Saturday, February 20, 2010

Good Morning...It's Sabbath!

Wow!  Can it get any better than a relaxing Sabbath Morning?  From the time I was a little girl, they have always been wonderful.  The sounds of music filling the house, the smell of cooking food are just a few of the wonderful memories that I am excited to share with Monroe.

This week has been a good one.  I am still trying to figure things out around here.  Haven't found the grocery store I am ready to call my own yet.  Still looking for my go-to Walgreens and gas station.  I guess those are all things that take a bit of time to figure out.

Last night, I finally tried the Au Gratin potato recipe that I said I was going to make weeks ago!  It was very yummy.  I used skim milk instead of whole, and I don't think you would have noticed.  I would definitely recommend it.  It is very easy to make and you can change the ingredients to make it a bit healthier.

Monroe discovered applesauce this week.  It is her new favorite thing.  She can't get enough:)  Before she could take or leave solid food.  Now, she starts to whimper if she thinks I am putting it away.  She is also so much more aware of us eating.  She just stares at my yogurt in the morning.  I feel like I have to go in another room to eat.

She's definitely getting more fun by the day.  She just cackles and laughs and brings such joy to my heart!  I love this kid.

My boss invited us to one of the Foundation events tomorrow.  It is a brunch at a place called Drury Lane.  It is supposed to have the best brunch around.  Even better than the restaurants downtown!  I am pretty excited.  After the brunch,  the show Funny Girl is being performed.  I don't know if we will stick around for the show, though.

Today we are going over to Mike and Melissa's for lunch.  Melissa's mom is in town and I am excited to meet her.  I am sure she is going to be lovely, just like her daughter.

Yesterday was a great day out and we were hoping that today would be the same.  Sadly, it snowed over night and it's just pretty dreary out:(  Oh well!  If it is not too cold, we are going to go for a walk.  There is a park about a mile away and we might check it out.  We definitely look like Floridians when we go on walks here.  We bundle up big time...including snow pants!

I wish everyone a wonderful day!  Love you:)


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