Monday, February 9, 2015

Vivian Imogene Bohannon a.k.a Mumsie

I feel so blessed to have had my Mumsie in my life for 34 years.  She was truly a light.  Everyone who knew her, loved her.  In all my life, I never heard her speak an unkind word or heard one spoken about her.  Her best friend was most definitely Jesus, and her words of advice were always so thoughtful and Godly.  Everyone in our family joked that Mumsie seemed to have a direct line to God.  She was such a prayer warrior!  I remember calling her throughout high school and college to ask her to pray about something on my heart.  Mom is certain that Mumsie prayed me into existence.  She prayed every day that I would be a girl and I think my mom's screams of excitement were only outdone by Mumsie's, when I did, in fact, end up being a girl.  So many of my childhood memories revolved around her and my Papa.  I will always remember the legacy of love that they left.

Mumsie's funeral was incredibly inspirational to me.  Everyone spoke of her love for God and her love for others.  She NEVER raised her voice ever.  Not even when she was frustrated with her children!  How does one do that?!  It's definitely something I want to strive for.  Even the nurses who were with her for the last few years, said she was different than anyone they had met.  She was a living example of Jesus to them.  

I'm so grateful that my girls got to spend time with Mumsie and that they loved her so much.  They couldn't wait to see her!  I'm especially thankful we got to see her just a few days before she passed!

Meeting Rosie back in 2009



Mumsie's teenage years!

4 generations 

Here are a few pictures from the weekend of her funeral...

The cousins with Uncle Stephen

Sweet girls 

Rosie thinks Kamryn is pretty awesome!

They also loved Uncle Mark!  

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