Monday, March 2, 2015

Last Minute Road Trip

So, on Wednesday my friend Heather called to check and see how things were going.  She knew that Mark was in Orlando for meetings and just wanted to make sure we were a-okay.  She mentioned that her hubby was headed to Orlando the next morning.  Before I even knew what I had said, I blurted out that it might be fun to drive down to Florida and be with them.  The idea seemed a bit preposterous since we were supposed to get a foot of snow that night.  We got off the phone and a few minutes later Heather called back and said she wanted to go for it.  We both decided to throw caution to the wind and start packing up.  Heather ended up renting a suburban to fit both families and we left later that same afternoon!

We really had a wonderful time, although the weather was no good--freezing!  I'm not going to lie, having five crazy kids in a small space for that long wasn't easy.  Actually, it was terrible!  There were times we wanted to pull our hair out, but I'm very glad we were adventurous and went for it.  The great memories we made more than made up for it.  We got to see some old friends while we were there, we ate some amazing food and really enjoyed the conference the guys were there for.  We also had some hilarious things happen.  There was almost a brawl with another mom at a park and Heather and I got in a strangers car by accident.  Forever memories!

Here are a few pictures...

We got home last night and I've spent the day cleaning, doing laundry, playing with the kiddos and doing a few decorating projects!  Here are a few things I've been working on...

Been wanting to change my bedding for awhile.  I just discovered that H&M does home furnishings now!  Just got this gray quilt and pillows!  I really love them! 

This afternoon, I made this sign, getting inspiration from Pinterest.  

I hung it above the couch.  I haven't loved this area, so I'm going to try this for awhile. 

I've been wanting to try different things on my table.  Here is something I'm playing with right now.  

I've included some moss from the backyard and some old doilies.  

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