Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Month in Review

So, I’m not sure if anyone really reads this anymore, but you may have noticed that I took a break from blogging for awhile.  Things have been busy and I just couldn’t seem to muster up the willpower to make myself do it.  Well, that’s not entirely true…I spent a good hour one night a few weeks ago writing the most brilliant post I believe I have ever written.  There were even pictures.  Then the internets ate it.  Just ate it right up.  (Do you like the way I added an “s” to the word internet?   In Oklahoma, where I am from, people love adding “s” to words that don’t normally require them.  For example, “Hey, I’m headed to the Walmarts, you need anything?”  Don’t you think it really adds something?  I feel like adding an “s” really classes it up.  I would recommend trying it out.)
So anyway, quite a bit has gone down, but I can’t remember half of it.  We did go on a little vacay to Michigan.  Well, I wouldn’t actually call it a vacation per say, but we did stay in a hotel for 3 days and I didn’t half to work.  Mark just recently started coaching the Hinsdale Boys Varsity team and they had a tournament at Andrews University.  We had a great time seeing the boys play and I know that Mark is definitely enjoying coaching again.  I really enjoyed "getting away" for a couple of days.  Monroe really had a good time as well.  
We also had a huge blizzard which was pretty crazy.  I have never seen that much snow in my whole life!  It was rather uneventful because we were stuck in our house for three days, but it was also pretty nice being stuck in our house for three days.  Monroe and I wore the same outfits the whole time!  Yes, we slept in them and were awake in them, and slept in them and were awake in them and...you get the idea.   It was definitely a bonding time for me and my girl and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. 
Here are a few "after" pics:

Some of our biggest/littlest news, and the main reason that I have been delinquent in updating is...

Pretty cool, huh?!  We are so excited to be adding a new little person to our family in September.  I am in my twelfth week and feeling MUCH better than I have in weeks past.  God has really blessed us once again.  I mean, look at those pics!  What a cute little person in there.  Last week I got to see the baby moving around on the screen and hear it's little heartbeat and it really started to feel real.  I can't wait to meet this little person.  I still have 7 weeks before we find out what we are having.  Mark is betting on a boy and I really don't know what I think yet.  I haven't gotten an overwhelming feeling or anything.  We'll just have to wait and see.  Keep us in your prayers as we begin this journey.  I don't think I'm going to do a baby blog this time.  I will probably just update on here.  It's just too much for me to keep up with.     

For those of you interested in how my list accomplishments are going, I’ve been doing pretty good.
      1. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years.  ACCOMPLISHED 
4. Read to Monroe more often and more books.  ACTIVELY WORKING ON IT
6. Tell at least one person a day I will pray for them, and then do.  DOING MUCH BETTER
7. Make a quilt for a random friend or friend’s baby and send it to them for no reason.  QUILT IS   
    11. Call one of my friends every week.  DOING MUCH BETTER  
    16. Have another baby  GOOD START:) 
    32. Have dinner by candlelight  DID IT AND PLAN TO DO MORE
    48. Ride the train ACCOMPLISHED
    52. Add another soup tureen to my collection ADDED TWO--THANKS TO LOVED ONES:) 
    56. Get a library card here in Chicago ACCOMPLISHED
    63. Tell my hubby everyday how much I love him and why (either by word or action)  WORKING     
          HARD AT IT
    64. Write a book STARTED 
    79. Go to a pumpkin patch ACCOMPLISHED 
    83. Send Christmas cards to family and friends  ACCOMPLISHED
    92. Find a favorite restaurant, frequent it, so everyone knows my name  ACCOMPLISHED They   
          even know our order now:) 
    99. Go downtown more often QUITE A FEW TIMES!!
I'll continue to work on these and hopefully will continue keep marking things off as I get them done.  
On an entirely different and random note, there is something I have been wanting to get off of my chest for a long time.  I am super frustrated with all of the literary folk out there.  I caught wind a few months ago that you no longer have to put two spaces after a sentence when typing.  Now, I don’t know why it was done in the first place, but it really started to make sense to me.  It doesn’t help that it was drilled into my head since 8th grade typing class.  Do they really expect me just to abandon it, no questions asked?  I mean it’s a part of me now.  It’s automatic.  I keep seeing scathing comments from the language elite on facebook saying how annoying it is that people still do it.  I find this upsetting because if I could just give it up, I would.  Please bare with me!  It may take awhile.
Sorry for that rant.  I've been extra emotional/sensitive/etc. lately.  I blame the pregnancy.  
Our bestest friends, the Baughman's, came to visit us this weekend.  It was bliss:)  It had been so long since we had had a Murman weekend and it was much needed.  It felt so good to be our goofy selves.  We had so much fun eating, laughing and just basking in friendship.  It was pretty great to see our kiddos playing together, too.  It was a very neat experience.  I will definitely treasure those memories forever, since they don't come around too often.  Did I take pictures?  No!  A wise scholar (Kaylee) once said that a trip without pictures just shows that you were having too much fun.  This is definitely the truth.  Well, that and I lost my camera;)  
Well, I better bring this entry to a close. I've got laundry to fold and an early morning tomorrow.  I will definitely be better at updating because I really want to keep track of this pregnancy just like I did for Rosie.  Everyone tells me that the second child kind of gets overlooked and I really don't want to start even before it's born!  I will definitely do my best!  Love you all!   


Mellie said...

My guess is that you're having a girl. I base all my guesses on the heart rate, which probably isn't the best indicator, but it has worked for me so far. :)

As for the literary comment...WHAT?!?! I have it drilled into my head, too. I literally had to correct each space in this comment. Oh boy, I am either going to be considered illiterate, or will be taking twice as long to type things.

Michelle said...

Stephanie - I am so glad you have started blogging again. I really missed your updates... I likewise did not know about this spacing change until I read your post about it, I'm not sure I like it either. Hope you have a great week, we need to video chat soon!