.  I used a vintage duvet cover for color inspiration and ran to Jewel for balloons and crepe paper.   I pulled some frames and stuff together when I got home and created a very simple table display.  I sewed up some ruffled streamers and I also made some cupcakes.  

She seemed completely and utterly amazed and pleased with how it all turned out, so I've decided I should no longer freak out and plan really detailed birthdays.  Rather I will just throw them together at the last moment. Here are a few pics of the decor...

After a wonderful dinner lovingly prepared by Mom Murrill and the Grill Master himself, we sang happy birthday, opened gifts and ate cupcakes.  The bubble machine from Auntie Nicole was a HUGE hit and created lots of entertainment.  The kiddos had so much fun with those bubbles! 

Monroe loved all of her gifts and actually gasped when we brought in her kitchen.  This made me so happy.  I know there will be hours of play to be had with all of her fun new things! 

 Max enjoying his corn!
 Monroe equally enjoying hers. 
 Candle time! 
 The BIG 2!!!
 He seemed to enjoy the cupcakes. 
 Opening gifts
 Her new kitchen! 
 Auntie Melissa got Monroe the cutest outfits and these ADORABLE panties!  She loved them so much that she had to put them on ASAP!
 Just one pair wasn't going to cut it...she had to wear two.  
 Bubble Time! 
 Maxy Max! 
 Pure Joy! 
 More Bubbles! 
 A solemn bubble moment
 Can you tell they are excited?  
What about now? 

So, there you have it!  It truly was a hard, but wonderful day.  Luckily, Monroe realized that her mother was very close to going out and finding the nearest circus to sell her to, because she was a perfect angel today.  I mean absolutely delightful.  We haven't laughed so hard at her in so long.  It was very refreshing to have the normal Monroe back.  

This morning I took Monroe to her doctor's appointment.  Turns out my child is an Amazon Woman!  If you remember, Monroe started life out in the 5th percentile.  Until now her percentages had followed a pretty steady pattern of being in the 50th percentile for weight and 75th percentile for height.  Well, this time she shot up to the 70th percentile in weight with 28.3 lbs and 90th percentile in height at 36 inches.  They say if you double your child's 2 year old height, that's a good indicator of what their adult height will be.  I'm no mathematician, but that would make her 6 feet tall!  Wowzer!  I'm not saying that is a very scientific or even accurate method, but what if?!!!  

The doctor was so pleased with how she was doing.  Monroe still doesn't love the doctor, but she did pretty well...until the shots came.  She had to get two shots in her thighs and had to have her finger pricked for her iron check.  She didn't like it one bit, but she did try to be as brave as possible.  We ended up stopping on our way home and getting her a little treat for her bravery.  I got her a huge bag of smarties.  Now this treat was equally for me, as I love smarties and felt that I deserved them after my day yesterday.  

Well, I better head to bed.  I have a little hungry person to feed and I'm pretty tired.  I am still working on my birthday letter to Monroe.  I figure it's okay to be a bit belated since she probably won't really read it any time soon.  

Love you all!  

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Free At Last

I don't really know where to start.  A lot has been going on, but I haven't had the chance to keep this little blog updated. 

So, it is official...WE ARE MOVING!  We will be heading to North Carolina at the end of September.  Yes, Mark starts his new position at ParkRidge Adventist Hospital on October 3rd!  That's not very far off, huh?!  I still can't believe it, but I'm beyond excited!  I am extra extra excited because Mark's new position enables me to stay home with the girls!!!!  Yay!  It will still be financially tight, but I would rather live on love and stay home with my babies!  I can't wait.  It still hasn't hit me that I don't have to go back to work.  I am so glad that I got everything ready to go before I had McKinley.  Now I don't need to feel super guilty about leaving.  I will really miss my colleagues, though.  

It still feels surreal, but oh-so-amazing.  I'm not going to say that I won't miss work.  I'm sure I'll go through a period of mourning for that part of my life, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there and I'm sure you'll hear about it:) 

I'm also pretty excited because the hospital is paying for a full move which means I have to do zero packing.  I think I would be so overwhelmed right now if I thought I had to pack this house up.  I would be getting less sleep than I am now, if that's humanly possible:).  Knowing that it will be taken care of just puts me at ease.  I'm nervous about finding a place to live.  Mark's going to fly up and try to find us something.  I know what you are thinking, and yes, I trust him.  He's never lead us wrong so far and we are on the same wavelength when it comes to things like that. 

 I thought I would share a few pictures of my newest little buddy...

I'm telling you guys, this baby is just adorable.  I am so in love.  It's amazing how your heart just grows to envelope all of your children.  I just love my two little ladies so much!  I am blessed.  

I still can't believe that that my first born turns two tomorrow.  People aren't kidding when they say to savor every minute.  Time really does fly.  Monroe is really the light of our house!  Her newest thing is saying "Oh, My!" to pretty much anything.  I think she picked it up from my mom when she was here.  It's so cute.  She is still absolutely in LOVE with her little sis.  She is so sweet to her and is always saying, "She's cute!!!"  It warms my heart!  

Dad Murrill arrived this afternoon.  We have had a such a great visit with Mom Murrill, but it's always nice when we are all together.  It just feels more complete.  Tomorrow we are going to do a VERY small celebration for Rosie's b-day.  The Meharry's and the Murrills are coming over and we are going to bbq. It should be fun. 

I better run.  I'm pretty sleepy.  Thanks for reading!  Love ya!