Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Windy we come!

So big news!  We are moving to Chicago.  We decided last night and since then, things have been crazy.  We are trying to leave Florida by Friday, January 22!  That's 2 weeks away!  I don't think it has even set in.

I had to turn in my letter of resignation today!  How sad!  I love my boss...I love my job...I love my coworkers.  I will definitely be sad to leave AHS.  I am excited about my new job, though.  I really feel like it is a good fit for my skills and interests.   

Monroe has started doing something funny.  If you cough, she copies you.  If you cough twice, she coughs twice.  She thinks it's hilarious.  Actually...I do,too.  Mark and I get a real kick out of it. Will I post a video of it?  No, because the kid still won't let me document any of this hilariousness.  Classic Monroe! 

Anyway,  thank you so much for all of the prayers.  We truly feel the Lord has led in our decision.  Love you all!


Stephen & Michelle Carlile said...

May God continue to bless you, I know you guys have prayed a lot about this so I know God will do amazing things through the three of you in Chicago!

ps. thanks for actually calling and letting me know, i can't believe I had to find out via blog... ;) love ya

Melissa said...

We are so excited to welcome you to Chicago! We're going to have a blast and I can't wait to have the cousins playing together!

Les said...

I'm sad :( to see you guys leave but I totally don't blame you either! I love that part of the country and there's some really great people up there! If you guys need any help moving out you know how to get a hold of me.