Friday, December 10, 2010

Winter Snow

     One of the blogs I read that truly inspires me is Lindsay Letters.  She does calligraphy and is just plain talented.  I have always dreamed of having her abilities and if I had been born with them, I would definitely be a calligraphist(is that a word?) right now.  She posted this on her blog the other day and it made my day.  It's the words of my all time favorite Christmas Song.  I listen to it all of the time though, because the lyrics are so....I guess, perfect.  I just think of all the ways Jesus could have come to us that night in Bethlehem.  Instead of choosing the most grand, he choose the most humble.  I still feel that's how God communicates with me now and it makes me feel such comfort.  I hope you enjoy them!  Go buy the song on itunes if you haven't already! 

In other news, we are supposed to get 8 to 10 inches of snow this weekend!  Wowzer! 

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