Monday, May 18, 2015

Family of Five!

Last week was a full week, but true to form, I can't really remember everything we did!  Monday happened.  Well, I think I did Monday, but I can't tell you what it involved.  Tuesday, the girls went to Mother's Morning Out and then in the afternoon I met with one of my pastors to go over VBS stuff.  For some reason, it seemed like a hard day, so I went to the gym and then went to Strawberry Hill to have dinner with the girls.  Our friends, Tach & Jessica K and their kiddos joined us. SIDE NOTE: Have I mentioned that Strawberry Hill is closing?  Can I just say it feels like a piece of me is closing up along with it.  I'm sincerely distraught about it.  Where will I get my amazing grilled veggie chicken salad sandwich on sourdough?!  It's closing June 1, and every day Kiki says, "I hope it's not June."  I'm with you, sister! 

My pastor brought this card she wrote by to me.  Things have been hard lately, and I thought this was super sweet.  

That evening I met my other friend Jessica at the Academy and we walked the track while the kiddos played.  The weather has been pretty near perfect, so I hope we will start doing that more often.  Wednesday, we met Susie at the Ugly Mug to get coffee and then headed to an area park for the girls to play while we chatted. SIDE NOTE: I have discovered my all time favorite coffee drink.  It's an Orange Dark Chocolate Mocha.  It is SOOOOO good.  I get it a couple times a week.  I also bought the stuff to recreate it but it's just not as amazing at home.  After our park time, we headed over to Susie's house for the girls to see her doggy, Millie.  We also needed to pick up some outfits for the Gala.  They had some extras.  Wednesday evening was book club.  I hadn't been in sooo long, and even though I hadn't read the book, I decided to go.  It was a lovely evening and only one person had finished the book (obviously we are all very committed), so I didn't feel too bad.

On Wednesday, I did something terrible.  I dropped my phone and it cracked into a trillion pieces.  I was so sad, so Thursday I went to a local place to get it fixed.  Jessica's mom said she'd watch the girls for me so I took her up on it.  Jessica met me for lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant over her lunch break.  It all felt very grown-up and care-free, meeting for lunch without kids.  

That evening was the hospital gala.  The theme this year was Scotland.  We went as Scottish peasants, I think.  I'm not entirely sure.  I just wore what I was given.  The dress was about two sizes too small and took a lot of time and manpower to get me into.  It also really made enjoying all the good food really tough.  In fact, breathing was tough!  It was a fun evening, though!

The Scottish peasants 

Braveheartin' it 

My adorable and pregnant friend, Sarah!  So excited for her and Chris! 

Heather made her skirt!  She's one talented lady!

On Friday, my phone really started acting up.  The screen went plaid on me with lines running through it.  I took it back to the little place that fixed it and it ended up being quite an ordeal, but it's fixed.  The girls and I decided to make the best of the situation and we went to Rita's Italian Ice and Custard.  It was good and reminded me very much of Jeremiah's in Orlando that pretty much got me through my first pregnancy.  Oh, the memories!

Yummy gelati!  Its a mix of italian ice and custard.  It's a winner.  

On Friday afternoon/evening, we went to Fletcher Park.  We were supposed to meet a lady to possibly see her dog that she was rehoming, but she never showed up and didn't answer her calls or texts.  Luckily, I hadn't even told the girls it was happening.  I ran/walked while they rode their bikes and we had a nice little evening.  Later that night, the lady called and profusely apologized for completely forgetting! 

On Sabbath, we went to church.  We are trying out a new church lately and are really enjoying it.  After church and lunch, we came home and changed and headed back to Fletcher park to meet some friends to ride bikes and play in the water.  The lady had also agreed to meet us to introduce us to her dog.  She did end up coming, but was very late.  Well, let's just say we fell in love with him.  We told her we would take a day to think about it, but by Sunday morning, we knew.  Remi, already named, needed to join us at our house forever.  We gave him a full name Remington and we are working on a middle name.  There have been many interesting suggestions.  

Anyway, Sunday was a good day.  Besides getting Remi in the afternoon, we went on a hike around Bent Creek, ran by the new outlet mall, ate at Whichwich and washed both cars.  Good, good day.  

Now that we have Remi, reality has set in.  I forgot how hard puppies are.  He's ten months old, so he's still a puppy, but he's also very big and strong.  Patience and understanding for him are much easier for me to have when you see the immense joy he brings to the girls.  I had to keep reminding myself of that when he wiggled out of his collar this morning and had me running through our neighborhood for about twenty minutes.  Or just a few minutes ago when he got terrified of coming down the stairs after I put the girls down for nap.  He barked and growled and then peed on the carpet.  Totally worth it.  Serenity NOW!!!!  He's sleeping by my feet now, so we're cool:) 

Kiki seems to be a big fan of Sabbath School. 

Meeting Remi for the first time.  

Love at first sight.  

Making himself at home!

This morning Kiki said, "I love daddy 2nd, mommy 2nd, & Rosie 2nd.  Remi I LOVE THE FIRST!"

She really couldn't be happier.  This kid LOVES animals and now she has one of her very own. 

My view as I type this.  He's pretty great;)

Remington "Remi" Murrill
(possible middle name ideas from Rosie and Kiki: Sally, Remi, Rami, Toot, Poop)  
I think I probably will be the final vote on the middle name, just to be safe.  

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