Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Scary Cat, Scary Cat, what are they feeding you?

The FurReal kitten my mom got Monroe definitely won this year's prize for her favorite Christmas gift.  It didn't win my prize though.  Monroe has been obsessed with it since she got it and is always bringing it to me to press its back to make it meow and walk.  She knows how to do it herself, but seems to prefer for me to do it.  Now it's not like I don't enjoy her happiness, but after twenty five times in a row, it gets a little overwhelming.  I have hidden that kitten so many time, but I swear the thing has a mind of its own and Monroe always ends up finding it.

Like I said, the kitten was her very favorite, that was, until it started going ape nuts.  A few days ago, it began  periodically mooing.  Not meowing, but mooing.  It comes out of nowhere.  Sometimes it is perfectly fine and then all of a sudden...MOO!  It freaks Monroe out so bad.  I feel horrible that it scares her, but it is pretty funny.  Yes, I recorded it...I know I'm terrible.

The mooing is kind of hard to hear on the video, but you can definitely see her reaction:)  Please excuse what I look like in this video.  It had been a hard day at work and I was looking pretty rough.

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Stephen Carlile said...

That reaction is priceless. I've watched it like 7 times and laugh harder every time.