Thursday, April 1, 2010

The baby that came to live with us last week...

So, I started to wonder if someone swapped Monroe for another kid.  The last five days have been horrible!  She yells her head off when we try to put her to sleep and will wake up in the wee hours of the morning to continue her yelling.  We couldn't seem to figure out what was wrong and were at our wits end. Then yesterday, I started noticing her shaking her head in a weird way.  My neuroticism  really came to the surface and I had convinced myself that Monroe had something horrible.  I did some online searching today and found that sudden irritability and shaking of the head in infants is a tale-tale sign of an ear infection.  We are headed to the doc a bit later today.  Pray that it is just an ear infection and nothing worse.  

FYI-  I have to admit something...I convinced Mark to go drive around the neighborhood last night to see if there were any other treasures.  No luck, though. I am keeping my eyes peeled:)



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