Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Her Winnings!

After an incredibly fun day at the Woodfield Mall with Melissa, Mason and Max, we arrived home to a box on our doorstep addressed to Monroe Murrill!  We have been waiting on this little package to arrive and were so excited to see all of the great things Monroe won for the photo contest.  We are still waiting on one more pair of shoes to arrive, but here are the adorable goodies from Tutu Girls Bowtique...

So, aren't they the cutest?!  I truly feel so blessed that Monroe won such a fun little contest.  We never could have afforded to buy all these cute things on our budget right now, so it was so cool to get them all for free! 

When we were at the mall I found the cutest shoes for Monroe at h&m.  I couldn't pass them up for only $5!!!  

On a more serious note, I ended up doing something today I vowed I would never, ever do.  Something,  if you know me at all, you won't believe...I BOUGHT SKINNY JEANS!!!  I know!  They are my arch nemesis! I don't know what got into me.  I think I finally got worn down by my mother-in-law.  She has literally bought me five different pairs of skinny jeans, attempting to introduce me to the trend.  Every time, I politely hand them right back.  I am already very slow to accept new trends, but one that involves something clinging tightly to my body was not on the top of the list.  So, like ten years after the trend started, I've gotten on board.  That's me for ya, always on the cutting edge:)  

Well, Teen Mom is on, I better run.  

A free Tuesday!

Yep! I never get to stay home on Tuesdays, so today is quite a treat.  Shelley couldn't watch Monroe today and I didn't want to work Thursday instead, since we are leaving for Tulsa that day.  I just decided to take PDO today and stay home with my little lady.

This morning we are going to Schaumburg to the mall there.  They have a giant h&m and I can't wait to spend some time looking around:)  This h&m has kid's clothes and I always love them.  I have already started "self talk" to myself about not spending too much money!

So, something exciting happened at work yesterday.  We interviewed a girl to be our assistant!  We loved her and HR is offering her the position this morning.  I am so happy.  She will be able to be in the office every day and that will make my job so much easier.  I can't wait to have someone who can do the day to day things.  Every Tuesday I go to work and have so many emails/calls/notes to answer that I never feel I have time to do anything else.  Having an assistant will allow for me to focus more on volunteer recruitment which has definitely been lacking.  This is a huge answer to prayer and I can't wait for her to start.  I am pretty sure she will accept.  I'll let you know how it goes.  I have never had to manage anyone (besides a classroom of kiddos), so I am a little nervous.  

I have two friends that are having to go back to work in the next few days after three months of maternity leave.  If you don't mind, send a prayer up for them.  It is such a hard transition to go back and I really feel for them as they figure everything out.   

Well, I hear Monroe.  I better go feed the beast.  

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A letter to my girlie...

My dearest Rosie,

At 10:57 pm, one year ago today, all 6 pounds 9 ounces of you entered my world and it has never been the same.  From the moment I saw you, I was in love.  From your full little lips to your feeble cry, you won me over.  That feeble little cry ended up giving your mommy and daddy quite a scare.  I have to admit, birthing you was nothing compared to the horrifying feeling as they swept you from our arms and took you away.  I will never forget the empty feeling I experienced at the sight of them wheeling you out of my hospital room that night. 

When Daddy and I were able to see you the next morning, I really got to get a good look and I was enamored.  You were amazing.  Your little toes were little miniatures of mine and your sweet little face was already beginning to resemble your daddy.  I knew you were a fighter and, although it was so hard to see you hurting, I knew in my heart that God was taking care of you and that you would be home soon.  Not to say there weren't a few tears shed along the way:)

It has been amazing watching you grow into such a beautiful little person, inside and out.  I still can't get over how, with just a little smile, you light up a room.  Your laugh is like music to my ears and your cry isn't too bad either:)  You really have a sense of humor all your own!  I never dreamed a person that knows only like 3 words could make me laugh so hard, but you have definitely succeeded.  You are a hoot! 

This passed year, you weren't the only one growing.    Being your mama has helped me to mature in so many ways.  I pray every day that I can be the best role model and guide for you.  I pray that the love that daddy and I share will be so evident to you and that you will always feel stability in our home.  I pray that you will grow up to be tender-hearted, compassionate to those less fortunate and have a Godly heart.  I pray that Heaven will always be your ultimate goal and that we will all be there together when Jesus comes.

So anyway, I just wanted to write you this and tell you that I love you!  There's nothing that you could do to change that.  You're my girl and always will be.  Happy First Birthday, Monroe.  I can't wait for all of the other birthdays, all of the other memories...everything!   

Love you,


More of me being crafty...

Here are a few tries at some headbands for one of my friend's little girl for her dedication.  I couldn't make myself settle on one kind, so I made a few different choices...

