Tuesday, January 5, 2010

To move, or not to move....that is the question.

So for a couple of months now, we have been toying with the thought of moving to Chicago.  In November, Mark was asked to interview for a position at GlenOaks Hospital and a few weeks ago, Mark was offered the job.  We weren't really sure if it was a good decision or not and we have really dedicated the whole situation to God.

My preference was not to have to work, but I finally I realized that financially I would need to at least work part time.  The idea of moving and having to find a new job was so overwhelming to me.  I even started to wonder what I could even do.  Teaching positions usually don't open up in the middle of the year, and I figured that I already would have caught wind of any recruiting positions at any of the hospitals in Chicago (we have 4 AHS hospitals in the Chicagoland area).  And...to be honest, a normal recruiting position didn't appeal to me at all.

So anyway, yesterday I get a call from the HR recruiter at GlenOaks (we know each other through work stuff).  She wanted to see if I would be interested in a position titled, "Volunteer Coordinator".  She went on to describe the position and I about peed in my pants on the phone.  It sounded wonderful.  I would be recruiting people to volunteer at the hospital.  I pretty much would develop the position from the ground up.  They said they want someone with creative ideas to find new ways to reach people and someone that enjoys public speaking!  The best part?...it is part time and has a very flexible schedule.  That is exactly what I was wanting!

This definitely made me more excited about the prospect of moving.  I know it isn't for sure.  I haven't even interviewed yet, but the director said she thought it would be a perfect fit for my skills as a recruiter and a teacher.

I am so sad about the possibility of leaving all of our wonderful friends here in Orlando.  We truly have met the most wonderful people here.   Most of our friends are pregnant or just have had a child and I know it would be a blast to have Monroe grow up with them:(.  But the opportunity to live closer to family, would be amazing.    I also love the idea of being able to settle down somewhere.  I am so sick of apartment/condo living.  It just isn't the same as having a home.

So anyway, the Murrill's need your prayers.  We really want to make the right decision for our little family.  We should know sometime today whether or not we are going.  WOW!  I never would have dreamed three years ago, that we would be such movers and shakers!  Thanks in advance for your support and love!

If we do move, we have already decided to make a trip out of getting there.  We will be stopping at important locales throughout our journey.  First stop....Memphis, to see our other half, the Baughman's.  Second stop...Tulsa, to see our Oklahoma family.  Third stop...Kansas City, to see our Kansas family and then on to Chicago.  Sounds like a blast.


Mellie said...


Congrats to Mark! I hadn't heard that he was offered the position. And although it would be sad to see you guys go, it sounds like God is answering your prayers by opening up doors for you in Chicago. You'll be in my prayers. Keep us posted.


Michelle said...


This sounds so exciting! I have been praying that you will be able to have a flexible work schedule, I can only imagine how much you want to be at home with sweet Monroe. I will continue to pray for you all as you make this decision, we would love to be closer to you! I'm excited about the trip to Tulsa too! Keep us posted! Love you! Give Monroe some love from her Aunt Michelle too!

Love - Michelle