Saturday, April 3, 2010

A very good Friday...

Melissa and I had been talking for awhile about getting together to go to Goodwill to find some old furniture to refurbish (this was before I came into such great luck...see previous posts).  So anyway, we thought it would be fun to go today.  It just so happened that Mark and Mike had the day off from work, and they took the kids to the park, while we went shopping.

Boy was it fun.  We actually found a few different furniture items that were contenders, but after walking around for awhile, we put it all back.  We did, however, find some other "treasures"!  Melissa snapped up the greatest Banana Republic Blazer and shirt, a Lucy sweatshirt, a frame, a brand new shower caddy, some fake flowers, and the cutest little tea/jam holder.  

I walked away with a brand new pair of snow boots for Monroe, an Ann Taylor dress, and an adorable shirt.  I also made a little investment.  I happened upon the same exact SIDS Prevention baby monitor that I have.  My mom and dad got it for us, and I know it was pretty pricey.  To find one for the Goodwill price, was unheard of.  I went ahead and bought it and stuck it on craigslist.  Hopefully, I can make a few dollars on the deal.  I'll let you know how it turns out.  I also put our big old black hutch up on craigslist.  It is a huge monstrosity and we really don't have a place for it anymore.  It used to house our television, before we got our new tv.  I am really hoping we have some luck selling them, and fast. 

After shopping, we had a lovely lunch in downtown Elmhurst.  I love that place.  The little boutiques and restaurants reminded me very much of Park Avenue in Winter Park.  I loved that area in Florida.  

We then headed to the park to meet the boys.  What we found was the funniest sight!  Poor little Max had lost his binkie on the trip and was happily sucking on Monroe's bright pink one.  Monroe was sockless, shoeless and dirty. And poor Mason was sporting a load in his diaper that size of Kansas!  It was hilarious.  The dads really did do a great job and we were so thankful to have a little girl-time.  We took the kids home while Mark and Mike played a quick round of frisbee golf on their walk home.  They also made a quick trip to the Ducati dealership.  Mike has a motorcycle and I really hope that Mark isn't getting any ideas!  They are known as "murdercycles" in my home:).  

Since Mark and I got married, we love just driving around on Friday evenings, looking at houses and the such.  We hadn't had a chance to do that since we arrived in Chicago, so last night we took advantage of the lovely evening.  It was super relaxing and we really enjoyed ourselves.  

So, that was pretty much my Friday in a nutshell.  I will post some pics of our amazing goodwill finds later.  

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