Thursday, May 15, 2014

Roaring 20's

Tonight was the Roaring 20's Hospital Gala.  It was such a great event.  It was located at an airport hanger and was decorated perfectly.  They had old cars and planes parked outside as picture taking backdrops.  My favorite part was seeing everyone's amazing outfits!  The only bad part was the weather!  It was beautiful and warm yesterday, but today it was cold and rainy.  

I'm not usually super excited about these events because of my social awkwardness.  I'm hopeless at small talk and end up saying strange things to fill silences.  It's gotten even worse since becoming a stay at home mom, because I'm completely out of practice and am use to using words like peepee and poopoo all the time!  This year, however, we were asked to help serve bottles of soda during the cocktail hour to help make for an old timey feel.   I didn't have to make hardly any small talk!  I just had to smile and ask if guests wanted Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Water or Mountain Dew and if they wanted a straw.  When we set down for dinner, I did end up talking with our tablemates, but they were Rosie and Kiki's pediatricians, so that wasn't bad at all.  I figured if I slipped up and said something about peepee, they could handle it.  Crisis averted!  

My handsome date and me

Getting ready to head out!  

Your friendly soda salespeople 
(I stole this pic from my friend Kirsten's instagram account

Mark wore that hat and an apron and fit the part perfectly! 

It was freezing in this little truck!  All of those coolers were full of ice and bottled colas!  I was shaking by the end, but it was fun!  

I love this guy! 

It took quite some time and a couple different tutorials to figure out a hairstyle!  Step one was pin curling.  

I pulled a teenage girl and made a duck face in this picture!  Don't worry, I'm embarrassed for myself.

 Heather and me posing by an old car.  

I was really looking forward to getting home and relaxing since I was sure the girls would be asleep.  Wrong!   Our babysitter is a softie and was still reading books to them.  Don't get me wrong, I love the attention she gives them a ton!  It's so much better than our last babysitter who we figured out was putting them to bed as soon as we left, like at 5pm!  I was just hoping that we wouldn't have to go through all the bedtime rituals and just come in and kiss their sleeping little heads goodnight.  Oh, well.  You can't win them all and actually, the girls were pretty happy to see us, so they were extra sweet.   

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Who needs groceries?

It's Hump Day everybody!  I hope your week has gone well so far.  We've kept busy and I have to admit, I'm a little tired tonight.  I'll keep this post short and sweet! 

Monday included a few trips to the gym and lots of playing inside and outside.  

Rosie girl! 


Playing paper dolls without shirts on

Doing a little art and working on scissor skills. 

On Tuesday, I took the girls to school and did a few errands and then ran back to the house to clean, clean, clean!  We stopped at the park again on the way home to eat lunch and play.  I think it's a tradition now!

Playing on the back porch

Enjoying her blackberries


I tried my hand at tortilla making.  

My new griddle really came in handy! 

They were yummy, but I need to work on the shape:) 

Today, I had music practice all morning and in the afternoon, we played outside.  Then tonight, I went to the grocery store because we were REALLY low on groceries.  Our meals were getting very interesting.  

Kiki also got her hair in a topknot for the first time! She was very proud.

I need to trim her bangs! 

Because of the grocery shortage, I tried something for dinner.  I've seen this idea on Pinterest many times and thought I'd give it go. The girls seemed to love it.  They had tomatoes, strawberries, blackberries, peas, crackers, kiwi, pinto beans, cucumber, pecans, havarti cheese, carrots and ranch, and chocolate chips.  They ate almost everything! 

Tomorrow is the Hospital Gala.  The theme is the Roaring 20's.  I haven't completely figured out what I'm going to wear or how I'm going to do my hair.  I have a few options, but I'm nervous none of them will work out!  That's what I'm working on tomorrow morning!  Hopefully, I'll figure something out.  

Have a great night!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Our Weekend

I can't believe we're wrapping up another weekend.  They sure fly by, no matter how badly I want them to drag on.  

