Monday, February 15, 2010

No more roadtrips....please!

My first week of work went great.  I love my job and I think my boss is wonderful.  The boss thing had been a big worry of mine.  You never know what kind of situation you are walking into.  I have read that the biggest reason people leave a job, no matter how incredible the job, is boss issues.  So anyway, I am really relieved.  She is very passionate about her job and is super flexible.  I didn't realize how important flexibility was until I had Monroe.  With all the doctor's appts and sicknesses, it's a must!  I work every Tuesday and Wednesday and every other Monday.  I was able to set my own schedule, so I will see if this works well.  If not, I am free to change it up any time.  I am so excited to get to spend so much more time with Monroe.  It's amazing how God answers our prayers.

Monroe seems to be adjusting to her new childcare splendidly.  For a kid that doesn't seem to know a stranger, I had guessed as much.  We love the lady who is watching her, Shelley.  She is the same person who watches Max and Mason.  It's fun to know that the cousins will be there together.  The only bad thing is the inconvenient location.  I am praying that someone just as amazing comes along that is closer to our home or to work.

I can't get over how big she is getting.  We enjoy so much getting to see her accomplish new things every day.  Parenthood is sooo rewarding.  Sometimes I get worried about our finances here in Chicago.  Things will definitely be VERY tight for us and we really are having to change our whole way of life, but it is totally worth it.  When I hear that little laugh, see that little smile, smell her distinct little smell...I know we made the right decision.    

It is so funny to me how many nicknames this kid has.  The list is growing quickly.  The main ones are  Monrovia, Ro, RoRo, and Rosie. But to be honest, I call her about anything that comes to mind.  The poor thing probably has no idea what her real name is.  I frequently call her Sister Sue, Sis, Sister, Chicklet, Kid...the list goes on and on.  In fact, I even called her Jalopy one day.  Don't ask me why.

This weekend was Mark's 10 year highschool reunion in Kansas City.  I was so dreading the 8(ish) hour drive.  Especially after our long trip here.  I tried to get pumped up for it, but I have to admit, I was a big whiner about the whole thing.  I feel bad about that now:)

We left on Thursday after work.  On the way down, we caravaned with Mike, Melissa and the boys.  We didn't arrive in KC until 3 in the morning.  Monroe did great until the last hour.  I think the drive really does number on her little tummy.  It wasn't horrible though.

The alumni was very nice.  Ten out of 15 of his classmates made it and he enjoyed seeing many other of his friends.  It is always a treat to get to spend time with Mom and Dad Murrill and Grandpa and Grandma Murrill.  Grandma Murrill is an AMAZING cook. I always get excited to see what our Sabbath lunches will include.  There is always a huge spread of yummy food.  She didn't let me down this time.  She made my very favorite, potato pie.  Trust me, it's delish!

It was a short trip and we headed home on Sunday morning.  Yes, we spent our Valentine's in a car...pretty romantic:)  Actually it was romantic.  We had a nice time chatting, laughing, singing, etc.   We also found a little Mexican restaurant on the way and had a lovely dinner, topped of with a little frozen custard.  Every Valentine's get's better with Mark.  Even just riding in a car is great.  I love that guy.  I feel so blessed to have him in my life.

Anyway, that's been what's up with us.  I really plan on starting back with the Menu Monday.  I promise:)

I hope everyone is well.  Keep in touch!

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Kristen said...

I'm so happy for you Stephanie! May God bless your time with Monroe and your family and your finances :)