Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Night Insights...

There is nothing worse than seeing your baby in pain.  I am telling you, it is awful.  Monroe had her second round of shots today and I swear, she has never been madder in her life.  She was having a great time, no idea what was coming and that cruel nurse just plunged those four needles right in her thick little thighs.  Other than the shots, the doctor's visit went well.

I really think I am going to like her new doctor.  She is an older Indian woman who seems super knowledgeable.  She really seemed to love Monroe from the start and was also very helpful in giving me some exercises to help Rosie with building muscle strength.  I had been worried that Monroe was behind developmentally because of being premature.  Her doctors in Florida told me she would probably be about a month behind, but the doctor said she was doing great and not to worry.  She said just to work with her and she would probably progress normally.  This eased my fears.

She did mention that we should probably start trying to wean her from swaddling...ugh!  I knew this day would come, but I feared it.  It is now a habit and the only way to get her to sleep.  She can be yelling up a storm, but as soon as you velcro her in she is gone in two seconds.  The doctor said that we don't have to quit all together, but just try to do it loosely so that she can get out in the night if she needs to.  She is sleeping right now with no wrap.  It took her about 30 minutes to talk herself into it.  We heard her in there jabbering away, but she finally gave in.   I am not sure if she'll make it through the night.  We shall see:)

Mark and I are having a fun night.  We got all sentimental going through all of the pics of Monroe from her birth.  Wow, has that girl changed!  It is amazing to me how tiny she was.  To see her in her car seat at the beginning, she looked like a little tiny doll.  Now it's hard fitting her in there.  Mark turned to me while we were looking at them and said, "Does this make you want to have another baby?" and to be honest, I said without hesitation, "yes".   He agreed.  Now, just relax.  It won't be happening any time soon.  But we both decided we definitely want to have one more.  Maybe three.  We'll see:)

Somehow going through the pics has led us to watch our wedding dvd.  It is so sweet.  We were SOOOO young!  Anyway, that is what we are doing now and it is truly making us giggle and smile.

I made an experimental dinner tonight.  It is called "Creamy Artichoke Chicken".  Mark was VERY skeptical, but I think he was pleasantly surprised.  Here are the ingredients:

1 15oz can artichoke hearts chopped
3/4 cup mozzarella cheese (I only had cheddar on hand and it was fine)
1/2 cup low fat sour cream
1/2 cup low fat mayo (I hate mayo, so I used a bit less)
Garlic salt
Chicken ( I used morningstar chick patties, I wanted to use the Quorn brand vege-chicken strips, but I couldn't find any)
1 package of farfalle pasta (cooked)

Mix it all together (except pasta) and place over the chicken in a casserole dish.  Bake at 375 degrees for 30 minutes.  Spoon over the pasta and salt to taste.  It was pretty good.  The recipe said to drain the artichokes, but next time I will not, as it was a bit dry.

Mom and Dad Murrill are coming tomorrow and are staying until Wednesday.  We are so excited to see them.  I am excited for them to see Monroe.  It is a amazing how quickly they change and develop in just a few weeks.  They will be watching Monroe on Monday and Tuesday, so they will have some quality time!  It should be fun.

Then on Thursday, my parents are coming.  Dad is staying until Monday and Mom is leaving on Thursday.  It should be a great few days.  We can't wait for them to get here!

Oh snap!  We just got to the part of the wedding when Mark is saying his vows!  It is soooo sweet.  For those of you who weren't there, he couldn't make it through (tears), and he actually turned to his brother and asked him to read them for him!  I had to give him the "your brother can't vow himself to me" look.     Mike had to support him through it...literally.  He was pretty much holding Mark up.  It was so sweet and it will always make me smile and cry a little.  What an amazing, generous, loving, sincere and yes, sensitive man I married.

Well, it's time to snuggle with my man.  Also, the beast awoke from her slumber and needs to be fed.  Love you all!

Here is a few pics I took of Monroe today.  I thought she looked pretty snazzy, if I do say so myself:)

Also, here is a pic of Monroe enjoying some prunes.  I think it looks like she has a mustache and goatee.

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