Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Eighteen days is a long time to be away from home!  It was bittersweet arriving late Sunday night.  We were so sad to say goodbye to all of the friends and family we got to see along the way, but it was great to get home to normality!  I've been on a cleaning/organizing kick since we got home, so that's consumed most of my time.  We had absolutely zero food in our fridge.  Unless you count the box of what used to be strawberries that I accidentally didn't throw out before we left.  They had morphed into tiny little fur balls...yum:) 

Since coming home, I've decided to "get back to basics".  I want to focus my energies on God, my family, and being healthy.  Did I mention I gained 7 pounds on the road?  No bueno.  

Rosie has been on a roll lately.  She's been both hilarious and naughty.  Here are a few of her antics and some of the silly things that have come out of her mouth...

  • She came downstairs where Kiki was eating and said, "Kiki, my friend.  Let's play!"
  • I had cleaned the toilet and didn't flush the blue stuff away before Rosie climbed on to go potty.  She looked down and saw the blue, and I told her just to flush it.  She said, "No way!  I don't want my bottom to sail away!"  
  • She asked me if I loved strippers.  I didn't know what to say!  She followed it up with, "I love strippers and daddy REALLY loves strippers."  Finally it hit me that she meant, stripples...the vegetarian bacon we eat:)  
  • As I mentioned earlier, there was no food in our house, so for dinner last night, I made the girls frozen pancakes.  Well, I warmed them, so they weren't frozen anymore.  Anyway, they started eating, and I ran upstairs to dust my bedroom really quickly.  Rosie yelled up that she needed more syrup.  Note to self...never tell your kid that they can get their own syrup.  I came downstairs about a minute later to the stickiest mess I have ever seen.  Rosie had filled Kiki's bowl to the top with syrup, which Kiki had proceeded to rub all over herself, the table and the floor.  Lesson learned!

Here are a few pictures from Halloween.  Mom and I took the girls to the pumpkin patch before picking Mark up from the airport.  

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