Tuesday, July 9, 2013

We're In!

It seems like so much has happened since my last post!  First off, the move is done!!!  It was all pretty exhausting.  The unpacking part was much more fun than the packing part, but equally tiring.  We couldn't have done the whole thing without friends that are more like family.  From heavy lifting, to kid watching, to brining food, they were all wonderful.  We can't thank them enough!  Maria has been a complete Godsend.  She helped me pack, took loads over in her van, watched the kids for me, let us stay at her house for a few days, and when I was sick, she went over and cleaned our old house before we closed.  Like I said, we couldn't have done it without everyone's help.

It might have been a tough few weeks, but it was worth it!The girls are loving their new house.  They got here and never looked back, which was a huge relief.  I thought I would be a little sad, but to be honest, I haven't looked back, either.  I LOVE this home.  It is just perfect for us.  I love waking up to the sound of birds chirping and I love going to bed to silence.  I love looking out my windows and seeing trees and not houses and people.  It's so serene and just what my soul needed.

It's been such a long time, that I'm having a hard time narrowing down what to talk to you all about.  I guess I'll just post some pictures from my phone and then I'm really going to try and be more consistent with my updating!

My legs during the move.  Bruise was my middle name! 

I was so tired one day, that I packed the girls up for an IHOP trip.  It was a hit. 

We couldn't imagine parting with our blueberry bush...so we brought it! 

When the Direct TV guy came to hook us up, he asked if he could play our piano.  He played show tunes for about 15 minutes.  I felt awkward, the girls thought it was the best thing to ever happen.   

Never so glad to get these guys delivered.  I love them, although, it's hard to get used to the new technology.  I feel a bit like Jane Jetson.  

Rosie likes to lift Kiki up to look out the window to see the creek.  This is how high she gets, but Kiki doesn't seem to mind.  

Kiki emptied her hair rubber bands into her cheerios last week and continued to eat them.  Classic Kiki.   

Happy 4th of July!

My patriotic girls! 

Her favorite part of the 4th was free yogurt at Strawberry Hill.  

The girls are outside a lot now!  They love it! 

Kiki picked this trick up from Rosie.  They drink the milk when they are done with their cereal.  

My sleeping beauties! 

The view driving in our neighborhood.  I LOVE North Carolina! 

The Baughman's were here this last weekend and it was wonderful.  The best part is that they are coming to stay with us again this next weekend!  I'll have to do a whole post on their visit.  I'm also so excited because Andrea and Avie are coming next week to visit us.  I'm loving all this company!  

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