Monday, September 22, 2014

Circus, Circus

I'm kind of bummed.  Well, actually...really bummed.  A few months ago, Mark surprised me with a fitbit.  As soon as I started using it, I fell in love.  It tracks my number of steps, the calories I burn, my active minutes and my sleep patterns.  It also is my alarm.  It's worn like a bracelet and I just never take it off.  Well, today, when I got back from running to Target and Lowe's, I realized it was no longer on my arm.  I've looked everywhere.  I called both places, and even went back to retrace my steps, but to no avail.  I've lost it.  I'm so sad!  I'm still praying it will turn up.

In other news, Mark left this morning on a trip for work.  It's just a short one, so it's not too bad.  We've kept busy today.  The girls helped me work on the project I wrote about yesterday.  A few months ago, my friend gave me this wall hanging curio cabinet that had been sitting in her storage for over ten years.  There was something about it that I loved and something about it that I for sure didn't love, but I knew I couldn't turn it down.  It had some major potential.  It's been sitting in my basement until Sunday, when we brought it upstairs and got to work.  Mark went handyman on me, and totally worked some magic on it.
This is how it came to me.  It had a very circus vibe going on. 

Yes, those are metal feathers...

And yes, metal tassels.  But, I just loved that chicken wire! 

The first step was removing the metal pennants along the bottom and top and of course, the metal feathers.  That really helped, but then it had an Asiany look, which I didn't love.  I knew at that point, that the whole top needed to come off. 

Mr. Handy worked and worked and this was what I was left with. 

I took it out and painted it and found some wood for the top.  

Today, I got the wood cut, and then stained it.  

This is where it's at right now.  I'm still figuring out what I want to do with it.  It has glass shelves, but I'm thinking wood shelves might be nice.  I don't know.  Any suggestions?  I think it will look better when I get something in it and on it.  I'll let you know how it ends up!

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Tasha Heinrich said...

My fit bit used to fall off of my arm all of the time! I hated that! So, I bought something called a "bit belt". If you find your fit bit or buy a new one, google "bit belt". It's worth the $10. I have never had my fit bit fall off my arm since I bought them! I hope you find yours. :(