Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

I love long weekends!  We've had the best few days.  Lots and lots of family time with a few friends thrown in there, as well.

On Saturday night, we went to downtown Asheville to celebrate Maria's 22nd birthday;)  We had a great time.  We had dinner at Salsa's and finished with dessert at the Chocolate Lounge.  I got something called the Jitterbug, which was a chocolatey coffee drink.  I've learned my lesson.  I just can't have caffeine after noon or I'm up all night.  My mom is the same way!  She can't even eat an M&M in the evening or she's done for.  I don't think I'm quite that bad, but I'm getting closer.  

On Sunday, we took it pretty easy.  We went to the gym, went on a walk around the neighborhood, ran a few errands and then that evening we met some friends at the park.  Mark had been really craving some tennis, so all the guys played tennis while the wives talked and watched the kids play.  It was really nice.  After we got home, Mark worked his magic and got our grill up and running again...whew!  Crisis averted!  We grilled up some corn on the cob and it was so good.  I LOVE SUMMER!!!

Today was awesome.  The weather was perfect, so we packed up a picnic lunch and our bikes and headed to the Biltmore.  

Rosie Girl! 

Love this guy!  He'll kill me for posting this since his hair looks so 80's:) 

Daddy kisses

The perfect picnic spot!

There's a daddy under there somewhere. 

After our picnic we started on our bike ride!  It was so nice out!

We ended up at Antler Hill Village for the girls to play and for us to get a little treat!

Ice cream!


It was late afternoon by the time we got home and we were all beat, so we took naps and then I ran a few errands and by errands, I mean I needed to shop:)  

When we got home, we enjoyed the ending to a perfect day outside.  We grilled again and made potato packets this time.  I sure love those! 

I'm so sad for Mark to go back to work tomorrow, but it sure was nice having him around!  I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend, too.  I know it's easy to get excited about the time off and forget the reason for it all.  I just want to acknowledge and thank all those who have served our country, which has allowed me so many freedoms that I often take for granted.  You are much appreciated!  

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