Sunday, January 10, 2016

Craft Room Almost Complete

Happy Sunday!  Hope you've had a wonderful weekend.  They sure fly by, don't they?  We had a great one.  Friday night evening dinner with friends, church, an afternoon hike, pizza and ice-cream with buddies, Sunday morning brunch with a bestie and so much more.  I even did a little shopping, if you can call walking around Marshall's for an hour with all kinds of stuff and talking yourself out of all of it; shopping:).  We even cleaned out the garage.  I can park the van in there again, so that's a relief with all the cold weather we're experiencing.  

Mark put the knobs on my vanity and I finished making a light out of an old globe tonight, so I'm feeling like the room is almost complete.  Here are a few pictures.  I haven't gotten the light hung yet, but when I do, I'll be sure to show you.  From all of the things I sold, the room redo cost me next to nothing, so that's extra exciting!  You can't beat that!  

I tried to use decor I already had in the house.  I had these embroidery hoops on a different wall before, filled with vintage fabric, but decided to change it out with some old lace fabric and doilies I had.  

This is the bookcase that I painted white.  It's not super organized yet. 

I had two lamps that I had spray painted turquoise in this room before, but sold them and got this lamp.  I like it a lot better.   

The gray walls really lighten the place up.  I feel like it's so much more peaceful now.  

I sold the dark wood basket shelf unit I had used before, and got this hutch-like thing instead.  I'm really enjoying the open shelving.  

These are the new knobs I ordered for the vanity.  The person I bought it from had 14 plastic pulls on it before. These really changed the look! 

The vanity/sewing desk.  

This is the footstool that I recovered with fabric I had left over from a different project. 

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Tasha Heinrich said...

This room looks great! Good work, Steph!