Monday, May 20, 2013

Prayers for Oklahoma

So, my head and heart are in Oklahoma right now.  The news about Moore has just been devastating.  I can't imagine being one of the parents looking for their child, not knowing if they are alive or not...heartbreaking.  I'm so thankful my family is safe and sound, but they are supposed to have more storms tonight and tomorrow, so I'm in fervent prayer for them and all of our friends.  

Our weekend was VERY low key.  I can't recall anything that would be worth writing about, other than heading over to David and Elizabeth's on Sunday evening.  We wanted to see the new swing David made and put up for Elizabeth's Mother's Day gift.  They have a plethora of swings over at their place and the kids and Mark had so much fun.  I, in my old age, can no longer stomach a swing.  Isn't that sad?  I used to be a huge roller coaster fan, and I can now hardly lay in a hammock!  

My little ragamuffin girl.  

Rosie tried their pedal-less bike...  

...for like 10 seconds before she decided she wasn't a fan.  I thought she looked pretty cute though.

That's my Kiki up in that swing.  

That thing is unreal, but the girls LOVED it. 

Do you see that little speck of a swing up there?  That's Rosie in there! 

Mark and Kiki on the rope swing.  

Kiki and Maryann 

Trying not to throw up on the swing:) 

  The kids had so much fun! 

I love all of their faces in this one.  

Tonight, after giving the girls baths, I came in Rosie's room to find the girls in her bed both reading "Goodnight Moon".  I almost cried.  I remember when we first bought that little bed and I told Mark that I couldn't wait to have two little girls reading together in it someday.  My dreams came true.  I feel so blessed.  

I wanted to show you this chair I picked up at Goodwill this weekend for $6.  I have the perfect place for this guy after I get him all painted.  I think I might make a chair cushion, as well.  Thought I'd show you the before and I'll be sure to show you the after.  


Anonymous said...

thanks for share..

Tracy said...

ummmm I wanna go on the swing! :)

Too cute, love that I can see your girls grow on here, they are just perfect Steph ;)