Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Shots and Swimsuits

Today was Kiki's 18 month doctor's appointment.  Kiki is only 18 months, you ask?  Nope, she's 21 months, but her mom is almost 33 and totally forgot to schedule her appointment.  Luckily, it didn't seem to be a biggie that we were late.  The big news is that Kiki has gone from the 6th percentile in weight to the 44th!  Her doctor seemed very pleased.  I don't know how she's made such a leap, because she's still just a wisp, but we'll take it.

I had myself all worked up over her having to have her MMR vaccine today.  There's so many conflicting reports to whether or not it can cause autism.  I was so nervous and voiced my concern.  The doctor first calmed my fears with some reassuring medical studies, but finished it all off with, "And, Kiki had her MMR at her 12 month appointment, so that's that."  All that worry for nothing, I guess.

The rest of the appointment was uneventful, although we learned Kiki isn't a fan of shots.

Rosie, usually terrified of the doctor, was Miss Chatterbox.  She had the time of her life.  I guess as long as she's not the one "under the knife" she's all good. 

They love this dinosaur.

My little 44th percentile girl! 

On our way home from the appointment, we stopped and picked up our pool key.  The weather today was so nice, so after naps, we walked down to the pool for our first swim of the season.  The girls loved it.  We are the whitest family around.  I mean sooooo white!  So, the little sun we got, was so wonderful.  

They loved splashing each other!  Rosie is definitely more adventurous this year.  

She's loving the water!

Showing off her battle wounds and catching a few rays.  


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Heather C said...

Ooh, Kaitlyn had her 18 month check up yesterday in that same room! :) She did get her MMR shot though. I had asked them to hold off on it until she was 18 months. So we did. She did well, though. Glad Kiki is fine and putting on weight. :) Kaitlyn too had jumped from 20th% in weight to 50th%.