Monday, December 6, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like...

...CHRISTMAS!  And I am pretty darn happy about it.  If you know me, you know I love Christmas and I LOVE decorating for it.  On Friday evening, we finally were able to "do it up" and for the past few days I have been basking in its beauty.  Is it me or does everything seem just a little more peaceful when decorated for Christmas?  It's just so magical.  Our whole house makes me want to curl up with a cup of hot cocoa.  It's just plain amazing. I have totally forgotten about the three hours it took to rearrange the living room to make the tree fit.  It's like it never happened.

I finished wrapping all of the gifts tonight.  I know, I am being super on top of things this year!  This is so unlike me and if I'm not careful I might start to get a big head about everything.  Oh wait, too late!  I am just so proud of myself.  I have pretty much ALL of my Christmas shopping done, house decorated, gifts wrapped, and my Christmas Cards addressed and ready to go.  Last year, I started calling them Holiday Cards, because they were sooo late.  

Here are a few pics I took this evening of all of my hard work:) 

All the pretty presents...

I wrapped a few presents in these little jewelry/accessory boxes.  I thought they were so fun and the receiver will enjoy having a useful box to use after.  I hope they like them:) 

The Christmas Cards all ready to be sent out. 

Tonight, I also worked on the belts I was telling you about.  I think they are just so lovely. 

I also wanted to show you my new Toms that Mark got me for my birthday.  They are pretty dazzly, aren't they?!  I think they will be perfect for the holidays.  

I hope your Monday was phenomenal.  Please be praying for Ezra...he is a sick little guy!   


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