Monday, March 29, 2010

My New Project

From the time we got married, I have told Mark that my dream job would be refurbishing old furniture and selling it at expensive little boutiques.  It really seems right up my alley.

Have I ever refurbished a piece of furniture, you ask?  No, but I have always thought that I would love it.  I have always been looking for that perfect piece to start with.

Well, today was my lucky day.  Mark was driving home from work and noticed an old dresser/sideboard at a house a few blocks away from our house.  He mentioned it to me, and he persuaded me to walk down and check it out.  Monroe was covered with carrots, but I agreed.

It definitely needed some TLC, but it was love at first sight.  I saw so much potential and I knew it had to be mine.

My sweet husband carried the thing on his back all the way home!  It was hilarious.  Especially when he didn't see the low lying tree.  We looked like hobos.  Me, with my dirty baby.  Mark, with a pink dresser on his back.  I am so thankful we didn't run in to any of our neighbors.

Anyway, I think it would make the perfect changing table or child's dresser.  Putt's...don't you wish you lived closer????:)  I am so excited to start on it.

Here are a few "before" pics of this beauty.  I will post "after" photos, as soon as it is finished.




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Melissa said...

Steph, I love it! As someone who has done a little free-furniture-refurbishing, I agree completely that this is a very lucky find! It's going to look so incredible when you are done!