Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cleaning Out my Phone

I was just looking at a few pictures and videos on my phone and thought I would share a few from the last few weeks...

She loves to try on everyone's clothes.  Here she's wearing a few pairs of bloomers, the wrong way, of course.  

Close up of her fashion sense.  

I came downstairs to finding her just relaxing on the the coffee table.  

Sabbath School boat riding.  She wasn't sold on it.  Halfway through the song, she jumped ship and came running back to mama. 

Look what Kiki got in the mail a few days ago...A shirt from Union College!  She wears it with pride! 

The girls showed off their ballerina skills today.

This one cracks me up of Rosie.  Pure joy! 

Such sweetie pies! 

So my friend Natalie texted me this picture (sorry so blurry) of myself from 5th grade and I got so inspired by those amazing bangs, that I went and got some cut:)  I decided against a perm, though.

Here are my new bangs.  I've actually had them for about a month and I'm starting to get the hang of them again.  I always freak out right after I get bangs cut, because I don't know how to fix them right away.  But, then they grow a little and everything ends up okay.    

This video is just to show you how fast Kiki slides down the stairs.  This actually isn't one of her faster ones.  It cracks us up!  


Anca said...

I LOVE the bangs! You look great.

Tracy said...

LOL!! Love Kiki's technique ;) and love your bangs!!