Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope your Thanksgiving was amazing!  Mine was just wonderful.  Mike, Melissa, and the boys came and we had the best time.  Not only did the adults enjoy themselves (shopping, laughing, talking, & eating) but the kids got along splendidly.  Better than splendidly!  Really, there wasn't a fight the whole time.  They played, and played and played.  It sure warmed our hearts.

Worship with Daddy/Uncle Mark

Some Auntie Time


Love these kiddos

All ready for church


We were very sad to have our company leave yesterday!  We spent the day decorating the house for Christmas!  I just love doing that.  We did even more decorating today.  It's super Christmassy in here now.  Yay:)

Here are a few pictures I found on my phone...

Mark took these of the kids when Greyson was here.  Hammock time!

Cute cousins!  Grey and Keeks

Has someone ever gotten you something that you had no idea you needed so much?!  Well, for my birthday, I got this thing.  It's a wireless/bluetooth speaker.  It's AMAZING!!!  It's changed my world.  It connects to my phone and fills my kitchen with festive Christmas music.  

I was working on a craft today and this happened. I worked for about 45 minutes to get this stuff off!

Keeks up at the "crack" of dawn to play with the nativity:) 

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