Thursday, May 15, 2014

Roaring 20's

Tonight was the Roaring 20's Hospital Gala.  It was such a great event.  It was located at an airport hanger and was decorated perfectly.  They had old cars and planes parked outside as picture taking backdrops.  My favorite part was seeing everyone's amazing outfits!  The only bad part was the weather!  It was beautiful and warm yesterday, but today it was cold and rainy.  

I'm not usually super excited about these events because of my social awkwardness.  I'm hopeless at small talk and end up saying strange things to fill silences.  It's gotten even worse since becoming a stay at home mom, because I'm completely out of practice and am use to using words like peepee and poopoo all the time!  This year, however, we were asked to help serve bottles of soda during the cocktail hour to help make for an old timey feel.   I didn't have to make hardly any small talk!  I just had to smile and ask if guests wanted Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, Water or Mountain Dew and if they wanted a straw.  When we set down for dinner, I did end up talking with our tablemates, but they were Rosie and Kiki's pediatricians, so that wasn't bad at all.  I figured if I slipped up and said something about peepee, they could handle it.  Crisis averted!  

My handsome date and me

Getting ready to head out!  

Your friendly soda salespeople 
(I stole this pic from my friend Kirsten's instagram account

Mark wore that hat and an apron and fit the part perfectly! 

It was freezing in this little truck!  All of those coolers were full of ice and bottled colas!  I was shaking by the end, but it was fun!  

I love this guy! 

It took quite some time and a couple different tutorials to figure out a hairstyle!  Step one was pin curling.  

I pulled a teenage girl and made a duck face in this picture!  Don't worry, I'm embarrassed for myself.

 Heather and me posing by an old car.  

I was really looking forward to getting home and relaxing since I was sure the girls would be asleep.  Wrong!   Our babysitter is a softie and was still reading books to them.  Don't get me wrong, I love the attention she gives them a ton!  It's so much better than our last babysitter who we figured out was putting them to bed as soon as we left, like at 5pm!  I was just hoping that we wouldn't have to go through all the bedtime rituals and just come in and kiss their sleeping little heads goodnight.  Oh, well.  You can't win them all and actually, the girls were pretty happy to see us, so they were extra sweet.   

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Kaylee said...

Steph, where have you gone? I miss my Murrill stories and pictures!!!!!!