Yesterday, we went to sabbath school and church and then home for lunch to partake in the meal I mentioned last time.  It totally lived up to the hype.  Well, at least for me it did.  Then, in the afternoon we went to the Arboretum.  We had never been there, so it was fun to experience it for the first time.  

The girls before church.  They never seem very excited about these pictures.  

An even less excited version.  

This was the first Sabbath back in our newly renovated church!  The sanctuary is absolutely beautiful! 

Catching tadpoles with daddy at the Arboretum.    

Today, was Mother's Day and what an awesome Mom I have to celebrate!

My mom and me 30-something years ago  

I'm so blessed to have a mom that I feel so close to and can talk to about anything.  It means the world to me that she loves my girls so much.  She does everything in her power to not go more than three months without seeing us.  I wish we lived closer, but since we can't, that definitely helps!  Love you so much, Mom! 

Today, the girls and Mark brought me breakfast, flowers, and a beautiful card and gift.  Then, in the afternoon, we went exploring and then to the Biltmore.  We hiked and had a little watermelon.  Then on the way home, we stopped at a little Mexican restaurant that we've never been to.  It was fun trying something new.  I am truly blessed with two wonderful children.  They really are the lights of my life.  Even when they are ornery, I just can't get enough.  

Such beautiful views! 

My little sweetheart! 

My other little sweetheart 

These three are wonderful! 

Sweet kisses! 

They did a lot of running! 

And cuddling 

My handsome man!  So lucky to have him! 

She wanted to wear daddy's watch on our hike.  


So glad they made me a mommy!

A view from the top

Rosie wanted a picture by the love tree

Sweet little mama with her babies.  

Kiki LOVES salsa.  

Showing off their guns.  

Friday, May 9, 2014

Momma Mia

This has been kind of a crazy week.  Going, going, going!  I'm so exhausted!  I tried to pull my phone out when I could to get a few pictures.  

Last weekend, we headed to the Biltmore after church.  The weather was amazing! 

Daddy and Kiki just enjoying each other. 

It's just the most beautiful place!

Kiki and Rosie are under that tree, but it's pretty hard to tell. 

On Sunday, we pulled the sprinkler and the baby pools out for the girls to play in.  They had so much fun keeping cool! 

Smiles and Suits 

It makes perfect sense to bring your sled out when playing in the sprinkler.  

Baby pool time!  We really want to invest in a bigger pool! 

On Sunday, I had to run and few errands, that also included stopping at Sonic for happy hour.  I got a pineapple slushy and it was so good! 

Kiki spent some time admiring herself this week.  

And more time.  

And a bit more time.  

On Tuesday, after school, we stopped at a park on the way home and had a picnic lunch. 

Then, the girls played in the sand. 

Kiki on the jungle gym. 

On Thursday morning, we started our newest book for the bible study I attend.  It's such a great book already, and we are only on chapter 1.  I would highly recommend it!

I feel so blessed that this verse is true of my husband! 

I sort of, kind of, maybe opened my Mother's Day gift up early.  This is a framed print of a picture I had seen months ago and mentioned to Mark that I loved.  What a surprise to now own it!  I just love it! 

This afternoon, Mark worked on teaching Rosie to ride her bike without training wheels.  This has been something she has been begging for this week.  On Monday morning, she came and got in bed with me early.  She whispered in my ear, "Mommy, I want the training wheels off of my bike.  I've ben thinking about it all the time.  Actually, I thought about it all night."  This kid!  

The teaching may take a few more sessions, but it was a good start.  

Kiki can't be stopped, even if you are standing there trying to take a picture.  I have a hurt toe to prove it.  

Very thankful for a low key weekend.  We really don't have much planned.  Mark and I made BBQ meatballs and potato casserole tonight for our meal tomorrow.  I also got some angel food cake and strawberries, so I'm kind of excited to eat tomorrow.  Is that weird to be excited about a meal?  Probably. 

I'm looking forward to celebrating motherhood with my little family this weekend, but I'm wishing we could be celebrating with our moms in person!  Mark and I are both blessed with loving, compassionate, Godly moms.  Happy Mothers' Day to them, and to all of the mommas reading this!  You are AWESOME!