Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Weekend Wrap-Up

One of my favorite parts of living in North Carolina is the steady stream of visitors.  I just love living in a place where people want to come visit.  This weekend Mark's Aunt and Uncle popped in for the night.  They brought their dog, Cookie, and it's safe to say that the girls fell IN LOVE.  Rosie kept walking by Aunt Kandyce and would whisper under her breath, "I don't want you to leave", or "Please don't go."  If Kandyce heard it,  she didn't acknowledge it, but I'm sure if she had, she would have worried for Rosie's safety!  It definitely sounded like something someone being held hostage would say to a bystander so their captives wouldn't hear!   Rosie just didn't want that dog to go!  And actually, I didn't want Kandyce to go because she's definitely the plant whisperer.  She was giving me all kinds of ideas for my landscaping.  I wish she lived closer so she could help me!  I'm just not blessed with that kind of vision.  I forgot to get any pictures of the visit, but it was so nice to have family in town.  It also has proven to me, once again, that we need a pet.  Their pet ants, Sophia and Leo just aren't cutting it anymore. 

The weekend was a bit busy because the group I sing with had two different engagements, one on Friday night and one on Saturday night.  They were both fun, but I was relieved when they were over!  It was extra special, though, having family there to support!  

On Sunday, after Keith and Kandyce left, we went to our friend, Aeva's, birthday party.  It was such a cute party, but the "piece de resistance" was definitely the face painter.  Rosie was absolutely the proudest I'd ever seen her when she got done.   You couldn't wipe that silly grin off of her face if you tried.  She definitely crossed one off the bucket list!  

Kiki was also quite pleased with herself, as you can see from the picture.  All would have been great, if that was all of the Murrill family to partake in the painting of faces.  Things got a little more awkward, when Mark joined the ranks of the under six-year-olds and got his face painted right up--as a butterfly, no less!  He actually lost a bet and that was his punishment, but if I'm honest with you, I think he loved every minute of it.  

This doesn't look like a guy being forced into anything.


While face painting was Rosie's favorite part of the party, the sweets were Kiki's.  A girl after my own heart.  

Fun Backyard Games with the daddies   

How cute are they?! 

And him?! 

Pin the wing on the butterfly!  How clever:) 

Yesterday, I got an exciting package in the mail!  Mark surprised me with a new lens.  A few months ago, Kiki dropped my 50mm lens and it broke into pieces.  I was so bummed because I just love shooting with a 50mm.  Well, Mark, with the help of Jason, picked me out a new and even better one.  I can't wait to practice!  Anyone need their family portraits done by someone who knows next to nothing about photography? :)   

My new lens!!!

Kiki wanted me to tell you all about her new Little House dress.  I was able to find her one, and she, like her sister, will not take it off.  I have to admit that I find it all pretty precious.  

While I'm posting pictures, here are two more pics of Keeks.  She's been a lot less camera shy lately!  

Not only does she have a southern accent, she's adopting the attire, as well! 

Taking her baby for a hike!


Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day

What a wonderful holiday weekend!  Our friends, the Putts, came for a visit and it was just so nice.  We had such a fun time! We laughed, we hiked, we played.  I stayed up way too late, but it was totally worth it.  

Is it just me, or do you see a double wedding in their futures? :) Cruz, Kiki, Mateo & Monroe 

On Sabbath afternoon, we went on a great drive and on a hike.  

On Sunday, I had to leave for a bit and sing at a friend's wedding.  It was a beautiful wedding for a well deserving couple.  I couldn't be happier for them! 

 When I got back, we threw some fallish clothes on and our favorite photographer in the world, Tim, took our family pictures.  I've decided it's much better to know five minutes before family pictures, than weeks.  I didn't have time to mull and worry over outfits or hair.  We literally through them together and took them on our street.  Couldn't be happier with the results.  These are just a few taken with Mark's phone before Tim's camera unfogged.  I'm sure you'll get the real deal on your Christmas card:) 

More Phone pics

My sweet baby

After pictures, we headed down to the fire pit to roast hotdogs and smores.  It was a lovely way to end their visit.  They left early this morning and the girls were so sad to find that "Matato", as Kiki calls him, was gone when they woke up.  

We had a full day today.  It was wonderful having Mark home.  After breakfast, we went to the gym for a workout and then took the girls to walk around the hospital.  In the afternoon, we walked in the Apple Festival Parade.  It was a scorcher, but the girls thought being in the parade was just the best thing ever.  It was really fun! 

