Friday, November 19, 2010

Christmas Came Early

Sending out and receiving Christmas Cards was and is one of my favorite parts of Christmastime.  I love getting pictures and letters from my family and friends.  It's one of the few times people send "snail mail" anymore and that makes it even more special.

This year I couldn't decide what I wanted to do for Christmas Cards.  That is until I received the most amazing flyer in the mail from Shutterfly.  Inside they had the most unique photocards I have seen around.  They have so many that I love, I can hardly decide.  Here are a few of my favorites... (Imagine them with pics of our family, of course!)

Be sure to check out their website so you can find some special cards for yourself.  Not only are there hundreds to choose from, they are super affordable, too!  Does it get any better?  Well, to answer my own question, "Yes"!  They also have calendars and photo books!  They both make amazing Christmas gifts for parents and grandparents.

I was so excited because they offered a special deal for bloggers!  (Thanks Angie for sharing!!!)  I'll make sure to let you know how they turn out!  Merry Christmas...a little early:)



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Angie S said...

yay! glad someone else could get in on this awesome deal!