Friday, December 3, 2010


I'm really sad.  Some news I was hoping wasn't true, was confirmed this morning and it is really breaking my heart.   One of little girls from my very first class is pregnant.  To me she will always be the little 4th grader with dreams of stardom.  The little drama queen with lots of personality and a huge heart.  Of course she is the same person, but the sweet little girl innocence is gone.

I had always worried this would happen.  Her mother had her young and her sister got pregnant really young as well.  I just hoped that I could make a difference.

As she grew up I would always talk to her pretty bluntly about things.  We were very open with each other and she shared with me her secrets and struggles.  I would always tell her that I would be there for her, but more importantly, so would God.

She would promise me that she wouldn't get pregnant young and tell me about her plans for college.  But after we moved and I started seeing some of the pictures she was posting on myspace/FB, I became worried that something like this would happen.

Do I think she will make a good mommy?  Of course!  Do I think she will make it through?  Definitely!  I just know that the next few years are going to be harder than she ever thought imaginable.  Being a parent is tough at any age, but when you haven't even figured life out for yourself much harder.

So anyway, please pray for this little lady.  Pray that she has strength and wisdom.  Pray that her family is there with support and love.  Pray that the baby's daddy is super involved--with his time and his money.  Just pray...I know I will be.

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