Saturday, May 18, 2013

Let me shop in PEACE!

This has been a very long week.  I swear, it was three weeks crammed into one.  Do you ever have those?  Praise the Lord for the weekend.  Things are still getting worked out with the house situation.  I have to thank you all for your prayers, calls, texts and emails.  I really appreciate them.  I feel completely content with whatever happens and I couldn't have said that earlier this week.  I've really struggled with putting it all in God's hands, but as soon as I did, things have felt so much better.  It's been such a weight off my shoulders to not worry about it all 24/7.  

I went back to my exercise classes this week after a bit of a hiatus.  You know it's been too long when everyone claps when you walk in (hang head in shame).  I have to admit, it's been good to be back.  I can really feel that I've slowed down with my month off and I look forward to getting my endurance back.  We are doing family pictures (yes, the ones we were supposed to do in the fall) in June and I want to feel confident in them.  If we took them today, I would be wearing some form of a paper bag over my head and probably some sort of huge paper bag for my body.  It wouldn't be pretty.  Needless to say, I have a lot of work to do.  

I've said it here many times, but there's nothing quite as peaceful as grocery shopping sans kiddos.  It's heaven.  There can be hundreds of other people's babies having meltdowns all around me, and it won't phase me at all.  I just enjoy myself--taking my time down every aisle.  Reading labels and price checking--living it up, stay-at-home mom style.  So, Wednesday night, when I ran to the grocery store after Mark got home, I was expecting that kind of relaxation.  I can assure you, it didn't turn out that way.

My trip took a turn for the worse as soon as I stepped into the produce section and a man named Jim approached me.  It's really a long story and I'm pretty sure I would bore you to death if I shared all the cheesy details.  In fact, I don't totally understand what happened.  I'm so out of touch that I couldn't tell if I was getting hit on or if the man had a mental illness.  You know you've been out of the dating seen a long time when you can't figure that one out.  By outward appearances, the guy seemed normal, but it seemed a little fishy for him to keep trying to make conversation with an old mom like myself.  I swear he appeared out of nowhere around every corner with more "small talk".  By the time I had made it to the ethnic food aisle, I was pretty fed up with the whole situation.  I finally blurted out something completely awkward about my wonderful husband and I think he got the drift.  Then, I did what any normal girl would do.  I immediately got on the phone to call Kaylee to tell her all about it.  We don't get interesting things like this happening to us very often, and when they do, we have to share.  After many laughs over the fact that he was probably emotionally and mentally unstable, we came to the conclusion, that I've still got it...ha!   
It's an unwritten rule around our house to never change clothes around Kiki.  She's the queen of goosing and does a lot of grabbing and tickling anything she can get her hands on.  Even Rosie knows it's not wise. She's been goosed, groped and de-pantsed more times than I can count.  Please rest assured, I do get onto her and tell her that's a big no-no, but she gets such a kick out of it, that it's hard not to laugh/squeal (depending on who's end it's being done to).  She lives on our laughter, so that's a huge incentive for her to keep it up.   

Today, I unknowingly walked right into her trap.  I stepped out of the shower and realized she had taken my towel and put it across the room.  I hopped out and went to retrieve it.  As I was bending down, I immediately felt a cold little hand start probing my butt.  I whipped around, completely surprised by the sneak attack.  She seemed shocked to see me completely nude and without missing a beat, she pointed at me and started dying laughing.  This is a 22-month-old making fun of my naked body.  Oh, yeah, I totally still got it.  

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