Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Time

We're all friends here, right?  So, let me ask you a question then.  Have you ever let something small go for a really long time, until it adds up and adds up and turns into this mountainous something that seems so overwhelming that you can't even begin to imagine where to start?  Well, that's the story of my life when it comes to blogging, especially lately.  I have tons of stuff to share with you, but I've had the hardest time doing anything, because somewhere along the way, I got behind.    

I guess the best place to start would be this past weekend.   It was such a treat to have my parents come visit for Easter weekend.  They got in on Friday afternoon and I took them right over to Strawberry Hill for lunch.  I just love that place and I figured they would love it, too.  After lunch, mom and I went on a wild goose chase looking for Rosie some church shoes to go with her Easter dress.  Who knew that it would be such a difficult task?!!  The stores were crazy packed and it seemed like all the shoes were either gone or really ugly.  Luckily, after our third store attempt, we scored some that would do the job.  I know, no one wants to wear anything that just "does the job", but being a cute little three-year-old, she can get away it.  
That evening, we headed to our church's special Easter program.  I was singing in the program with another girl that I don't know very well.  She's a lovely girl, but she takes singing VERY seriously.  Like really, really seriously, and for one reason or another, I had become pretty nervous about the whole situation.  I was completely terrified of letting her down.  So, to say I was relieved that it went well, would be an understatement.  Although, I was even more relieved that it was all over!  The program itself was really wonderful.  It walked through the death and resurrection of Christ through music--just beautiful.

The next morning we headed to Sabbath School and church.  The girls looked pretty sweet in their dresses, although the picture taking didn't go too smoothly.  You'd think by now that they would have gotten the hang of it all.  No such thing.       

I love this one.  Kiki's expression kills me! 

Probably my favorite one.  It looks like I just told them that I ran over the Easter Bunny with my car.  I didn't, if you were wondering.  

You look great, sis! 

The may not have been looking, but it's the happiest of the bunch.  

We spent the afternoon driving around different parts of town while the girls napped and then came home to let them play outside.  All the weather reports said that Sunday was going to be a rainy mess, so we decided to do our little egg hunt early.  The girls had so much fun!  Kiki caught right on to the whole thing, although, she got sidetracked a few times by her new best friends, jellybeans.  

Rosie knows all about egg hunting.  

Nana and Papa helped in the egg hiding.  They're old pros.  

She caught on pretty quick.  

Spring has Sprung! 

What are you looking at?  You've never seen a girl eat a bunny shaped marshmallow before?  

Candy Time 

Sweet smiles 

 More candy

My parents were gracious enough to offer to watch the girls that evening so Mark and I could go out on the town, and we gladly took them up on their offer.  We went downtown to a little place called the Noodle Shop that we had heard good things about.  We weren't too impressed with the food, but it was so nice getting out.  

Despite the weather reports, Sunday was beautiful!  The girls loved getting their Easter baskets and spent the morning enjoying it's treasures.  I had made reservations at our favorite brunch place and it didn't disappoint.  Cinnabon-inspired pancakes + a gourmet mac & cheese station = yummy.  

Getting ready to head to brunch.

Kiki HATES to be pictured these days, so you will notice she is absent from most of the group shots.  

Their Easter Loot  

Loving on my baby 

Waiting to be seated at brunch.  By the looks on their faces, they were having a blast! 

See...no Kiki! 

Daddy and his baby.  Isn't her hair getting long?! 

My little spunky-boo-boo.

On Monday, we met Mark at our favorite Indian place for lunch and then did some shopping, before we had to take Mom and Dad to the airport.  The girls both broke down in tears having to tell Nana and Papa bye-bye.  It was so sad, but pretty precious.  I love that they love them so much.  

We tried to take pictures before they left, but again, Kiki pulled out the lower lip.  

We can't wait for their next visit, although, I think we'll be in their neck of the woods before they'll head this direction again.  My dad is having surgery on his leg soon and will be out of commission for awhile.  When I was in college, he broke his femur while wake-boarding.  Apparently, the surgeon that performed his initial surgery did a number on him and his leg and ankle have never been the same since.  He went in to have it looked at recently by a few different doctors and none of them could believe that he was still able to walk!  He currently has to use a cane and every night it swells to huge proportions.  Anyway, it's time to get something done, even though it will be pretty scary.  Keep that whole situation in your prayers if you don't mind!

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