Sunday, November 17, 2013

Up for a Challenge?

UPDATE  Daniela emailed me to warn me that I typed 30 liters, instead of 3!  I apologize if you were totally overwhelmed by that amount of water.  Ha!  I'm excited to have friends participating, too!  How fun!!!

Is it just me, or am I the only one who's felt really dry lately?  This last week on Facebook, I noticed a few of my friends were starting on a 30-day water drinking challenge.  They each took a picture of themselves before, without wearing make-up, and posted them to the FB group page and plan on posting their results after 30 days.  There were a few pictures of people who had completed the challenge, and their before and afters were AMAZING.  After only 30 days, they looked almost dewy and so much younger.  Many people lost weight and others just felt better all around.  I was already seriously considering participating, but when I talked to Elizabeth, who told me she was going to participate and wanted me to, I just had to! (Holy run-on sentence!)  I also got Andrea to join me.

The goal is to drink 3 liters (or more) of water a day.  Just thought you might be interested in joining in on the fun.  Be sure to take a very unflattering, no make-up "before" photo and drink your crazy amounts of water everyday .  You don't have to share your results, but I'd love to hear/see them!  Don't be deterred if you have never been a real water drinker!  They said those that are just starting will have the best results!

I used to be a major water drinker, but lately I've fallen off the wagon.  In fact, there was a day last week where the only water I drank was the water that was used to make my cup of morning coffee.  How sad is that?!  I'm literally hanging my head in shame right now.  I know better!  Anyway, I'm super excited about getting back into this healthy habit.  I'm also really hoping that I am less cracky by the end of this.  My lips and hands are so chappy and I'm ready for my skin to be supple and glowing!
Cheers to good health, friends!

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