Monday, November 29, 2010

It's my parties...

Have I mentioned how amazing my hubby is lately?  This guy went all out for my big 3-0!  Not only did I have one surprise party with my Chicago friends, but after arriving in KC on my birthday he surprised me with another party with the Mott's and the Heinrich's!  It was so much fun!  Here are a few pics from my parties:)
 The Chicago Surprise...Monroe and I are looking pretty rough.  It was a lazy Sunday and I hadn't taken a shower yet!  That's the only complaint I have.  If you are going to have a surprise party for your wife, MAKE her take a shower beforehand!!!  
 Our Chicago friends!  Well, actually we were missing Kelsey and the Nudds!  

The KC Suprise...A fun group of friends at CPK in the Plaza.  After eating, we shopped around the Plaza and then were going to go ice skating, but because of super cold temps, we decided to watch a movie instead. 
Our Dear Bro & Sis
Carlos and "Adrianna" 
 More Besties
 Mustaches were the topic of the evening...can you tell? 
Me with Michael Tait at Urban Ourfitters...I'm a BIG fan:) 
There's a story behind this bandaid mustache, but I would rather not dig up old wounds...
The Murrill Mustaches

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Stephen Carlile said...

As I was flipping through your facebook pictures with Michelle, I said, that's Michael Tait! Michelle responded, who's that? As I tried to explain DC Talk, I realized just how old I really was...