Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Domino's, you can make the check out to Stephanie Murrill

What a wonderful weekend we had!  After church on Sabbath, we came home and had lunch with Mike, Melissa and the boys.  I realized that a nap was definitely in order, and my amazing hubby took care of Monroe while I took a little siesta.  Then after a relaxing afternoon, that included playing a few board games and lots of laughter, we all packed up (in one car) and headed to Geneva, Illinois, for some ice cream.  Yes, I said one car for the lot of us.  It actually was a surprisingly uneventful trip, but I can't imagine one much longer.  With three cars seats, it gets pretty cramped.  And from Melissa's and my experience, when one of our kids starts crying, a trio is quickly assembled, or at very least, a duet.

Geneva is the cutest little place.  It has one of those fun downtowns with unique shops and amazing restaurants.  We had a great time enjoying the sights and our yummy ice cream.  (I sampled banana chocolate chip, but decided on coconut almond, as I am sure you were all dying to know.)  After pizza, we called it a night.

On a side note, if you have not tried Domino's new pizza, you are truly missing out.  Mark my word, you will not regret it.  The garlicky crust melts in your mouth. As a kid, I remember Domino's pizza tasting much like cardboard smothered in oily cheese.  No more, my friends.  And for pizza's at $5.99 a piece, you can't beat it.  You are probably wondering at this point, if Domino's is paying me to write this.  No, they are not,  but I am hoping they catch wind of this shameless promotion and they send a little checky check my way... fingers crossed.

The next morning was Easter and did we ever celebrate.  Mike and Melissa hosted a lovely Easter Brunch at their house.  Everyone brought amazing food and the kids had the greatest time dying and decorating eggs and later, an Easter Egg Hunt.  It was one for the books.

The weather has been Florida-esque lately(in a good way), until today.  We woke up to crazy thunderstorms, which was kind of fun.  Monroe came in my bed and we napped for a bit this morning to the sound of thunder and rain.  Ahh, I love being part-time and getting to have these experiences with her!!!!  There is nothing better than napping with your little girl.  Well, if Mark could have been there as well, that would have been the cherry on top.

Here are a few pics of our weekend.

Monroe and Daddy on Sabbath Morning after a great night's sleep!  Yes, she is back to her normal sleep schedule!  What a blessing!!!
All ready to go to Church!  Dressed in my Easter/Amish outfit:) 
I love my baby girl! 
The Murrill Girls and their babies in Geneva
Ready to walk around Geneva
Easter Brunch Spread...yummy
Dying the eggs
Monroe taking part in Easter Brunch
The gang, getting ready to find some eggs.  And Monroe with a bucket on her head...

Project Update:  I started sanding the pink dresser yesterday.  I also removed the random screws and the hardware.  The process is a slow one, but hopefully a fun one.

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