Headed back to our car after a fun parade walk! 

We spent the rest of the day playing outside.  It was a good day! 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Let's see...where do I start?  I let it go too long again!  I guess the most exciting thing we've done was decide, spur of the moment, to head to Memphis for a week to get our Baughman fix.  It had just been too long since seeing them.  Sadly, Mark couldn't come because of something ridiculous like...work;).  But, the girls and I piled in the car and headed over.  Reese was starting his educational career, and we thought it might be nice to be there to help send him off.  Reese is Kay's righthand man, and we knew it would be a sad parting.  It was our job to keep her busy and a smile on her face.  We did A LOT of laughing, so I figure my job was done.    

We did so many fun things.  We visited Mud Island, went to the pool a few times and shopped, shopped, and shopped.  I came home with a van full of stuff!  It was a lovely visit.   

On our road trip we stopped for lunch.  We had a ton of great options and this is where the girls begged to go.  They love IHOP! 

Fun at the pool 

Love these two girls 

They LOVED this frog! 

Pure Joy

My little snuggle bug

The man of the hour!  Can't believe he started school! 

Our healthy dinner 

Kaylee got Rosie this prairie dress and, I kid you not, she has worn it every day since.  It's her favorite thing in the world.  I've gone in her room in the night, and found that she's changed out of her jammies and is sleeping in it.  As soon as we get home from outings, she runs upstairs to put it on.  I have a love/hate relationship with the dress.    

While we were gone, Mark focused his energies on training for the LPC Triathlon, so timing was perfect.  He could spend his evenings swimming, biking and running, and didn't have to feel bad about neglecting us or anything.  We were excited to get home and cheer him on.  

We got home on Saturday evening and Sunday morning was the race.  Mark did so well.  A few of our friends and our neighbor also participated, so it was fun being cheerleaders.  

So proud of him! 

Kiki was proud, too!

Kent, Mark's friend and triathlon buddy! 

I was at a friends house and we happened to be watching the news.  If you look closely you can see Mark!  He's famous:) 

Last week, we spent some quality time with friends, before they had to go back to school.   One day we went to the pool and another day we went sunflower picking.  

The girls loved being the only ones in the kiddo pool! 

We thought we would get rained out, but somehow we missed the storm!

The three musketeers! 

The place Anca found to go sunflower picking was so cool.  The girls loved playing with chickens and bunnies and swinging on the tire swing! 

It was SOOO hot that day and at one point, Kiki plain gave up. 

On Thurday we went to the Biltmore for their concert series to hear Third Day and Stephen Curtis Chapman.  What a fun night hanging out with friends and listening to great music! 

You can't beat this view! 

I love this guy! 

Such a fun night!

Saturday, the group I sing with, did a mini concert at my church.  Then, late in the afternoon, we had a few people over to celebrate Rosie and Kiki's birthdays.   

Happy Birthday to you! 

So, that was supposed to be a four layer cake originally, but it totally crumbled when I was removing the layers from the pans.  Oh, well!  Who doesn't love a trifle?! 

Picnic Dinner

Rosie and her picnic basket! 

The Children...

Gift excitement! 

I'll give you one guess what's she's licking off her finger.

Finally got her own dessert and in heaven! 

Oh, this face! 

If you could measure her excitement that day, it would tip the scales! 

Blowing out candles 

It was a fun evening!  The girls are still talking about it, which makes me know it was all worth it.  The next day, we did all kinds of different errands.  One of those included hitting the JCrew Sample sale.  I didn't get much, but I found a few great pieces.  

Monday was Rosie's actual birthday.  She had been asking for a porcelain doll like her friend Aeva, so that's what we got her and she's so excited.  She's taking super care of her "portland" doll, as she calls it.  She named her "Rosabelle." 

Can't believe this little dolly is five!!!!

This kid makes me smile every day!  I just love her! 

Five and Fun! 

We've had a good rest of the week so far.  Today, I started school with Rosie.  Even though I'm a teacher, being in charge of teaching Rosie to read is absolutely terrifying to me.  Since I taught older grades, I've never had to do that.  Today went really well and she seems really excited.  Kiki definitely complicates things, but I'm trying to get her as involved as possible to help with that.  Rosie also started Adventurers today, which she really loved.  It was a full day for her! 

Tomorrow, we have swimming lessons and music practice and then we have to prepare for our friends, the Putt's coming for a visit!  We are so excited!  

Sorry this was such a lengthy post!  Hope all is well!