Monday, September 19, 2011

Wrapping Things Up

So, it just got real.  We are moving in a week!!! It seems so crazy to me.  My time in Chicago has almost come to an end and I'm starting to get sad.  I'm not going to lie, Chicago hasn't been my favorite place to live, citywise.  But, the people are amazing and I really did have a great job.  So, as I've mentioned before, it's a very bittersweet move.

Things are still moving along with our house.  Our closing date is set for October 14th.  We will be staying at an extended stay hotel until then.  I'm a little nervous about that one.  Hopefully the girls will do alright...fingers crossed.

We've been trying to spend as much time with friends/family as possible.  I've been having a lot of "dates" with Nicole and Ezra and today we spent some time with Kelsey.  We are going to stay with Mike and Melissa this weekend, so hopefully we will have some major family time before we leave.

On Sunday, we took the annual apple picking trip to Harvest Time Orchard in Wisconsin.  It was so nice.  It was a little cold and rainy, but very fun.  Here are a few pics...

Still a little sleepy, but ready to pick some apples! 
 Enjoying some Honeycrisps 
 Mike had Mason filling our bag of apples and I found this one in there:)  It was so tiny!  
 Having a great time!
 I thought this picture was so funny.  I was asking Mark if it was flattering and he was like,  
 This one was a bit better.  Kiki was snuggling with me.  
 Our little family of four
The kiddos.  They all got the memo...polkas and yellow:) 

Going apple picking really got me excited for fall.  I LOVE FALL!  Everything about this season makes me happy.  That was one of the things that I didn't like about Florida--missing Fall!  I love wearing sweaters and sipping apple cider.  I love soups and chili.  I absolutely LOVE decorating my home for fall.  It's my favorite thing.  When I lived in Tulsa, I would pull out my fall decorations at the beginning of September.  Yes, the leaves hadn't even started changing and I had pumpkins on my front porch.  Mark would just shake his head.  I can't wait to be moved into our house so I can get started again:) 

Tomorrow, we are going to eat with some friends from work for a going away lunch at our favorite Indian restaurant.  I'm really sad that I will probably never see those friends again.  At least there's Facebook!  

I forgot to post more of the professional pictures that we had made.  We just love them.  I still haven't gotten prints made.  I think I'm going to wait until we get to Asheville and are more settled in.  I still don't have any pictures of Kiki in our house!  Isn't that horrible?!  

 I ADORE these little bloomers.  I bought them from etsy a few months back for when we got pictures made.  I've had to restrain myself from ordering them in every color!
I love this little heiny! 
 I just want to squeeze her! 

We are so upset.  We found the most amazing park just a few miles away from us, right before we leave.  It even has a zip line!  Here are a few pictures from our recent trip there.  We've been back a few times since.  Monroe even road the zip line on her own!!!  

I know this post has been very random.  I apologize.  Rosie has been sick and McKinley has been nursing for like three hours straight this evening.  I can't really keep my train of thought with all the madness.  I also can't type very easily while holding an infant.  Maybe someday I will be able to blog normally again.  Right now, it's pretty tough.  Love to you all and if I don't get to touch base soon, North Caroline, here we come!!!

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nicole said...

This post makes me sad, sad, sad. But all your pictures are so beautiful. Love it all. Except that you're leaving. What am I going to do???