Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Pre Holiday Fun!

Well, what a packed last few weeks.  Let's face it, the holidays can be pretty crazy.  This one was no different.  In fact, this holiday was like a normal holiday on speed.  I think I will break up our holiday into a couple different posts.  I'll start with before we left on our trip.  I can't remember it very well, but I've got phone pics to help me.  

Our friend's the Bailey's do a Christmas party every year and this is the first year we were able to make it.  It was pretty amazing.  Not only did Santa show up, but they had an indoor pool and a full Christmas village with a train set.  The girls were in heaven.  

Enjoying the village and train.

So good to see the Wrights! 

Look at those excited/concerned faces as Santa arrives on the scene!


Rosie talking to Santa.  She's not a fan, but she played along.  Big surprise of the night...she asked for a bow and arrow.  

Kiki was totally, completely, utterly not a fan, but she managed to ask for a lollipop.  

Who doesn't go swimming at a Christmas party:)

That's one exhausted kid!  Time for bed after a wonderful party!

My dad sent a "no reason" package to the girls full of goodies.  They were so excited and especially loved these humongous glasses.  Actually, we all seemed to enjoy them.

We spent some time hanging out with friends in December.  I rarely remembered to take pictures, but here are a few...

Having fun at the Play Lodge!

Dress up at the Carvill's house!

More Play Lodge fun!  Daddy even joined us for a few minutes! 

Oh, young love!  Kiki loves her some Lathan and it looks like the feeling is mutual.  

Even mommy and daddy got some holiday time!  There were lots of parties and events to attend.  

This picture is from the night we went to see "The Christmas Carol" at the FlatRock Playhouse with friends.  So fun! 

I also took a few pictures of the girls in their Christmas dresses.  

Here are a few funny things from the month of december...

Kiki's class made ornaments as presents for their parents.  This is hers.  Rosie took one look at it and said, "What happened to your face, Kiki?"  To be honest, I was wondering the same thing!  She looks rather concerned.  

I found this when cleaning the playroom.  It seems like a much easier method than riding on a donkey:) 

We did a lot of crafts to celebrate the holidays.  We made Christmas signs, did gingerbread men, and more.  Their favorite thing was definitely this paper nativity set!  I think it needs to be an annual thing. 

We opened up the gifts we got the girls before we left on our trip.  One of their favorite gifts was actually the one gift I made the girls and that made me so happy.  I made a Little House on the prairie peg doll set for each of them. 

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