Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Customer Service for the win!

I just have the greatest news!  You know me and my thing with emailing companies.  I couldn't help myself and emailed the Fitbit people a few days ago about my misfortune and they are sending me a new one!  I'm so excited.  I have been so sad about losing my first one and this has made my day!  Anyway, I can't stress enough how much it pays off to email companies!  Every time I have, I've been impressed with the level of customer service I receive!  Remember when I got three new can openers?!  I'm telling you, it's the way to go!

I'm also excited about my new iphone.  My old phone had gotten a large crack in it and I was overdue for a new one.  I also love that it's gold.  I've had a few problems the last week getting everything switched over.  My texting went out for a few days and I wasn't getting calls at all for awhile, but I think it's all okay now.  I apologize if you've texted/called and I never answered!

I finished the little cabinet last week.  I ended up painting the shelves.  I feel like that's what made the difference for me.  I really love it!  It's been fun to have around, although I don't think it's found it's forever home yet.  Still figuring out where to put it.

We had a fun weekend!  Mark had a work retreat thing at a resort in Blowing Rock, NC.  It was really a beautiful area and the girls had a blast.  It was just kind of nice to get away!  I brought my camera, fully intending on taking lots of pictures, but I didn't take a one.  I got three on my phone.  We did a lot of swimming and hiking and just being together.  I also love eating food that I don't have to cook.  That's my favorite:) 

We spent a lot of time at the pool

There was some dancing 

Bear watching:)

Tomorrow, Mom Murrill is coming for a visit and to watch the girls for us.  Mark and I are headed to Atlanta for Catalyst Conference.  Mark's been before, but this is my first time, so I'm super excited.  I've heard it's so great.  I love Matt Redman and Ann Voskamp and they both are going to be there.   

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