Sunday, December 7, 2014

Halfway to Crystal Gayle

This last week was kind of a blur, one of those crazy busy kind.  Our weekend turned out to be the same way.  Usually our weekends are really low key, but boy, we had all kinds of things to do.

The group I sing with was performing at a neighboring church on Saturday, so we headed over there.  Some of our friends joined us and we ended up spending the afternoon together.  After dinner, an area church put on a program called "A Night In Bethlehem" and a lot of us went.  It was so cool!  They had transformed their whole church into Bethlehem.   You walked through the village visiting each of the shops.  There was a sandal maker, a baker, a jeweler, a spice shop, a basket weaving shop, a scroll maker, and so many more.  Each shop had a craft, food/drink or a trinket for you to have and it was all free.  The girls thought it was incredible.  What an outreach!  I wish our church did something like that! 

Today, Rosie's Adventurer group performed again (they also performed on Friday night) for the Foster Family Christmas Party they do at our church.  I'm a sucker for kids in angel costumes.  The whole thing was so sweet.  Then tonight, I helped with a Christmas party for the girl's dorm at Fletcher Academy.  Mark also had a meeting, so we ended up getting a babysitter.  

Now, I'm home, the girls are asleep and the Christmas lights are twinkling.  It's a perfect and relaxing end to a nice weekend!  Here are a few pictures from my phone...

My friend Judy has an amazing backyard with even more amazing evergreens.  She mentioned that she would be pruning and I asked her if she could mind me taking some of what she cut to decorate with.  This is the bundle I took on Friday.  I've used the stuff all over my house!  It's just so beautiful! 

I got some really cheap garland and then added in the real stuff around my door.  I'm still making a red bow for the top.  I also want to add lights to the garland and around our columns.  

Rosie & Layla in Bethlehem.  Baby Jesus was definitely their favorite part!  

Here they are making sandals. 

Choosing a necklace at the Jewelers shop.  

The sheep were also a big hit! 

The little angel choir

Rosie, my little angel baby!  

After the performance, the Fletcher Academy gymnastic's team did a performance.  Miss Carly, our friend and babysitter, got the Keekster in on the fun. 

She's a natural! 

So is daddy! 


I've been meaning to post pictures of our Christmas decor this year, but I keep forgetting to take pictures of it!  Here are a few...  

Our poor little tree.  It's on it's last leg.  Only half the lights work:)  

I made these this week.  

I know I say this a lot, but I'm really in love with this piece of furniture.  I have the best time putting stuff on/in it!

A few Christmas touches.

Another favorite part of Christmas.  Can you tell what it is? :)

And lastly, I wanted to show you how freaking long my hair is getting and how uncomfortable/angry I look taking a pictures of myself.  I hadn't straightened it in forever and when I did I couldn't believe it and took this pic to send to Kaylee.  She's taken to calling me Nona, a lady we grew up with, with hair to the floor.  I now have a goal.    


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