Monday, February 9, 2015

Memphis Blues

After our trip to Kansas City, we headed towards home and a much anticipated weekend with the Baughmans.  We hadn't had any quality time with them in forever!  We ended up having a wonderful time but only one picture was taken.  It was a pretty wonderful picture, though.

This is Kiki's last picture with her beloved Crosby.  He passed away a few days ago and has left a hole in all of our hearts.  

I swear the next time we are there, we have to take some pictures.  It doesn't help that we usually don't dress up while we're there.  There's really no need to impress people that know pretty much everything about you--the good and the bad.  I mean, Kay has seen me throw the biggest temper tantrum of my life as a little girl.  She certainly doesn't care if I'm wearing make-up or not.  Thus, very few pictures.   

So, we were supposed to head home on Sunday morning, but Kay and I tried everything to get Mark to agree to let us stay until Monday.  The decision became easier, when the guys went to go get us morning donuts and found that someone had broken into our van during the night.  We'd have to wait until Monday to get a new window.  After filing a police report, the guys tried again to get us donuts, but got a pretty devastating call when they were out.  My grandma, Mumsie, had passed away.  At 96-years-old, I knew it could happen, but I really wasn't ready for it.  

I was so glad I was with Kaylee when I got the news.  She was wonderfully supportive and allowed me to grieve in my own way.   We had a hard time figuring out our next move.  We had already been away from home for quite some time and we didn't know if we should go home first before heading back to Oklahoma or just go straight there.  We also knew that Mark needed to get back to work.  We finally decided that we would drive back to Oklahoma and Mark would fly back to NC to work for the week.  So Monday morning, after we got our window fixed, we headed back to Oklahoma.  

Mark's parents offered to take the girls for a few days to make things easier.  We met Mom Murrill in Arkansas and she took the girls and we headed on to the Tulsa International Airport so Mark could catch a flight back home to work.  It was a crazy few days!

Being without the girls freed me up to help my family with funeral preparations and just to be a support to mom.  It was hard having my little family in three different places, though!  I felt very strange!  On Friday, I met Mom Murrill to get the girls and Mark flew in that night.  We were all happy to be reunited!  

After picking up the girls from Mom Murrill.  We then headed back to Tulsa!  Our van saw a lot of road time!  

The funeral was on Saturday afternoon and that night we got back on the road to head home to North Carolina.  In the end, I was away from home for 20 days!  It was hard coming home to Christmas decor still being up and a van full of presents and laundry to unpack, but we were glad to be home for sure!  I swear I never want to go anywhere again;)!  

The girls were happy to get back to their bathtub.  

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