Big Flower Headband 
Pantyhose Headband with interchangeable bows
Pantyhose Headband with TuTu Bow
Pantyhose Headband with Pink Striped Bow

Monday, August 23, 2010

What I've been working on...

My artistic side has been pretty focused on Rosie and her b-day.  Here is the shirt I made for her...

And the hat:

I ended up making a little onesie and head band for a friend's baby girl, Brynley.  

Close up of the onesie:

Here is a little hair/clothes accessory that I made the other day.  

I still haven't finished my quilt for Monroe that I started way before she was born!!!  I feel like a horrible mom.  The thing with me is that I have Crafting A.D.D.  I can't stick to one thing.  I wish I could focus better, but I get really sick of doing the same thing.  I want to try my hand at everything!

Anyway,  I hope everyone is having a good day!  

Her new...trick

So, Monroe's new "trick" is officially driving me nuts.  She just learned that she can stand up in her crib and she is absolutely delighted with this new skill.  She does it constantly and this has been changing our regular nap schedule considerably.

That which used to be the easiest thing in the world, now takes up to an hour.  I used to be able to lay her in bed, she would grab her blankie and put it over her head and roll over...That easy.  It took two to three seconds.

Now, I lay her down and two seconds later she is standing up, holding her blanket and throwing her paci out on the ground.  I didn't know how to address this at first.  At the beginning, I would go in and have lengthy conversations with her about why she needed to lay back down.  For some reason, that wasn't working:)  I then decided to channel "Super Nanny" (great show if you haven't watched it), and go in, not making any eye contact and not saying a word and just lay her back down.  According to Jo (Nanny), after awhile you will eventually break their will.  I don't so much think I have broken her will, she just has no more strength to attempt the climb up.

She hasn't figured out how to get down from standing anyway, so she literally will just stand there for the rest of her life, unless I come put her down.  It's really quite pathetic.  Sometimes after I put her down at night and it's completely dark and completely quiet, and I'll just peak in, and she'll be standing there like she is waiting for me to lay her down.  It's kind of creepy!

So far, 15 times has been my record of going in before she has fallen asleep.  You may think that she doesn't understand yet, but she definitely understands.  I am amazed how much that little "almost" one year old does understand.  She knows what "no" means and will definitely try to test it.  Yesterday she kept trying to grab something she wasn't supposed to grab.  I looked at her and said, "No, Monroe.  You are not supposed to touch that."  She did it again and looked at me.  You could tell she was totally testing me!  It really hit home for me, how early you have to set up expectations and boundaries.

Here is a picture of her, in the act...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Another video...

Watching her do this cracked me up...

FYI, Monroe can say "thank you", now.  It is so cute!  I haven't been able to capture it on video yet.  Not for lack of trying:)  

Thinking back...

All of this birthday talk made me think about the day this little lady was born.  Here is a video of Rosie, after she was born.  It still brings tears to my eyes...


I still can't believe that I am a mommy, let alone that I am a mommy to an almost one year old!!!  It is just crazy.  God has really blessed us and I can't thank him enough for such a wonderful little person.  Monroe is truly such a sweet baby.  Her big smile, kisses and laughs make my day!

We celebrated her birthday this last weekend.  It was early because Uncle Mike was going to be out of town on both weekends surrounding her birthday.  Here are a few pictures from the "Almost birthday" party...

Ready for the Party to begin!  Still a little groggy from her nap.
The table of goodies! 
She LOVED her cake
So sweet
Hanging with some friends
Pool Time
Some of the guests

It was a great day...although, I am so glad that it is over.  For some reason, I really was getting stressed out over the whole thing.  I don't know why.  I mean she's one...she won't remember anything:)  

Here is a little video of her eating her cake...

 In other news, Monroe won a photo contest on facebook!  How cool is that?!  I was pretty excited, because along with the satisfaction of winning, she got $100 to use at the little online boutique that hosted the contest.  It was so fun picking out the items she will get!  I can't wait for them to arrive.  I will take a picture of all of her loot when it gets here.  Here is the picture that she won with:

For some reason, I have really been dreading work lately.  The job is fine, I think it's just because I hate leaving Rosie.  She's so sweet and I just want to be with her all the time.  On Tuesday, I was so excited to get home, but she feel asleep on the way from the babysitter and slept the rest of the night!  I was sooo disappointed.  I kept going in her room and being really loud to try and wake her up.  She would open her eyes and then fall right back asleep.  Pray that I start to get more motivation!!

I am so excited, we are having Monroe dedicated in Tulsa over Labor Day.  I can't wait to go back.  We have only been home once since we had Monroe.  It will be so wonderful to see everyone.  Mark's parents and grandparents are coming and so is Carlos and Andrea.  YAY!!!!!   We will also be celebrating her b-day with our family and close friends from there on Sunday.  It should be so great.  I am literally counting the days.  

Well, I better run.  Love you all!